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The Union: The Business Behind Getting High

Crime, Drugs, Social|20 Oct, 2012|23 Comments |
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In this 2007 documentary the current policy of United States and Canada on marijuana prohibition. Using interviews of both professional academics and marijuana aficionados this documentary raises questions on the hundred years of marijuana prohibition.

The Union: The Business Behind Getting High, 2.9 out of 5 based on 21 ratings
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  1. legalize says:

    legalizing would put people out of jobs? did you watchhh the documentary?? you would have growers, sellers, hemp can make 100′s of things, you’ve got an economy boost plus lower crime rates, without a doubt. i wish the world could see this.

  2. C Whozat says:

    @ Kathy:

    I think that you must be one of those self-declared “experts” on Marijuana who has NO actual personal experience with it. You blithely jump over the fact that you just cannot truly know about something simply by listening to others. You accept the prevailing propaganda and declare it as fact. You work within the current established medical climate, so most likely you promote the prescription of anti-psychotics pharmaceuticals. Here, try some Celebrex whose TV commercials tell you that you may DIE from UNDETECTED internal bleeding. Or, how about some nice Ambien. Don’t worry; sleep-driving is rare! Bring on the Ritalin, Resperdal, Seroquel, Zyprexa! yay! All with potential deadly side-effects….unlike marijuana.

    Your comment that marijuana causes people to be more susceptible to infection is WAAAY off the mark. Absolutely untrue. It does not matter what “study” some group did, ask the people who know. I have been using cannabis for almost 40 years now. I am rarely, ALMOST NEVER, sick. I also refuse the contaminated anti- this and that faux “vaccinations” that are pushed at us by “professionals.”

    You state that THREE “blunts” a week is heavy use! Now that is just laughable. What you fail to understand is that after you use cannabis for a while, the heavy high that a novice may feel, just is not there. Like your patients say, it just makes you feel better, calmer. The world seems less ugly.

    I too always try to keep my body as free as I can of the detrimental crap that is foisted upon us from all sides. I use natural BUTTER not oleo. I cook my own food rather than microwaving little cardboard-flavored frozen dinners.

    As for motivation, in spite of a physical disability, I worked CONTINUOUSLY until age 62, Learned to play the guitar and piano, am an accomplished computer user with spreadsheets, documents and graphic page layout. My motto has always been, if ANYBODY can accomplish -whatever- then I can do it too.

    Many ppl just keep their mouths shut about cannabis because of all the foolish misconceptions promulgated by the “experts.”

  3. Luigi T says:

    I deliberately am commenting this just to point out how absurdly stupid you are ‘Dana.’

    Cannabis does not deteriorate brain tissue or cells, and it does not cause any sort of anger or discomfort that may be subsequent with the use of alcohol or cigarettes. Everything shown is real, all the user accounts are real, and obviously the said information is completely derived from fact. The “real documents” you speak of has no credibility. Would you honestly trust our government figures who oppose it whom are completely uneducated on the matter? Honestly, do your research, or better yet, try it yourself, and tell the world if you feel threatened or angry while using cannabis.

    Do us all a favor, and quit your mundane and absolutely uneducated responses.

    This refers to “Kathy” as well. Not to mention that you need to educate yourself as well. You do not need any sort of counseling for marijuana use, marijuana does not cause one to lose a job, and in fact everything you have just stated makes you sound like you are trying to advertise your “profession,” and i use that term loosely.

  4. PassTheMarinaraSara says:

    To the person who said marijuana negatively affects white blood cells…if it “negatively” affects the cells, then why do doctors prescribe it to patients with A.I.D.S or Cancer?

    “marijuana is the most theraputically active substance” – The Union: The Business Behind Getting High

    smoking weed= relaxation, mind expansion, a flow of creativity, cleaning moods, laughing, letting go, happiness, thinking, philosophising, better sleep, better mood, better focus, eating.

    drinking alcohol= emotional thoughts, drunk texting/calling, falling, anger, rage, the spins, stupid moves, hiccups, vomiting, alcohol poising, passing out, getting penises drawn all over you.

    “God created weed, man created beer, who do you trust?”

  5. Rocco says:

    Allowing Marijuana to be illegal is asking ALL marijuana smokers, dealers, growers… etc, to all become criminals. When the government makes illicit substances illegal, they lose control of those substances and they create black markets, which can lead to crime and violence.

