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The Third Jihad

Religion|10 Nov, 2012|49 Comments |
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The Third Jihad, the new offering from the producers of the fascinating documentary film, Obsession, explores the existence of radical Islam in the U.S. and emerging risk homegrown jihad that this poses to national security, the Western freedoms and way of life American.

The film, which is narrated by Dr. M. devout American Muslim Zuhdi Jasser, opens with the following statement: This is not a film about Islam. It is the threat of radical Islam. Only a small percentage of 1.3 billion Muslims worldwide are radical. This film is about them.

In 72 minutes, the film reveals that radical Islamists driven by religiously motivated rejection of Western values, culture and religion are engaged in a multifaceted strategy to defeat the Western world.

In contrast to the use of violent jihad and terror to intimidate non-believers, The Third Jihad introduces the concept of cultural jihad as a means to infiltrate and weaken our society from within.

The Third Jihad, 3.5 out of 5 based on 11 ratings
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  1. Islam will indeed dominate the US and Allah (swt) will indeed punish those who reject or resist Islam. This is not a threat to the rightuous, neither is this a joyful promise to the wrongdoers, this is the eternal message of Islam. You either accept and see Paradise, or you will reject and enter Hell. What is your choice?

  2. Evans young says:

    I’m very happy Syria is at civil war, it will do the civilized world a favor. Groups estimate that, 40,000 sand niggers are sent to meet their 72 yr old virgins. I wish the civil war last for a decade which will help reduce the population of sand niggers. A good Muslim is a dead Muslim! Oh, I nearly forget. I have two words for the sand niggers in Pakistan, Predator Drones! They will never see it coming.

    • ali says:

      These politician play dirty games and make people fool just like. Syrian civil war is supported by CIA, and Drones are killing innocent people of pakistan and some of people like you are clapping on these event. the role of good Muslim = role of good doctor, only difference in role is doctor safe patient and good Muslim safe humanity and not wish for civil war.

  3. Evans young says:

    Even If was a billionaire, I will just give half of my wealth to Israel so that they can fuck the hell out the sand niggers (animals) in Gaza. suck your dick? Is not possible while you are doing it. You have my superior dick in your mouth and is about time you take it out.You guys are just dirty and I consider you sub humans. You are not just a pussy, you are a circumcised pussy. oh, Quit your intention of becoming a suicide bomber.There are no 72 virgins in heaven, but a 72 yr old virgin.

  4. bachaka61 says:

    My friend, I can see that you are an Israel supporter from your comments. Hamas are simply freedom fighters who defend Muslims and Christians in Gaza. Israel kills Palestinian Christians everyday; why do you support them blindly?

  5. Jew – CBS – William S. Paley, Leslie MoonvesJew – NBC – Jeffrey ZuckerJew – ABC – Stuart Bloomberg and George W. BodenheimerJew – ABC News – David WestinJew – CNN – Gerald Levin, Reese Schonfeld (co-founder)Jew – FOX – Gail Berman, Rupert MurdochJew – MBS – RonnessenJew – Daily News – Maxwell, real name HochJew – US News – ZuckermanJew – Warner Co – Martin S. DavisJew – Dreamworks – SpielbergJew – Walt Disney Television, Touchstone Television, BuenaVista Televisio -Micheal D. Eisner

  6. Jew – New York Times – SulzbergerJew – BBC – Michael Ian Grade, Mark ThompsonJew – Sirius Satellite Radio – Mel Karmazin, Scott GreensteinJew – ITV – Murdoch, GradeJew – Paramount Pictures – Bradley Alan GreyJew – 20th Century Fox – Sherry LansingJew – News Corporation – Peter CherninJew – Columbia Pictures – KaufmanJew – Warner Brothers – Barry M. MeyerJew – Clear Channel – Lowry Mays, Andrew Levin

  7. Jews did 911. Want Proof See Michael Delaney’s 911missinglinks . com and learn about the 5 Dancing Israelis filming the crashes also learn about the Jews caught in a moving truck with explosives on the George Washington Bridge on 911.

  8. watchful38 says:

    So called ‘Radical Islam’ is the real, genuine Islam. Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, a devout Muslim, must eviscerate Islam & the Koran to change it. Islam is ‘unchageable’ by its nature. Despite his good intentions, he has no support from any Islamic texts, including the Koran itself. Sorry, Doctor, with all respect, you are ‘barking up the wrong tree’!

