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The War On Drugs: The Prison Industrial Complex

Drugs|27 Sep, 2012|32 Comments |
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‘The War On Drugs: The Prison Industrial Complex’ reveals a surprising number of figures of drug offenders in The United States.

It shows how the number of Americans imprisoned on drug charges have grown in leaps and bounds from just 50,000 in 1980 to nearly 500,00 within three decades, making the United States operate the largest prison system on the planet.

According to the U.S. Dept of Justice, the number of offenders under age 18, mostly African-Americans, imprisoned for drug offenses increased twelvefold from 1985 to 1997 and the number put in prison increased from 53 to 62 percent.

Today, 89 percent of police departments have paramilitary units, and 46 percent have been trained by active duty armed forces. The most common use of paramilitary units is serving drug-related search warrants, which usually involve no-knock entries into private homes.

The War On Drugs: The Prison Industrial Complex, 3.3 out of 5 based on 13 ratings
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  1. jamer tustin says:

    57.00 you can lobby all you want but the fact of the matter is the government has sold out to the big corporations, there’s to much money the stock exchange for these companies is based on how many people are in prison. It’s unfair, unjust a total scam. WAKE UP America!!!

  2. jamer tustin says:

    In the UK cannabis is class B, only heroin and cocaine, ecstasy and LSD are class A, lots of my mates have been caught with an ounce of crack cocaine and an ounce of heroin and they only get 3 n half to 5 years max in jail and over there you’re getting 10 to life. It’s a money making scheme this bullshit war on drugs for real. I get caught with 2 ounces of skunk(cannabis) 1 year probation other there 5 years in pen lol fockt up. “The land of the free” yea right.

  3. jamer tustin says:

    I’m white, you say you are not racist because your doctor is black but in your statement you’re blaming black people. The drug problem is not a black, white or asian problem it’s everyone races problem rich and poor so wake the fock up u racist

  4. datdereduck says:

    Truth is the black population is mostly criminal. Although they may only be arrested for minor possesion, truth is they are highly organized dealers of narcodicks. The blacks who don’t deal heroin and cocaine mostly are petty thieves who target white people whenever possible. They will even go so far as to go to white areas and sell “magazine subsciptions”. These types of people need to be removed from the population. I am not racist as my own doctor is black and my landscapers mexican. Peace.

  5. TheTsjippie says:

    you guy are seriously f*cked in the usa i feel sorry you all

  6. karaouq says:

    what are mandatory minimums?

  7. I am interest in seeing the filn to determine if is would fit in our film series. says:

    I want to screen “the War on Drug: The Prison Industrial Project” for Occupy Queens’ monthly documentary series. It is a free screening followed by an open discussion and the subjects matter it address. We have a open invitation to sit with audience after the show and explore the issue furthurel


  8. 206JUDAH says:


  9. colinj58 says:

    WTF land of the free MY ASS you poor people are getting well fucked by the law , VOTE for change and get rid of all these brain washed sheep ,the answer to everything is lock the F—-ers up this is so sad how the fuck can the USA say it stands up for freedom when they are doing their own people over like this , something is way wrong with this situation, hey that guy in the merc must be a dealer or do i just need a new car

  10. lifestraight says:

    1:08:06 Inmates in the making.

  11. lifestraight says:

    Everything the lady at says 37:00 is right. She knows what she’s talking about.

  12. wisdom1224 says:

    Yes. They have the liberty to seize anything they feel is of value. As long as they say it is drug related.

  13. rmed30 says:

    They really aren’t doing much work. Some prisons exploit cheap labor but most don’t. Mostly prisons are a way for unions to extort the American tax payer.

  14. Dirk Diggler says:

    Did I hear him say a little bag of crack in Michigan is a felony? WTF

  15. geoffagnew says:

    These drug enforcement units are nothing more than criminals with badges.

  16. pabnaful says:

    why are the British troops guarding the opium fields in Afghanistan? CIA was caught numerous times trafficking drugs. I think every time the ruling thugs of our society lays one trap or another for poor people to make money. we so live under fascism and not a democracy and rule of justice.

  17. In de VS kan alles, daar heb je geen rechten maar privileges zoals Carlin het mooi zei.aka Tommy Chong is ook een leuke vid die dat illustreerd.

  18. Dirk Prive says:

    volgens my kun je niet veroordeeld worden voor het kopen van oregano,en die nepdealer moetten ze doodschoppen.

  19. So, are they saying that the police can take anything from you as long as they suspect it was paid for with drug money? Can someone confirm this?

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