    Earlier in our countries history, we decided to make alcohol illegal, and that led to the production of moonshine liquor, and led to a sharp rise in organized crime in the United States. Years later, with thousands of good family men in prison, the government repealed the prohibition of alcohol, to regain control. Now you can get beer in hundreds of flavors at any liquor store as long as you’re 21, and the government makes billions of dollars, instead of SPENDING money to keep “criminals” incarcerated.

    If Marijuana is made legal, the American economy will strengthen. Tax dollars generated by state- and federally-grown Marijuana will help us fix roads, improve health care, reduce the cost of college tuition – the possibilities are limitless.

    United States Government – take your head out of your ass. Drug dealers don’t card people. What’s more important, corporate pharmacists making money, or keeping children drug-free? A Marijuana shop will CARD your fourteen year old and they’ll have to wait until they are older to try Marijuana.

  6. nick says:

    as a teen who regularly smokes pot i can say this is something i will plan on doing for the rest of my life. i have watched many of these documentaries now and am constantly learning of the marijuana industry. in my opinion the idea of the legalization is somewhat of a paradox. the whole money cycle is so complex that as it would make many many people rich but also render a lot of people out of a job, BUT, this would also open up plenty of jobs for the whole nation one regulation begins and legitimate, factories, farms and distribution facilities are established. Another thing the legalization would correct is the crime synonymous with all illegal drugs, and having the substance in the hands of criminals. Sure not all drug dealers are necessarily dangerous but the whole fact that this substance has been through a whole cycle comprised of criminals is unsettling. And as a proud marijuana user of my generation i strongly believe in the possibility that this substance will most likely be available legally while i am still in my younger years. We can only hope that soon Canada will take a step towards legalization of the plant in there country so ours can follow in the footsteps of a country looking towards the future and the vast potential of cannabis. As a consumer though i will be very sad to see the drug become legalized patented but then taxed out to crazy amounts. It is also very cool of the thought of commercial pot cigarettes and other products that will come about as the result of legalization.

  7. Sindey Gwinn says:

    This is the greatest thing I’ve ever seen. I strongly support everything in this video. But, getting through to non-smokers who have been brainwashed and told that weed is the worst drug in the world, is incredibly hard and frustrating. I hope I live to see it get legalized.

  8. troy says:

    best documentary ever. It really angers me the people are not doing more to change the status on the legality of marijuana. People forget that the government works for us and not the other way around. It just show’s we have the wrong people running our world now-a-days and its time for a change. This documentry shows exactly the hypocrisy in this debate, and i would love to have a one on one discussion with any politicitian, “anti-drug” group or anyone that is ignorant enough to think this is really an issue. lets finally legalize marijuana and start worrying about things that really are hurting society. As for the counsler that posted the argument i saw the documentry that was refered to which was shown in school and all of which has been refuted and false information. I am a regular pot smoker and also going to university to be a doctor and i will do my part to help bring this issue to rest to the best of my ability and i urge everyone to do the same. marijuana users across canada need to raise up and together legalize this once and for all

  9. zdb says:

    Kathy – most of the studies you quote were done using intravenous injections of PURE THC, not a mix of THC and CBD and the 10s if not 100s of other cannabanoids present in the plant. I’m not saying there are no negative effects to cannabis, but to truly have an open debate on this you have to do (and quote) studies which are based on what people smoke. Nobody smokes pure THC (shown to have a psychotic effect, CBD being the anti-psychotic [possibly])

  10. This has to be one of the most amazing documentaries about prohibition ive ever seen. Being a victim of of this so called war on drugs has really opened my eyes to the lies weve all been fed and the lack of faith many have about winning this movement. American smokers have to start speaking up even if they dont believe it can be done just for simple matter of why not try? If you never tried youve already failed. Next week i will probably plead guilty to my charges of possession not for believing what i did was wrong but for the simple fact that i dont want my family being harrassed by the police, the courts, and having to bare my financial debt anymore for what ive done. I as a 19 year old American must carry the weight for my actions my family had nothing to do with it but yet theyree harassed. I know im giving up any help from the government to go to college and this will impede my search for a job and career but hardship has never stopped me before. Yet i pray this nation who believes itself hollier than than facts will be found to be what they truelly are. Liars and the embodiment of greed, gluttony. But yet i do not judge them since i am but a man. They have all of eternity to be judged by their creators.

