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The Universe: Supernovae

Science|19 Nov, 2012|76 Comments |
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A stellar explosion, the supernova is the sensational death of a star. Can shine as bright as 100 billion Suns and radiate as much energy as the Sun emits more than 10 million years.

Jets of high-energy light and matter are propelled into space and cause enormous bursts of gamma rays and emit intense X-ray radiation for thousands of years.

Astronomers believe this process creates the same building blocks of planets, people and plants. Meet the world’s leading supernova hunters, and take a look at recorded supernovas throughout history. 

The Universe: Supernovae, 3.2 out of 5 based on 10 ratings
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  1. fiqx87 says:

    wow if supernova can recreated a small life like human who have brains, why cant it created a dwarf sun which can thinking first before explode?

  2. fiqx87 says:

    you have serious shit problem.where didn you get this fact dude? are you time traveller by any chances?

  3. fiqx87 says:

    it will kill ur mom and sister too and the gamma rays from supernova will dig your grandfather from the grave yard.

  4. That was awesome. Video played excellent. From beginning to end. No buffering are pause’s. I’m using adobe flash player version 11.4.402.287. And recently updated java. Hope this help’s.

  5. jpelletier03 says:

    That’s . . . nice?There are only approx. 6 billion people on Earth, so as far as I can figure you’re either talking lives in general (ants?) or people on alien planets.18 billion. Really. Where’d you come up with that number?

  6. mrtruthlogic says:

    see how pathetic ppl who worship a human being are. like the xtians primitive retards cant comprehend god so make him look like a human, these same vermin if they were born as aliens wud then say god looks like an alien like them. see how retarded xtians are with there primitive barbaric concepts, lying to ppl telling them they know how the afterlife works. dumb arseholes. see universe and youll see god is not like anything in this reality

  7. ES350ES350 says:

    We can’t compare supernova with the Big Bang.Big Bang was an expansion OF space (and time). Supernova is an explosion IN space.Big Bang wasn’t big, it began from an unimaginably small point and there was no sound -bang- (because there was no air around to vibrate).Supernova is big, triggered by the death of a star that was at least a several time bigger than the Sun.

  8. mrtruthlogic says:

    the earth is in right spot in galaxy . and even when it goes around the milky way galaxy as well as bobing up and down theres too much chance of earth being caught by a blackhole or grb, ect but allah is the one who protects earth . theres too many ways earth can be destroyed and should have been caught by now going around the entire galaxy orbit many times. we are far from grbs, and so much else even our position in universe our orbit in solar system ect the odds are infinite

  9. n2motocross says:

    In the vastness of the Universe..mankind is just a microscoptic speck. How arrogant would it be to say that their is no God. The Universe is billions of years beyond man’s feeble wisdom…..and that includes ANY man will be so arrogant as to say one way or the other. I chose to believe, thats all.

  10. djfx9000 says:

    There isn’t any god. Did you know that when your dna copies itself and it makes mistakes 1 in about 6 billion and when your proteins are searching for mistakes in copying it makes mistakes 50% of time, look up mutations. God isn’t possible.

  11. tonycstech says:

    hmmm words…..This is because. They are there for. Its this old. Its that big. Its this hot.mmmmm delicious words !Word put in a scientific mans mouth backed up by a low tone narrator in the background making me believe what ever they say is true.If they say Obama is the worlds Mama, i would believe it as long as they make a good 3D video with awesome music and low tone voice guy explaining it in the background.

  12. tonycstech says:

    In the beginning God created heaven and earth.Science proved there was no time in the beginning, so there had to be no beginning that explains the fact that God has no beginning. God has no end is easy to understand, but now we know how to look at “no beginning” statement.

  13. djfx9000 says:

    Our Earth is hit by supernova explosions every 240 million years. Earth has been hit 18 times already. Supernovas kill 46 planets with humans is 8 billion people per planet is 400 billion people killed every second by supernovas in universe.

  14. A hypernova IS a supernova. Your statement is the equivalent of saying ‘buildings aren’t the tallest structures, skyscrapers are (because skyscrapers are simply tall buildings, like hypernovae are just supernovae that produce more energy).

  15. djfx9000 says:

    Earth has had ozone layer destroyed by supernova stars every 240 million years on average, has happened 18 times already. Then once ozone layer is destroyed Earth would essentially be like moon. 320 degrees below zero F on shady side and 215 degrees F on sunny side; everyone will die.

  16. djfx9000 says:

    Actually i figured out numbers based on how many planets there should be today with intelligent life and if our Earth is average it works out to one planet with humans destroyed every 4 seconds. It is at least every 27 seconds that a planet with humans gets destroyed. It’s about 1 billion people killed by supernova every second is true. The Earth isn’t a abnomoly in the universe.

  17. shaggietrip says:

    You may be correct. But you have provided not proof otherwise either. Also I had said nothing. I posted the video for great thoughts such as yours. I for one think they are creators of life. I am sure they hold many key items that “create” life or are a part ofThank you for your thoughts. Stay well.

  18. djfx9000 says:

    Supernovas hit Earth every 240 million years, has hit Earth 18 times already. Supernovas actually 1 in 4 or 1 in 27 of them hit planets with humans so kill about 3 to 80 million people every second i figured based on how many planets with humans should be in universe.

  19. @mrlogicalman1 Let’s see how laughable it would be watching the Abrahamic child killing genocidal maniac god (who needed fire and brimstone to destroy one pitiful city) trying to reverse this would be. Pretty hilarious too. Aren’t deities in general silly? Also, Indian chicks are hot, I don’t know what you’re talkin about with that “gross” comment.

  20. Hmm, gamma rays from a supernova can strike over a million times what we already receive? The Sun spews gamma rays during a CME, peak activity, with mass energy around 500,000 eV. Yet gamma rays flowing along the galactic equator strike the Earth with mass energy of 3.5 TeV, or trillion electron volts & is increasing as time passes. Currently it is 7 million times stronger than the gamma rays which normally emanate from the Sun during peak activity. See Milagro GR Observatory.

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