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The Real Eve

Science|21 Oct, 2012|46 Comments |
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Mitochondrial DNA will be passed from mothers to children, both male along with female, with no changes and mutates at a predictable rate, since the origin of the people.

Using these facts, some scientists are mastering the mitochondrial DNA to try and trace the origins from the human race.
Using this method, scientists have mapped people to a woman in Africa millions of years ago. Then they traced the migration patterns in their descendants are spread through the land.

The Real Eve is really a fascinating documentary that offers a controversial new hypothesis of human evolution. It does what all good documentaries try to do: it makes you think and entertains while doing so.

The Real Eve, 2.5 out of 5 based on 7 ratings
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  1. Sad propagandistic trash. “This woman” is the grand-sire of blacks. Whites, Asiatic, Aboriginal, & Arabic each have their own archetypal ancestral strain of genetic origin. Fact: No species of animal (incl. humans) has a pinpoint geographic locality of origin. Example – Goldfish did not have it’s sole & only geographical beginnings in New Jersey. Goldfish, as carp, koi, etc. had a simultaneous genesis at 100,000 points of locality on the globe, NOT 1. Some places conductive to life, others not

  2. shiwadaay07 says:

    @don7777s Becoming black from a white origin doesn’t work that way. Blacks have more pigment which protects their skin from UV of the sun’s wave than brown skinned people do. Whites have absolutely no skin pigment at all, period. Therefore, light skinned people mutated from dark skinned people.

  3. seoigh1 says:

    Ok, let me get this straight, because I believe the Germans were wrong to kill the Jews and Africans before WW1, I’m a racist. You provide no new evidence of anything you idiot. You’re like a child with your “I’m right because I said so” attitude. Look up phenotypic plasticity and you might understand how the out of Africa idea works.

  4. John Fargher says:

    No you idiot the point is that the evidence you are talking about was mooted about 10 years ago and was disproved but you as a fucking Youtube moron dont read books and scientific journals only 10 yr old uploaded videos. So tell me where is this evidence. No where because you dont keep abreast of the science. now fuck off troll

  5. HAHA!!This is not my theory, how many times do I have to tell you that?? All I did was relay information from anthropologists about new discoveries, and you have a meltdown.If you were really interested in the truth, you would have looked it up by now, I have you more than enough information to get started.Or, are you going to keep asking me to support MY theory…LOL!!!

  6. John Fargher says:

    Look at what you prick…you still havent given me the names of recognised authorities in the field to support your erroneous argument which has no foundation in the facts. We are now done since you clearly cant provide the evidence.

  7. If not all anthropological data is either credible or believable, then the “out of africa” theory must be wrong.You want to pick and choose which information to believe and which to dismiss, and again that proves you are a racist.You will only acknowledge data that supports your racist views. You are a sad little man just like Fargher.

  8. HAHA!!Your too afraid to look, come on little man, look up the information if your a real man.Then, you can send letters to the anthropologists supporting this new theory, and tell them everything you told me.I dare you. :)

  9. seoigh1 says:

    I suppose I should add that this would lead me to believe that not all anthrpological data is either credible or in fact believable. I would lean towards the information attained while getting my degree and back the opinion of John Fargher and this would therefor lead me to believe that TheEqualizer2U is what is commonly known on the internet as a fucktard.

  10. seoigh1 says:

    Its good to see people having an anthropolical discussion like this and I can see where TheEqualizer2U is coming from. His anthropological data obviously comes from the same strain of anthropology that put Africans in concentration camps in the early 20th century in German East Africa while trying to prove there inferiority. This would be the same anthropological methodology used by the Nazis to persecute the Jews later.

  11. Hey idiot, this is not MY evidence you fuck, did I ever say I was an anthropologists. Did I??I am pointing out new discoveries that you fucking retards seem to be unaware of. I have no idea why you idiots are getting so pissed off when all I am doing is pointing out scientific data.And vicky, your definition if right out of an 8th grade history book, outdated and useless. Humans did not just walk out of africa and start getting whiter, that theory has been debunked. Do some reading.

  12. There are many anthropologists following this new data, but not all anthropologist agree you dumbshit…lol… Thats like saying all climate scientists agree on global warming ….LOLYou are one of the dumbest racists I have ever encountered on youtube.

  13. vickyh966 says:

    to the equalizer u. evidence points to out of Africa not into africa—the Neanderthals come from an earlier group that migrated than this group and like the later group the cold climate changed their looks somewhat because when leaving this group didn’t look fully human whereas the later group looked fully modern

  14. John Fargher says:

    So you disagree with the American Anthropolocical Association then do you? I bet you dont answer the question because you are a dishonest fucking racist cunt. I am calling you out now on this forum you cunt but you are cornered you cunt. This is my last post to you you fucking coward.

  15. I have given you the evidence, presented by anthropologists doing the work. You dismissed them all, and I doubt you have more education than they do.Racists like you are so sad, you are afraid of society moving forward, and one day forgetting all about racism. That idea scares you, because you desperately want to keep racism alive.It gives your hate validity.

  16. Your right on track, just like a disgusting liberal, all you can do is twist my words and try and shame me/I have given you all the evidence presented by many anthropologists. This is NOT my theory little man, this is the theory of anthropologists with FAR me education that you have.Science is about discovery and moving forward, but racists like you are afraid it. I pity you.Anyone looking for the truth will see my comments, do the research and find out for themselves.You have failed.

  17. John Fargher says:

    You are full of shit .You can quote one anthroplogist who supports your claim yet the American Anthroplogical Association website supports “Out of Africa fact” If you can give me a quote from a respected source I will shut the fuck up. But you cant cos you are a sad fucking troll HA HA

  18. Already stated the evidence troll. And dozens of anthropologists agree with that evidence.While your at it, go read some reports from the anthropologists themselves, and not your liberal news stations. You might actually learn something.You sound like a religious nutjob insisting the world is still flat! I feel sorry for you, I really do.

  19. The evidence IS in the DNA record, I have shown you that several times.I can see your just a troll, and probably a racist, since the thought of humans evolving outside of Africa upsets you so much.You are a parasite in the world of science. It was people like you that insisted the earth was flat, and would burn anyone who suggested otherwise.As political correctness dies away, people like you will be swept aside. Good luck with your miserable life, asshole.

  20. John Fargher says:

    How fucking stupid are you.Of course there are no Africans in Africa with Neanderthal DNA thats the fucking point you idiot.The Neanderthals and Homo Sapiens share a common ancestor.Only 2-4% of European DNA is Neanderthal because Cro Magnon interbred with some Neanderthals when they entered Europe from Africa via the Middle East.Look at Youtube Aborigines came from Africa ABC.Whats your evidence of migrations into Africa?Theres more DNA variation in Africa because humans have been there longer

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