  11. Joe Shmoe says:

    It sounds like marijuana could save our world , “strongest natural fiber” “makes great bio fuel”. Its a plant its therapuetic you dont need a disease to use weed, people think when theyre nervous or stressed or worried oh ill have a little to drink or cigarettes calm me, then they get drunk and make bad decisions. How about just have some marijuana, maybe not smoke it, have it in food, or vaporise it, then u cant say it causes cancer no smoke no damaged lungs. some of the main fight on marijuana is that smoking is bad for you, so when you injest it is there anything really bad for you? once you legalize and regulate it you can require ages. cant everyone agree drinking is worse then marijuana? my family has a small aloe vera plant we keep in the house for burns, sunburns, irritated skin, is it any different then that? all the plants would clean our air. but pharmaceutical companies dont want that then people wont buy their anti depressents and many other drugs.It will present NEW job opportunities, it will stop billion dollar funding into prisons law enforcment advertising campaigns. There wouldnt be shady drug deals going down in parks near schools on the corner in the house down the street. It would create huge profit for our country to have money to throw around to make our lives better. Our generation needs to take the plunge and save the world, once we go everyone else will follow

  12. Scrootalaboo says:

    Comment on film-well done but kind of everywhere and not going anywhere. Way too little on the medicinal movement and the effect of tax revenue created in California.

    Kathy (from previous post)is full of her self on a pedestal above those she serves-cannabis use spans every socio/economic demographic and to make a cause/effect relationship between not keeping a job and pot use, I would argue the fairer amount of people on hard times and having trouble with good decisions do not use cannabis. Sort of like more lazy fat people playing video games do not smoke pot than do. There is more statistical correlation between people who can’t keep jobs and who eat cheeseburgers than those who use cannabis. Most things (television, internet, alcohol, sex, credit cards and certainly cannabis) can be used for the power of evil but deserve respect for the good when used appropriately (in my opinion). I’ve worked in social services with APS and am a daily medicinal cannabis user.
    Please not the following article about Cannabanoid receptors located in the brain designed for the absorbtion of naturally occurring cannabanoid in the human body or achieved from the consumption of cannabis
    *see mechanism section
    Kathy-please source your information if you want to be taken seriously.

  13. mitchell honey says:

    alcohol is legal
    tobacco is legal

    this is a true sign that the government does not care about its people. cigarettes have no positive effect on the body, yet i can go to the shop and buy a product that is literally killing me.

    alcohol is one of the most brutal products on the market, yet once again i can go to the shops and buy as much as i like. i live in australia and it is ENCOURAGED to drink, if you do not drink you are seen as less “manly” and “un-australian”.

    marijuana is a thinkers drug, which means it creates expressive thought and expansion of the mind. alcohol puts the users mind in a primal state and cigarettes just do absolutely nothing besides harm the user.

    if you agree that marijuana is criminal then you are contributing to the downfall of human growth. if you cannot even understand something as simplistic as the fact that the government is taking away a product that is beneficial simply to dumb down and harm society then you will never see what is truly happening in the world. it is because of peoples greed and own ignorance that we still live in a very primal and backwards society, where products that can help growth and ease pain are falsely advertised as being harmful simply because the government cannot make enough money out of it. i am forced to join the ranks of criminals to obtain this drug because it is not readily available in shops, but if i want to put my body in danger and the people around me in harm then i can buy a pack of cigarettes without and worry or social stigma.

    wake up people, this is only a tiny problem on the list of why the world has become and will only become more horrible and restricted. we should not fear the government the government should fear US because we are the majority – never forget that.

  14. marcos says:

    heres a thought, say it wasn’t legal. would people do other harder drugs?

    hmmm i don’t think so.

    once a marijuana user always a marijuana user and will always be one.

    the reason people do other things is becuase well weeds illegal, might as well do the rest.

    who’s with me.

  15. Angela says:

    As a faithful and long time user of cannabis, I must say how informative and accurate I found this documentary! I love that someone has finally gotten down to the truth of the matter – that by keeping hemp illegal we are only short-changing ourselves. The possibilities are endless, and I can only hope that we see not only legalization but celebration of this amazing, god-given plant in my lifetime, hopefully sooner than later.

    **and no, I’m not some crazy burnout… I’m a university psychology student with a B+ average and a full time career in the healthcare industry working with individuals with disabilities. I volunteer through my work, and also with a local church I’ve attended since grade school. I love art, I paint, play guitar and write short stories. Aside from all that I still maintain excellent relationships with my HUGE family and friends… and I smoke at least a joint a day.

