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The Most Hated Family in America

Religion, Social|04 Oct, 2012|119 Comments |
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Louis Theroux the acclaimed British reporter follows the “Westboro Baptist Church” or The Most Hated Family in America. This church takes evangelicalism to a new extreme. Known for the infamous “God Hates Fags” signs and protests. The family is also known for going to US soldiers funerals and celebrating. This documentary is a disturbing look at Christian extremism.

The Most Hated Family in America, 3.2 out of 5 based on 24 ratings
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  1. DENISE says:

    God created “all” of us right, even gay and gay people have been around as far back as our history can go, ….so….. They need to stop using God for the things they hate as a human. You can be what ever you want to be it’s your human experience no one else. They are committing sin by hating . these people are so stupid and brain washed. They wouldn’t last a day in the city, they live in caves. These people have evil hearts. this is why I just cant be religious I just believe in god and I am spiritual, I have an open mind and love everyone I want us all to be connected and in unity. Light love and peace to us all, Namaste

  2. Brian Robert Enright says:

    Thanks to the Mandala. Yes there is harm being done. I’m sorry and amazed that I didn’t pick up on this before hand. They are damaging thier children! I remember a short program on tv about the w.b.c. The man that was chosen to cover them for a week, I think, asked one of the youngest children what the sign that he was holding meant and he answered,”I don’t know”. The sign was…..god hates fags……… Blind faith brought on by forced brainwashing by the elders of the church. Does this constitute child abuse? I’m afraid that it does to me. Instead of teaching thier children to love and respect people for thier differences…they are being taught to hate like thier twisted concept of diety. Can charges be brought against them? That is a question that only legal council can answer. This is worth looking into for the sake of those children. But where can we draw the line on that subject? Will people that choose not to be christian also be brought into that limelight? Will some over zealous politician, with a christ-complex( this brings up my favorite subject of the separation of church and state….don’t get me goin’), force us all into sumission of the “old rugged cross” and use our children as bargaining chips? These are questions that need to be answered before this can become reality. This is why we need to observe and record for later use. Evidence is invaluable in a “rational and fair” court of law. This is not always the case……such are the times we live in.
    This is just some thought provoking subjects that I would like some feedback on. Drop me a line………Blessed Be.

  3. Brian Robert Enright says:

    This is just a short note to “Will”. If we picket phelp’s funeral then we’ll be as negative as they are. We will be just like them! Ohhhhhhhhhhhh……..gack……oh, man……..I almost lost my breakfast. Just kidding………Blessed Be!

  4. Brian Robert Enright says:

    To that dapper gentleman with the awsome name….I suppose that it would seem that they are hurting people with thier “different” ways. But think of it this way. If we have no control in our lives of the way our fellow employees act, the weather or the way that people such as the w.b.c. act……..we most definately have mastery over our own emotions. The day that people like that control everyone else’s emotions is the day that they win! Think about it! Do you want to have them controling you? Of course not! I know that it’s easier said than done…..not letting “them” get you angry……but is it not better to laugh at “them” than to be miserable because of “them”? This is where people have to think a little and say,”I’m not going to get angry because they have “different” views”. There will never be a law passed to make them the masters of us all. They are a very small group of people that have been brainwashed into thinking that thier patriarchal leader is god or infallible. He might have had a horrendous childhood behind him or some kind of sickness that has caused him to think in this “different” way. We cannot let “them” control us in any manner! They will win if they do! It’s time for all of us to regain mastery of our own emotions. I am getting a bit redundant now so I’ll close it out with this.
    Laugh at the world when you are able and need to so you can live……not exist. Blessed Be!

  5. Brian B says:

    I started watching this and was angry at these people. I ended only feeling sorrow and remorse for an old, hate filled man stealing the lives of so many innocents. The old man is just smart enough to indoctrinate everyone and avoid every question that he knows to be indicative of his own doctrines. In doing so, he steals the lives of everyone in his ‘church’. He makes them love hate, and teaches them that everyone, aside from themselves, is not to be trusted. The young girl displays all the symptoms of being brainwashed. Her tell is laughing. She has been taught, or has learned, to laugh whenever she is forced to think, therefore hiding the pain she is going through. She then changes the subject and puts up a mental block. Its correcting a symptom of lonliness without curing the cause. It’s too bad, it seems like she would have been a nice girl with a future ahead of her if not for being born to such a terrible family. Her finale explains it all- she is cut off from society for the actions her family does, and thus, she sees people as not worth saving. Since everyone she knows pickets, they are the only people who she can confide with, the only people she can trust and love. She sees the world through a glass covered in hatred, and since she is in a controlled environment, she buys into the reasoning that its people, not her, which bring out the hate.

  6. Will says:

    Honestly, these people are old news. I’m bored hearing about them.

    But I will say one thing, when Fred Phelps died there BETTER be HUNDREDS of people outside of his funeral with signs!

