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The Rican-ing of White Boy

Comedy|30 Jan, 2013|1 Comment |
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What happens when a paternally adopted forty seven year old schmuck from Queens, New York, sets out for the first time to meet his long
lost Puerto Rican family, after being raised by a tribe of white people? Actor/Filmmaker, Paul Louis (Muller Gonzalez), comically
documents his “Puerto Rican Pilgrimage”, with twisted humor, clever insight, Jesus jokes, lots of culture shock, and a surprisingly
touching lesson learned on the concept of family, and the spiritual bond that connects us.

Produced, Directed & Edited by Paul Louis.
Filmed by Jeff Rodriguez & Paul Louis.
Music by Kevin MacLeod.


The Ricaning of White Boy

The Rican-ing of White Boy, 4.0 out of 5 based on 3 ratings
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