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The Naked Truth

Religion|02 Aug, 2012|2 Comments |
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The Naked Truth documentary traces the origins of modern religions back to the stories of many ancient civilizations.

Due to the lack of science and facts, the stories were created by our ancestors to give explanations to the wonders amazing, weird and scary, but natural in the world.

Earthquakes, volcanoes, tornadoes, lightning, hurricanes and other natural forces could not be explained as long ago, so the stories and tales were created by human imagination to respond to these natural phenomena unexplained.

Today, we know that the Egyptian, Roman, Greek, mythology, and others come from the imagination of man to explain the natural world, but are modern religions are so different?

Are the similarities between Jesus, Krishna, Buddha and other saviors and prophets mere coincidence? Or is there a clear and simple explanation that ties all modern religions together?

The Naked Truth, 3.0 out of 5 based on 10 ratings
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  1. Pedro Delgado says:

    Great…thougtfull…ed’ucating..myth breaking. Looking forward for more…I must see many times for I am studying the Bible,specially the Hebrew(Old Testament) and the teacher is not telling all that there is to it,just that what the Church allowed.

  2. James says:

    I enjoyed the Naked Truth. I have seen first hand the twisted Love that Christianity has adapted to their theology. My wife and I have been alienated from our church because we dared question. We have actually been told to NOT help the poor because their struggles and poverty are a part of God’s lessons in their life for some sin they have committed. I found this attitude very vulgar and unintelligent. The more we looked at Jesus we started to notice that the church has not only moved away from his teachings so much so that their doctrine is now opposite to that of the one they take their name from. Then we kept looking and came across historical documents that exposed that the Jesus story was only copied and replicated by Jesus and his followers and those of the early church. Thanks for exposing ignorance.

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