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The Tobacco Conspiracy

Conspiracy|09 Nov, 2012|30 Comments |
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The documentary film The Tobacco Conspiracy explores the history of the tobacco industry’s lies and scams. The film deals with the controversy surrounding individual responsibility and corporate greed and takes us through the US in 1953 to Africa today. The film is the well researched work of Nadia Collot. More than three years of investigating all over the world Nadia Collot managed to decipher and revel the attitudes of Tobacco industry that, in spite of many prevention campaigns continues to expand its power at the cost of public health. This documentary shows the true face of tobacco companies, the scientific frauds involved and the subsequent organized crime.

Collet in this movie studies three aspects of the tobacco industry, scientific subversion, Ideological subversion and Economic strategies.

The Tobacco Conspiracy, 2.8 out of 5 based on 9 ratings
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  1. bedtime420 says:

    Ever heard of american spirits?

  2. bedtime420 says:

    They are starting to and eventually in enough years mainstream weed will have just as many chemicals dumped into it as cigs.

  3. audessa77 says:

    Today is Day 1 of Project Cold Turkey for me. This is a nice watch.

  4. @pdmjherI used to be a pack-a-day smoker, but havent touch one in months now. You can follow some simple techniques that help heaps. This video will do the trick >>>

  5. Yeah it’s like they’re trying to be villains!


  7. Read Allen Carrs book, and you will become a non-smoker in no time. It worked for me as well as millions others. Just give it a chance.

  8. 6 days off this shit….I shall only smoke weed from now on

  9. MrEcologyDK says:

    what about making a cigarette that has no toxins … let people smoke tobacco not poison wtf

  10. will9469 says:

    Actually I think your mistaken, cannabis only kills cancer cells, that whole monkeys lost brain cells when they used cannabis 30 years ago has been proven wrong

  11. Dakota Brown says:

    Cells* and it’s because the lack of oxygen to your brain WEED does not kill brain cells like how alcohol does.

  12. vjiced says:


  13. Weed kills your brain sells so all your doing is frying your brain

  14. Just out of curiosity, did you quit naturally (i.e. through will power) or did you need to use some sort of external meds?

  15. Firelife3 says:

    wouldn´t help anything…1 more stuff for mankind to get addicted to.

  16. PT Sherm says:

    Can’t sell in the USA…go to foregin countries…no one’s watching…Is this in English?

  17. Im so happy that I quit

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