    I dont believe in god, or hell, or baptists, or whatever, but if there was a hell, i’d sleep easy at night knowing Gramps is down there.

    Too bad we just cease to exist.

    Oh, and a side note, I wonder how these people explain homosexual behaivor in the animal kingdom?

  7. Brian Robert Enright says:

    Well,…….here’s a test for all of us. OK,…..OK,……so no one likes the Westboro Baptist Church. What do we do about it? Put them out of business by legal means. Have ‘em wacked. Maybe we should petition our congressmen to keep them from exercising their Constitutional rights…….yeah…..I said it…..their Constitutional rights. Look, I don’t like ‘em either. They have a hell of allot of nerve doing what they do. But, I don’t care if you’re a Christian or a Pagan……..we all know that they will pay for what they’re doing eventually, one way or the other(in the afterlife).
    Look, whatever you may think of the …..W.B.C…….you should be happy that they’re able to do what they do. That means that you also have the right to express yourself when your time comes. Isn’t that what is really important? That’s what our soldiers have defended with their lives. Tens of thousands of soldiers have died to protect your right to express yourself without fear of bodily harm. Are we going to nullify the sacrifices that all of those people made? I hope not……we are all responsible for keeping their right to demonstrate alive and well……why don’t you demonstrate against them (in a peaceful manner)?

  8. Coty c says:

    From what i understand about them is that everyone except them is going to hell and you must amend your ways but it wont save you, you will still go to hell even if your saved. Also would you really want a church leader that calls you a poopy pants and simpleton when you ask why they believe what they believe, and gets loud, defensive and dodgy when you ask questions about there religion then turns right around and says they will answer questions about there religion if you stop asking stupid questions. When i get angry I get irrational and im still not nearly as irrational as they are. I also have never read the bible nor will i claim to have but it sounds to me that they misread or misunderstood and misquote the book. I even wonder if they are aware that fags are just cigarettes?

  9. The Mandala says:

    I think…in a way they’re style is alright, freedom of speech is something we do as Americans and well, they don’t technically resort to violence, however they DO harm people. They harm their kids, they harm themselves, and they harm everyone around them by thinking that everyone is evil, even though in this day and age it seems like everyone is evil, there’s still hope. They’re hopeless people, who don’t know what to do in times of crisis other than blame a higher power for our mistakes. I respect any and all religion and everyone’s beliefs, but blaming a deity for something that’s clearly a human act is something I despise.

  10. tom p says:

    can someone explain to me why people talk about what god thinks or feels or wants? how can a mortal know what god is thinking? is it not arrogance to assume that you understand god? let us remember that the bible is written by men who, at best, claimed to be inspiried by god. that’s not a very convincing argument.

  11. Elliot says:

    I have seen comments (since i started watching this on youtube, but the last part couldn’t be found), about how they hate the Westboro Baptist Church. What’s the point in hating them when they don’t see how the message is affecting the populace negetively and are so firm on their beleifs as to think they are indeed right and everyone is wrong.

    I have not read the bible in full but come from a rather religious family, I myself am not religious but rather spiritual and beleive in a higher power, and that all forms of life, love and such is a thing of beauty and should be respected . I too hate, I am human after all, but i find it rather exausting to hate for long periods of time. At first I hated them but then i soon gave up.

    Let them think what they will, they atleast have that much right. Let us think what we will, we have that right. (Although part of me wants to see two gay men makeout when they are picketing, that is my opinion, think what you will of it, it won’t matter to me)

    And if i go to hell because i assosiate with homosexuals, that i support everyones right to live how they want then ,so be it. Atleast hell will be warm.


  12. Jean says:

    I had a variety of reactions to this documentary. I think the interviewer was doing his best to frame questions that might get underneath their robotic mindset. But he was clearly invested in changing minds (I’ll bet many of us would succumb to that temptation). He also knew, I’m sure, that if he were too blunt they would have thrown him out.

    As in all groups like this, some will escape and some will remain spellbound. If I believed in a Devil, I could imagine him well-pleased with them. But I don’t, and to react to their painful delusions with self-righteous hatred, rather than empathy, would be to mimic their behavior.

  13. Ash says:

    This makes me sad and I’m sure it makes God cry too. But I am just a human (a daughter of my Father) who does not have the authority to judge them or anybody, because we were all born as sinners. Only the wise have the knowledge of God, but the ignorant shall rot in hell. Funny thing is, the ignorant are those who are hypocrites. I have all kinds of friends, Buddhist, gay, lesbians, Catholics, Jews, and even Atheists, but you don’t see me telling them you are going to hell. All I can do is what I was taught to do in my life, which is to love one another as you love yourself (Golden Rule explanation). Also maybe they should read Romans 2 chapter: “Therefore you have no excuse, O man, every one of you who judges. For in passing judgement on another you condemn yourself, , because you, the judge, practice the very same things…” (Romans 2:1).

