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The Terry Jones Collection - History of Love & Sex by microcinema
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The Surprising History of Sex and Love

Health, History|26 Nov, 2012|4 Comments |
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‘The Surprising History of Sex and Love’ is an award winning documentary presented by Terry Jones.

This film traces the story of changing social and religious attitudes to sex throughout history.

Filmed in India, Egypt, Greece, Italy, France the USA and the UK, the documentary includes a lot of surprising and never-seen-before material.

It starts with the place of sacred sex in the ancient world and ends with a discussion of the contemporary relationship between sex, marketing and prurience.

The film charts out how we got from there to here, and indicates that changes in sexual attitudes are connected with issues of power and control.

The Surprising History of Sex and Love , 3.1 out of 5 based on 12 ratings
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  1. pichamoto says:

    interesting and educative stuff!!!!

  2. Anam says:

    This is not the documentary – it is only the intro for the doc. The actual complete program should be posted or this should be removed.

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