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The Obama Deception

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The Obama Deception is a video which will make you consider exactly how committed Obama is to the American Nation. This is a “No-Nonsense” look at who influences and who is influenced by Obama.

This video describes how  Obama is being utilised as the figurehead for a conspiracy to take the USA into a Global slavery. Here we see that the President is effectively only a puppet despite the way he is portrayed in public. “They have put a Black face on the New World Order” is a statement from the video.

The US population has no idea who the real Enemy is…the whole Obama road-show is nothing more than an elaborate deception.

The video illustrates evidence gathered over 16 years that Obamas election is just another cog in the New World Order’s plans.  This is about world banking and how this can be manipulated.

The Obama Deception tries to outline the key players who are the puppeteers of Obama and the overarching conspiracy to continue with New World order plans.

We see evidence of secret meetings and the whole involvement of all the security agencies…watch how Wall street has manipulated Obama as their mouthpiece…see all the expected taxations to come into place…Tax Tax Tax…who suffers? the working population of the USA.

The Obama Deception, 2.9 out of 5 based on 15 ratings
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  1. ..I’m just running that one imbecilic statement over and over in my head and thinking “THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE WORLD.” You do NOT get it isn’t about Race or Religions it is about Islam SOLELY. If you would actually educate yourself and take in the information.CHECK THE DAMN INFORMATION YOURSELF IF YOU WANT, but watch the damn videos. You know NOTHING now. You are as ignorant as BOTH ideologies in the U.S. currently. I hear muslim “extremist” come from a mouth I know they’re BLIND.

  2. The slaughter of Millions upon Millions of non-”ISLAMISTS”. You cannot even READ. You are AFRAID just as he points out in his educational video like so many others to even LOOK at the TRUTH. Don’t even reply to me again if you can’t do ONE SIMPLE THING and watch those videos IN TOTAL. You are without worth and still ignorant of the entire damnable point. Christianity…pah no it cannot be applied to Christianity WATCH THE HISTORY VIDEOS and get back to me. You can’t B.S. me I KNOW this subject.

  3. You didn’t watch the Videos. Period. You didn’t have time. You may have skimmed over it a couple of minutes out of over an hour,but nothing further from BOTH videos. Your comment shows this. He isn’t citing arguments. He’s citing HISTORY. I as HUMANS can be friendly appear friendly talk friendly. ISLAM is NOT friendly or “peaceful”. Period. It has been a PLAGUE and RESPONSIBLE for more wars and the fastest takeover of lands in History. The destruction of NINETY PERCENT of Ancient Knowledge.

  4. The hate is not from their religion, the extremists use the religion as an excuse, much like Christianity and the crusades. If the terrorists quote religion none can oppose them. Their hate is based on territory actually, they want to control all that around them, then as much more as they can obtain. It’s an old story, not unique. Understand your enemy, keep them close, better to contain them. Art of War.

  5. Like I said, I live in the uk. I go to a school of 1500 where around 300 are muslims. They are affable, friendly people, with no religious agenda or hate. The same is true with their parents. they even take the piss out of themselves being feared as bombers. people like you are responsible for religious wars, purely through a lack of understanding, same with warner – he cites arguements that can equally be applied to christianity, among others. You are generalising ridiculously.

  6. Correcting my last sentence there “There is no such thing as ISLAMIC “extremists”. There is ONLY Islam. Only EVER has been Islam. Islam has been the ENEMY of the Western World since Muhammad created that nightmarish Cult/Islam. It can be proven to be SOLELY Muhammad’s creation not a collaboration..just Muhammad and the Pagan Arabic MOON God cults. Why do you think they worship a meteorite in Mecca that was there THOUSANDS of years before Muhammad? Why have the Crescent MOON as Islam’s insignia.

  7. I’m not sure but I think the population of Iran and America are similar. It doesn’t matter, conventional warfare would not succeed, for one thing we would go broke like USSR did against Afghanistan. That’s their plan all along of course. So next is nukes. Best be sure nobody comes in on their side, wouldn’t that be wise? In the Middle East can you say that? Even Pakistan weighing in? How about China? Best leave the strategy to the big boys Mister. That does not include Romney by the way.

  8. TasMikigal says:

    Yeah, me too, I also spent allot of time repairing all kinds of cars, because they are all junk. Automobiles are intentionally built to break down, so that there are jobs for mechanics to fill, and the parts divisions of manufacturers can continue to peddle their redundant products.