    Peace and love to everyone! =)

  14. Francisco says:

    All i need to say that these people are really crazy. But besides that, i found that the British guy was hilarious… the way that he tried to reason with those nut jobs was funny as hell. These people are so surreal that you don’t know if you should find this documentary funny or really sad.

  15. Grant says:

    I think they have been brainwashed. God knows all – he made man imperfect, he knew there would be gays, hectros and so on….and everything people go through in life is a test unto themselves. People shouldnt be concerned with what he or she believes, worry about your own life because on the day on judgement God you yourself will be judged.

    To conclude….our lives have been written way before we excisted – live a honest life, do good unto others, give charity, and you will be rewarded. GOD IS JUSTICE AND YOU WILL DO YOUR TIME IN HELL FOR WHATEVER BAD YOU HAVE DONE AND YOU WILL ASCEND INTO HEAVEN ONCE YOUR TIME IS DONE….SO ONLY SEEK FORGIVENESS IN GOD AND BE SINCERE….

  16. micah says:

    I really hope people don’t think this is Christianity consistent with the Bible. These people aren’t Christians.

    They took the most heretical, fanatical, retarded, horrible representatives of anti-cranial, intellectually-handicapped Christianity, and made it appear as though that is the norm.

    However, this is obviously not how Christians are supposed to act and believe according to the Bible. Agnostic and atheist arguments against the contradicting beliefs and actions of “Christians” today are spot on. Well done. These people need to be told how stupid they are.

    If you’re going to fly the flag of a particular religion, at least be consistent with it’s core teachings and beliefs.

    Ridiculous. Sometimes I wish I wasn’t associated with the same religion these people claim they believe in.

  17. Brian Enright says:

    This is to Depot vergleich. I agree that yes, they aren’t really hurting anyone,yes,they are exercising their right to freedom of speech but, no, they are not representing what their religion is about at all. They have taken what they think their religion is about and added hate to it to a degree that is represented in that bible(I do not capitalize “bible”). There is a huge amount of death, destruction,murder,rape,incest,genocide,child abuse,spousal abuse, slavery and war that is admired and required in that damn book.
    There are many christians(no….not that one either) that are trying to represent their faith in a much more positive way in our times. These “people” are sabotaging every effort that is being made by today’s christians to bring their faith to a level of respectability that can be accepted by everyone. Those “animals” are evil by all christian rules. I,myself, am not a christian(hence the disrespect to the bible and christian noncapitalization), I am a Pagan. My faith loves the Earth…unlike the christian sects available.
    Let’s be honest….the westboro baptist church is a sect of radicals that want everyone to be just like them at the risk of the death of others. They would like nothing better that to control the entire planet and attach the yoke of radical christian slavery. I believe that everyone has the right to believe in what they want. Don’t push your ways onto me and don’t try to make my ways illegal. You practice your craft and I’ll practice mine….peace must reign. The world is a beautiful place and it should be enjoyed by everyone in it’s most pristine condition possible. Everyone should be able to co-exist side by side and accept all the other faiths, races, cultures and lifestyles. To reject this is sad. I fear for this world both it’s people and environment. I pray that someday it will heal like the Earth itself. She is very forgiving.
    Thanks for reading my rant and blessed be.

  18. These delusional delirious deranged people are the fags and don’t know that when Jesus was crucified the mosaic law was abolished and they believe Jesus is god when the bible clearly states Jesus is the son of God. The world is just sick of them verbally abusing us with their incorrect version of the bible, God doesn’t hate he loves and forgives although war is wrong it doesn’t mean God will hate the soldiers because we are all Gods creations

  19. Dunno, I kinda like their style, they dont hurt anyone, they dont charge anyone, all they do is free speech and excercise their religion to the letter. I guess people really hate them especially because they make other religious people look like hypocrits.

    • Darmiller says:

      Lots of peolple express themselves and practice their religion without being hypocritical. Maybe you just don’t know them.

  20. allisson says:

    lol. these self serving hillbillies are a joke. their fake prophet is so clearly ignorant its no wonder only a handful of people listen to him. how dare they attach the good lords name to their joke of a church:cult. they are entirely media and hate hungry. but seriously, who would listen to such ignorance? i feel bad for the kids. the boy was attacked doing his mothers bidding. holding signs with words so vulgar and not understanding their meanings. tisk tisk.

  21. Una says:

    This documentary (and this eisbwte) really opened my eyes to the fact that I’m not the only queer desi girl around. Stupid as it sounds, I honestly never really took to the interwebs and poked around because any media representation of gay South Asians tends to be about gay men, and never about lesbian women. And of course, I think there are all sorts of reasons for that involving privilege and the power that a lot of Indian families hold over their daughters’ heads. I have to say, I love this documentary for portraying that honestly and not trying to either water it down or dramaticize it. I’m a college student in a small town, and I’ve never, ever met another queer desi before. And reading/watching about the fact that we EXIST is a comfort within itself

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