  9. shredhouse says:

    But all Muslims believe outspoken apostates and active gays should be put to death, so they are all guilty of the message that makes them so crazy. Just like not ALL Nazis killed Jews but if you wear a Nazi outfit people will hate you. Nazis/Muslims are bad people, even the inactive Nazis

  10. Islam came out of nowhere centuries after Jesus. Jesus & God warned that “But even if we or an angel from heaven should preach to you a gospel contrary to the one we preached to you, let him be accursed.” Sure enough “Gabriel” came & revealed the Quran to Muhammad. You Muslims think you worship God but you are really talking to the snake (Satan) that deceived Eve. “Who is the liar? It is the man who denies that Jesus is the Christ. Such a man is the antichrist, he denies the Father and the Son”

  11. ritchloui says:

    He should be prevented from re-entering Britain and he can stay in that shit-hole failed state Pakistan. If he loves Islam so much it shouldn’t be a problem for him. With any luck he’s make a mistake and be killed by someone who is even more pious than himself.

  12. joe bloggsam says:

    And does it claiming benefit’s I believe-he says they belong to allah! . He’s off to Pakistan to organise this fatwar at Red Mosque in Islamabad You’ve seen the student photos of him drinking beer, reading porn I guess?

  13. ritchloui says:

    That’s interesting. Choudary unlike the double-speak liars who make out Islam is something it is not, does at least say EXACTLY what it is. He is unmistakably a fascist supremacist who has no shame in openly saying that Muslims are obliged to commit treason and to do everything in their power to ensure that their slaving ideology will dominate and obliterate ALL (kaffir) civilisation and subjugate EVERYONE to Islamic Shariah. In effect, live like rats in a sewer.

  14. afonsords says:

    As I previously said: every abrahamic religion taken literally is extremely and barbarically violent. Christianity is no different.The Christian scriptures advocate for stoning people that work on sunday, advocates for slavery, etc..

  15. ritchloui says:

    Not quite true. Tell me, where did Jesus instruct his followers to kill those who did not believe? Where did Jesus advise his followers to seek vengeance? Or burn witches or force people to convert? If you can find the quotes then I’ll retract. In contrast, the Quran advocates cutting off hands and feet, crucifiction, wife beating, enforced subjugation and killing kuffar. Furthermore, Muslims are to emulate Mohammed’s actual deeds; child molestation,mass murder, torture and professional slaving.

  16. ritchloui says:

    Yes. People are extremely unwise to think that because Christianity underwent a Reformation that Islam can be likewise enlightened by revisiting its own texts. Islam HAS undergone its ‘reformation’ and it’s called Wahhabism. Islam is PERFECTLY CLEAR; Muslims are instructed to despise, trick, attack, rob, enslave and kill kaffir. Islam is a personality cult based on the morals and antics of a psychotic child molesting professional slaver. The Quran is a slavers’ handbook.

  17. ritchloui says:

    There is only ONE Islam. Do not be fooled by the pretence that there is a ‘Shariah light’. There is not. In fact, ANYONE who attempts to cherry-pick Islamic doctrine is an APOSTATE a KAFFIR. So, what is being claimed in this video is either apostasy or it is DECEPTION. Muslims in Islamic countries who do not embrace Islamic violence are themselves regarded as APOSTATES and MANY, MANY of them are murdered. Islam is and ALWAYS WAS a criminal slaving fraternity. Period.

  18. It was actually gradual apostasy from biblical faith, that’s why the reformation happened when people like Luther said Sola Scriptura, that scripture alone is the authority for doctrine. In the dark ages the Bible was primarily written only in Latin for educated people within the high ranks of the Catholic church in order to control others through the threat of purgatory if various taxes and payments were not met. The Catholic Church burned bible believers at the stakes for wanting scripture.

  19. ConsoFer says:

    how can muslims protect people like bin laden? well they operate like this. many good muslims mask the smaller minority who commit horrendous attrocities. say they dont belong to islam yet every muslim will openly protect them and defend them. this means they are aware of what these people do and agree. its a concept of war in islam where muslims lie to the enemy and are supposedly instructed to do so by god. this makes me question gods agenda along with the peodofilia god is obviously wrong!

  20. There’s no open command to jihad in the Bible.You can point to text that’s thousands of years old but it is different as it was a specific event with a specific command given to an early prophet that doesn’t apply to us.On the other hand that is what Islam consists of. Islam & Christianity are opposites. Christ taught patience, love, forgiveness etc..Those commands taken literally shouldn’t be a problem to anyone. Muhammad taught war, death & subjugation until all the world lives under Sharia.

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