  9. TasMikigal says:

    After Obama had his epiphany in the rose garden the day after the Bengahzi attack, he shouldn’t have waited for two weeks to admit that the attack was a terrorist operation. Romney really called him out on that one. Nevertheless Romney is a crook, and so is Obama. Anyone who votes for these scoundrelly scoundrels is guilty for aiding and abetting the crime of supporting criminals.

  10. Metasamus18 says:

    You realize its stupid to try and rationalize something like this…. “During Barack Obama’s first two years in office, the U.S. government added more to the U.S. national debt than the first 100 U.S. Congresses combined.Because of the same reasons why movies keep setting box office records. Oh because I don’t know maybe ticket prices rise because the average person makes more money. It’s the same principle. Don’t be ignorant.

  11. cont. Scott, I see that the President is the leader of our country. He is not the Messiah! If he says he is or you think he is Watch Out! Just a man. Just a man. We are to choose the best one we can. I wouldn’t want the job! Nor could I get it. It would be like going to war. People blaming You for all the bad. You know if everyone followed the Golden Rule we wouldn’t even need a Government! So who’s fault is it? I’ll tell you a secret, It’s Everybody’s Fault! Deny that and know your own part.

  12. I don’t think Winston Churchill should be blamed for London being bombed do you? I guess that is the gist of it, I think a country can have a bad time and a good time just like a single person. Your last question, who do u blame? I don’t Have to blame anybody! It could be a combination. Is one person to blame for the great depression? No way! How about thousands or millions of Greedy people! Same with wars! How about national Discrimination! How about people that blame everything on someone else

  13. Actually, I made Allot of money repairing Fiats in my early years as a line mechanic…Then they quit importing them. Maybe because they broke so much.Maybe that’s why we as a nation are broke so much.But seriously; You are correct, it would be nice to go back to the Gold Standard.Doubt that will happen any time soon though

  14. As you mentioned; The budget deficit has gone down slightly.. But by only a few billionSince Barack Obama became president, the size of the U.S. national debt has increased by well over 44 percentThe U.S. national debt has been increasing by an average of more than 4 billion dollars per day since the beginning of the Obama administrationDuring Barack Obama’s first two years in office, the U.S. government added more to the U.S. national debt than the first 100 U.S. Congresses combined.

  15. “You do realize that the budget deficit when Obama took office was $1.2 trillion and has actually gone slightly down, right?”Actually it was $1.4 trillionGDP is a measure of the total size and output of the economyOne measure of the debt burden is its size relative to GDPYou’re talking Budget Deficit; My numbers are correct in relation to GDP”The budget during the first year of an administration is determined by the previous one”You’re correct; However That’s only if it’s adhered to

  16. Although the federal deficit is the amount each year by which federal outlays in the federal budget exceed federal receipts, the gross federal debt increases each year by substantially more than the amount of the deficit each year. That’s because a Substantial Amount of Federal Borrowing is Not Counted In The Budget.Obama Spent Trillions not originally budgeted for in the previous year due to his thoughts of the urgency of the impending crisisSo in this case; Obama Owns the FY 2009 Deficit

  17. US records fourth-largest budget deficit since WWII(Bloomberg Oct 12 2012)”The government budget deficit in the US for the year ended in September was the fourth-largest since World War II as lawmakers debate the impact of the looming spending cuts less than a month before the election”"The shortfall registered $1.09 trillion in fiscal 2012, down from $1.3 trillion in 2011, according to Treasury Department data issued in Washington. It reached $1.42 trillion in 2009, the highest ever”

  18. forgvnalways says:

    We will never be able to be free unless we dump the fiat money. Gold and silver brings a nation out of slavery and until we do, we will be enslaved by the federal reserve. buy a copy and read “They own it all including you, by means of toxic currency.”

  19. Scott Porter says:

    Well, I disagree. Im talking about America and where we now stand after putting Obama in charge of it all. What matters is the facts at stake for our country. I am just trying to make a point of where we started when Obama stepped into office vs where we are now..And, other countries are affected by us, but also if it really mattered about ‘what I have done to help my country’, then that just takes away from the importance of having a president who is doing what needs to be done. Who do u blame?

  20. GxrRoflstomp says:

    Regardless of whether or not the Sabbath described in the bible falls on the day we refer to as Sunday, it still says that there is day that you should be killed for working on. I also made about a dozen other points that you completely ignored by missing the point of a singular point and basically arguing semantics about what day the Sabbath actually is which doesn’t address the problem at all. “Grow up or shut up?” LOL

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