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The Lost Pyramids of Caral

History|07 Nov, 2012|49 Comments |
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Pyramids are generally defined by the “Great Pyramids of Giza”. However South American pyramids can be just as stunning.  These ancient Peruvian pyramids have until recently been lost. However new archeological evidence shows that these pyramids are larger and older then the pyramids of Giza.

The Lost Pyramids of Caral, 2.3 out of 5 based on 10 ratings
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  1. Barter advantages and safety in numbers for sure. Some morality guiding a centralized government, no bankable traveling wealth, just infrastructure for general use. No credits traded like promissory notes giving rise to organized crime technologies such as exist worldwide today. Freeze-thaw acting on these structures for 5K years buried what began 12K years ago. Street people of 5K years ago were carrying rocks, new carbon, for making repairs. Vulgar wealth concept evolved, bye-bye to republic.

  2. HelmetVanga says:

    My theory about piramids is that the sea and water flooded the place, so they had to go climb to higher grounds during flood.

  3. eblanco78 says:

    you are a idiot ?

  4. IETCHX69 says:

    those ancients must have Loved climbing freakin’ steps!!

  5. bretcarr2001 says:


  6. hit man says:

    couldn’t agree more. maybe you could say we’re at the pinnacle of technology, but every civilization thinks its the greatest

  7. hit man says:

    their words, not mine (except the mothership part that was mine). just a funny term to describe the city, why does there have to be a mother city?

  8. Minh Nguyen says:

    No, this is not the History Channel, cause they always assume extraterrestrials made everything

  9. HardWarUK says:

    If you are over 30, you could be in the last generation of Western Civilization who , based on climate change, oil distribution problems, and fresh water contamination when over the next 20-50 years we have two super volcano’s likely to erupt, climate change to to accelerate and only Middle East self-sufficient tribes surviving to start again, in roughly the same areas as what we thought the first civilizations arose, just over 6,000 years ago and know know differently. Good luck.

  10. hit man says:

    i totally agree if were just finding this now think about all the ruins buried or under the sea or all together lost to history. and you can’t really call the urge to gather in groups to JUST warfare, what about the need to socialize? To actualize one’s potential? It’s never that easy.

  11. hit man says:

    hahaha its the MOTHER CITY sorta like mother ship?

  12. bigtruck182 says:

    im sure you can tell us how it is

  13. John Carling says:

    I do not think this is right, there is plenty of evidence going back as far as 12,000 years of cities and human global culture.

  14. goodcomps says:

    ummm i saw this doc and, it said in that version: …they realized the valleys had been filled in at the openings to prevent invaders.

  15. …with by products produced by this ‘civilization’, desertification via industrialization… The great lie we tell ourselves is that our only choice is an uncomfortable existence struggling to just survive OR to destroy the very environment that all life depends on. Those who lived – thrived even – in harmony w/th the environment were seen as ‘uncivilized’. Why do we glorify destruction of all kinds?

  16. How could, WHY would, the BBC say, “Above them all, powerful rulers. They command who does what, and when and where they do it.” -while showing images of modern cities in what are supposed to be free societies??! Further cultural bias is revealed in the statement “Today’s modern city is the pinnacle of human civilization.” From which barges of refuse destroy ever-expanding miles of ocean; the air is choked with toxins; poisons are intentionally added to drinking water already contaminated

  17. Glad to see that trade and economics united peaceful co-existence 5000 years ago, and formed the basis of a happy civilization, even to the point of getting stoned from time-to-time. Funny, we are just coming back to it now. Provide drugs to all the war mongers, and let the true agricultulturalists rule the world, not bankers or politicians..

  18. The more human beings find in the world’s field, the more evident it is that God exists. Pyramids all over the world prove that humans spread all over the globe after the Tower of Babel. Also, human sacrifices (the Bible mentions that the other nations sacrificed human beings to their idols) are found in every culture. The bow and arrow has been used by all civilizations. Dragons images and sculptures have been found all over the world…What a coincidence…

  19. soledad gonzalez says:

    This was a very moving documentary. If i can get so excited about the discoveries described in this film, i can only imagine what it must be like for the people who devote their entire life searching. I hope to go see all this with my own eyes.

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