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The Pack Lions

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Rating: 2.6/5 (15 votes cast)

A large pride of South African lions in the Singita Game Reserve, S Africa present a great demonstration of hunting using precise strategies and ambush techniques. It is a larger pride than in most parts of Africa and this means that they must continually hunt larger greater prey.
Really good filming and good narration make this an excellent documentary nature video. It's not all plain sailing for the lions but this is a good insight into life for these pack animals.

The Pack Lions, 2.6 out of 5 based on 15 ratings
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  1. Ya, I’m thinking that massive spotlight that’s put on them in the middle of the night also doesn’t help much.

  2. yoxredwolf says:

    rofl for the abush isnt the camera man also a possible target for the lion?

  3. Thang Nguyen says:

    I don’t like wolves but I like this video

  4. Suhil Niazi says:

    Real bad camera angles

  5. ana african wild dog pack actually has a higher kill rate than a lion pack.

  6. The best jump and capture 2:50

  7. Kouglizia says:

    Nature at its best! We MUST respect NATURE!

  8. Or, try Impressive world, where you can hunt!

  9. This has thought be so much about lions! I cant wait to share this! Also, if you like Wolves AND Lions, check out FH (FeralHeart) It’s free download with realistic Role Plays!

  10. Vahik88 says:

    OR they use really long things to get the cameras close. Lions are not dangerous to cameras :D

  11. 1pk155 says:

    Nature is so beautiful!

  12. 08Starfire says:

    Excellent video with incredible shots of the lions and the prey.

  13. jean victor says:

    Lion the kind of the prey

  14. GoombaDaddy says:

    That lion is looking at the tattle-tale bird like “Bitch you are lucky I don’t want to ruin this hunt….”

  15. Brett Jarvi says:

    I wish our females would organize a trip to the grocery store and executing and surrounding it without calling for updates on meat, yeah, I am starving, bring home 10 LB’s Zebra burger, 3LB’s Gazelle and grab me some of that hippo water.

  16. If you still wanna know how they get footage like that its a number of reason. First, as many has mentionen, they use zoom. Secondly they mix the footage from “vild” lions and lions in protected areas who are more used to humens, therefore they can get closer. They then edit the footage, making it seem its the same pack. but its not. lastly they use many cam set up in tree’s, rocks, hidden in grass etc etc. That tactic is used when capturing polar bear footage. flooting ice with a hidden cam.

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