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The Secret Life of the Dog

Nature|30 Sep, 2012|36 Comments |
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The amazing and heartwarming relationship that we have with dogs is quite inexplicable!  Recently these canines have stirred up a lot of interest amongst scientists; they are fast being turned to for understanding ourselves better, just as chimps and apes were experimented upon earlier, by looking into their genome sequences, undertaking cognitive experiments on them, studying their fossils, etc.

A one of its kind breeding experiment in Siberia reveals the astounding secret of dogs evolving from wolves. This distinctive relation has also been supported by Swedish scientists who demonstrated and established that the bond between humans and dogs exists because of a very powerful hormone which is similar to the one that solidifies the bond between a mother and her child.

The reasons for dogs being so good at reading human emotions are still beyond the understanding of the realm of human mind. Horizon starts on this very quest and meets Betsy, which is famously known as the world’s most intelligent dog, and compares her astonishing abilities to those of children. Moreover, these wondrous creatures, apart from serving as our best friends also also help us to identify the root causes of human diseases!

The Secret Life of the Dog, 2.5 out of 5 based on 12 ratings
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  1. Roflcopter4b says:

    ITT: Idiots who think dogs are somehow hurt by harmless tests. Get off your high horses, you do worse things every day and don’t give a shit.

  2. strutzulescu says:

    fucking idiots! people are dying of hunger and you spend £20000 on a fucking dog? cock sucking faggots

  3. lol my dog hates being f–ed with, making weird sounds or just playing a prank once he realizes you messing with he will tell you off.

  4. That´s what I used to think too, but apparently it doesn´t always get filtered out, like in the rat example I mentioned before.

  5. evilyig says:

    Normal people make observations that are hopelessly tangled in confirmation bias. Science describes what people observe with a safety net that eliminates what our gut tells us. Science is the only tool we have to divorce us from bias, even if scientists incorporate bias, the system will eventually filter it out.

  6. It´s weird. Normally, scientists know stuff that the average person doesn´t.But when it comes to animals, they seem to research stuff that any normal person who´s been around them ALREADY KNOWS.And even after researching it, they still sometimes come to conclusions that make absolutely no sense and are obviously not true.I read one article where they locked a rat in a cage and watched as another freed it, and their conclusion completely disregarded the fact that they naturally live in packs.

  7. 4:08 were animals too you dumb bitch

  8. carmenbuit says:

    I completely agree with you — good call.

  9. I have to call out the ‘like rats’ part. Domesticated rats are basically just like dogs. They feel just like they do. They are loyal and kind, intelligent and social. No animal deserves to be tortured to satisfy our curiosity.Maybe you didn’t meant it that way, but I couldn’t let it go.

  10. @carmenbuit I have to call out the ‘like rats’ part. Domesticated rats are basically just like dogs. They feel just like they do. They are loyal and kind, intelligent and social. No animal deserves to be tortured to satisfy our curiosity.Maybe you didn’t meant it that way, but I couldn’t let it go.

  11. dongtian00 says:

    “He’s clearly an animal”Pretty sure humans are animals too, just sayin.

  12. sheyla2003 says:

    Dog is God backwards O.o

  13. fdsdh1 says:

    well in vietnam they eat dogs!

  14. @carmenbuit no carmanbuit, dont worry, the companionship between us, the emotions that arise throughout the bonds with an animal, more particularly dogs, can encourage our bodies to fight harder. On average, dog owners live longer then those who don’t own dogs. It sounds strange and hard to believe but it is scientifically correct.

  15. kjhgfdsxcv says:

    @carmenbuitNot so long ago, diabetes was an incurable and fatal disease, if you had it, you died. Banting and Best came along and experimented with 10 dogs, discovering the use of insulin. A handful of dogs suffered. Millions of diabetics are able to lead natural lives.

  16. I am not saying this because I want thumbs up or anything like that I am saying this because I really care.Almost Every Night I cry because I love dogs and there are so much dogs who have to live in animal shelters in cages not knowing what real love is.Or dogs who get abused.Now I know most dogs have homes and people who love them but I feel very very very sad for the ones that don’t.Maybe One day We can make a change for dogs I am not sure how but i know we can if we try.

  17. @pepetanik Pitbulls actually tend to be very people friendly dogs. Both my pitties are attention whores. They don’t bite, but they do have a very persistent face-lick… and they have always been in tuned with my emotions. They respond to what I am feeling. Except anger… the female doesn’t seem to understand that she is capable of doing anything wrong…

  18. paladinee says:

    @carmenbuit I´ve got a deep bond with dogs, but a deeper bond with other human beings. For examplet theve found dogs suffer Alzehimer like humans and there is a begining of a vacine thanks to studies on dogs, so its hard to draw the line in some cases.

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