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The Story of God

Religion|26 Nov, 2012|188 Comments |
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Professor Robert Winston presents a definitive three-part documentary series on the history of humanity’s search to understand the nature of God.

God’s story is an epic journey across continents, cultures and eras exploring religious beliefs of his early incarnations, through the development of the major religions of the world and the state of religious faith in a scientific age.

The series examines the roots of religious beliefs in prehistoric societies and the different ways in which the sense of humanity of the divine developed. It looks at the divergence between the religions that worship a range of deities and those that represent strict monotheism.

The series begins with Professor Winston examine the many religions that believe in different gods and explores why mankind started to believe in God.

The answer to that question, says Professor Winston, can be found in the caves where our ancestors came to their gods and where in the fields where people still ask for help, in the cities where our ancestors have been honored temples and the gods are appeased with sacrifices.

“But above all the answer,” says Professor Winston, “lies in the human desire to be united with something bigger than ourselves.”

The Story of God , 3.8 out of 5 based on 11 ratings
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  1. yolstein says:

    I do love the BBC. It’s like my university of life.

  2. amatyable says:

    The problem is that the world has not truth. this candle lighting is lie, it’s business just as a stone , clay, image of Mary, shaded tears for many times then i say if that was true, any AIDS affected patient, could be cured if they touched this blood. They should stop mocking God or Jesus.

  3. AbuIbnLahab says:

    What if there’s nothing in that tomb?

  4. danieldonk says:

    Baptism in a blood of a sacrifice bull.,now i can understand where the phrase,”What a lot of Bull”!

  5. It’s a pity they have the vote my friend! I mean ffs America, Romney and his magic underwear… really!

  6. 101shitkid says:

    knowing one thing isn’t Wisdom..fade to black, its better to be alive

  7. moqutpar says:

    The dead know nothing… wisdom is being alive and knowing that you know nothing and that is all you hace ever known and will ever know

  8. 101shitkid says:

    just so you know not all Americans are fucking Nuts just 45% of us.

  9. baharrrr says:

    It’s sad that some people feel good about saying “bitch please” to other people they don’t know much about on YouTube.

  10. 101shitkid says:

    the Dead know only one thing, its better to be Alive

  11. taikoman says:

    If Ken Ham thinks the Bible is literally true and should be followed as such, he should get circumcised, kill his children if they disobey him and murder anyone he sees working on Sunday, his wife should be locked in the basement for 7 days when she has her period. Oh, and the value of Pi is 3 according to the bible. Is there any way we can deport him for sheer stupidity?

  12. taikoman says:

    It seems monotheism naturally lends itself to authoritarianism, intolerance of differences, hatred of “others”, blame-making, finger-pointing, guilt, shame and self-loathing, as well as the accompanying need to denigrate or destroy others in order to make our own pitiful, groveling selves more worthy in the eyes of this One True God. We’d all be better off if this nonsense disappeared from the face of the earth.

  13. Alban Lila says:

    seems clear that these are human traditions fused with nationalism and cultural pride. if you do not know God and the will of his own.the temple of God is not through stones wood made ​​by the hand of man., but within us where God’s Spirit can be settled and changed lives who will accept

  14. shananagans5 says:

    lol Yea, that sums it up quite well.

  15. itorres008 says:

    a) they don’t care about evidence or what the truth is – source of comfort and hope in hard times, confronting death or other suffering. social, family, peer pressure. sense of community and belonging. source of inspiration or mystic experience.or,b) don’t have the basic knowledge (science, history, sociology, etc) and/or perhaps the intellect to process it.

  16. itorres008 says:

    Dawkins often seems like he’s going to pop a vein trying to control himself and be nice when faced with some ridculous argument. hehe

  17. itorres008 says:

    Nooo, its just that Genesis doesn’t talk about it, but the children screwed their sisters, not their mother. Are we savages? :-)

  18. itorres008 says:

    In the beginning up to a few hundred years ago, tackling the ideas head on could get you shunned, punished or killed. Still today could get you into a lot of trouble, or hurt the people you love. :-( So most tread lightly. :-/

  19. itorres008 says:

    a) don’t care about evidence or what the truth is – source of comfort and hope in hard times, confronting death or other suffering. social, family, peer pressure. sense of community and belonging. source of inspiration or mystic experience.b) don’t have the basic knowledge and/or perhaps the intellect to process it.

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