    Pot does not make you lazy and unproductive – It does relax you and helps you de-stress
    Pot does not make you dumb or stupid – It does help aide the creative process, opening your mind to other possibilities and thought patterns
    Pot does not make you “dazed and confused” – It does promote a feeling of well-being and happiness, giddiness and euphoria, as well as a pleasant body-buzz
    Pot does not make you alienated from others or cause behaviour issues – It does lighten your mood and act as a social catalyst, resulting in good social behaviour and interaction with others
    Pot does not harm you in any way like tobacco, alcohol, hard drugs or even caffeine – It does make you a criminal.

    Now we have to ask ourselves, is this fair? Does the punishment reflect the crime, or are all the laws surrounding cannabis use wildly inappropriate? I myself do not appreciate being judged as an irresponsible drug addict for my choice to use marijuana (even when all the evidence points to the contrary), and am growing tired of having to defend myself and my choice to use marijuana recreationally.

    My dream is to live in a forward thinking society that recognizes the EXTREME POTENTIAL that cannabis has to help us reclaim our independence from fossil fuels, dependence on pharmaceuticals, deforestation, global warming, organized crime, the war on drugs, overpopulation of prisons and a strain on our judicial system.

    Last, but not least, would not the legalization, cultivation and use of hemp in all its forms be the ULTIMATE stimulus package for an economy in a serious recession? Hopefully one day enough people will realize the potential of this natural, abundant, mulit-functional and amazing plant that the law will simply HAVE to change, and I cannot wait!

    Angela from Southern Ontario, Canada

  16. ciph3r says:

    Shows again how politics and business interests are detrimental to progress.

    This is comparable to the electric car , which was made to disappear by the oil companies, and fusion research being cut short/reduced despite showing considerable promise.

    Did you know that current nuclear power is made by super-heating steam using radioactive material and using it to drive turbines. This is while more than half of the US energy needs are currently still being met by coal fired power plants.

    Eye opening documentary. I am in Canada… veeery different than the US!
    I’m thinking opening a hemp farm and processing plant is not a bad idea. :)

  17. kathy says:

    While I do agree homegrown marijuana is probably less harmful than cigarettes with additives or alcohol which is a pure toxin to the liver, a disservice is done if not providing full disclosure on the negatives:

    Marijuana negatively affects white blood cells making the user more susceptible to infection.

    It is absorbed and attaches to the fat cells of the brain building up over time, making the cell walls thicker. With heavy use (3 blunts/week) brain’s cell walls will build to four times its normal thickness resulting in messages taking longer to travel in the brain. Once a person quits smoking, it will take two years for the marijuana in heavy users to leave the brain.

    Studies with pilots showed that users perceived they were doing twice as well when really they were doing half as well on an easy task with flight simulator. This test was done 48 hours after use.

    I am a counselor who has worked with adults and children in treatment, as well as people 18 and up hospitalized for psychiatric reasons. While many do not agree with other negative attributes, each has agreed that they lost or had less motivation for things they had previously been interested in when they started smoking marijuana.

    Many patients we have seen who smoke pot daily will say, “Marijuana is the only thing that helps – I do well when I smoke.” These same people are unable to keep jobs and are trying to get on SSI/SSD.

    I suggest in counseling to strive to introduce only healthy things into our body and brain since we only get one to last us our whole life. Introducing a psychoactive substance especially in smoke form is not a healthful thing.

  18. Bradley says:

    I found this documentary very informative & educational. While I admit to trying pot as a teen, I’m not in any way a user/smoker. I don’t even like the way it makes me feel in the least bit. But after seeing this, you can rest assured that I will cast my vote in favor of ending its prohibition. Furthermore, I will readily buy products made using hemp.

    Great documentary!

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  22. Harpreet says:

    Throughout this grand pattern of tignhs you’ll receive an A for effort and hard work. Where exactly you actually confused us was in your facts. You know, as the maxim goes, the devil is in the details And it couldn’t be more correct in this article. Having said that, allow me reveal to you what exactly did give good results. The authoring is definitely really convincing and this is probably the reason why I am making the effort to comment. I do not make it a regular habit of doing that. Second, although I can see the jumps in logic you come up with, I am not necessarily certain of how you appear to unite your ideas which inturn produce the actual conclusion. For the moment I will subscribe to your position however wish in the future you link the facts better.

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