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The Iron Wall

Conspiracy|25 Sep, 2012|32 Comments |
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From that single day these news’s became a state and unsaid policy of the Zionism and later the Israeli. Colonies were used linked to the start to produce a Zionist footing in Palestine.

After 1967 and the military control of the West Bank and Gaza Strip, the function of the colonization campaign became well defined produce facts on the ground and make the conception associated with a Palestinian province inconceivable. Thirty nine yrs. of military control and the policy coverage began demonstrating resolutions. There are now more than 200 colonies and frontiers settlement spread out throughout the West Bank baring the geographical possible action associated with a neighboring Palestinian dominion.

The Iron Wall docudrama gives away this phenomenon and follows the timeline, size of it, adult population of the colonization’s, and also its particular cause problems for the peace process. This moving picture also touches on the recent labor in order to make the colonies a lasting basic fact on the ground the wall that State of Israel is building in the West Bank and also its particular influence on the Palestinians citizenries.

Colonies and associated substructures are affecting every side of living for all Palestinians from land arrogation, larceny of natural resource, arrogation of the basic human rights, conception of an apartheid-like system of rules, onto the disastrous impingement when it comes to the future tense of the area and the chance of the peace process.

Palestinians and Israelis began the peace process based on a very simple principle: land for peace. Settlements destroy that principle and create a land with no peace.

The Iron Wall, 4.0 out of 5 based on 10 ratings
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  1. panafilmxxx says:

    The arabs want to convince the world the Israelis and Jews are the aggressors and killers, while at the same time trying to cause the world to forget the first massacre, Hebron massacre they committed against Jews, The Hebron massacre refers to the killing of sixty-seven Jews on 23 and 24 August 1929,while trying to make people forget that over one million jews were forced to flee arab and muslim lands to save themselves….many died but thanks to G-d many fled and survived.

  2. Rancid, corrupt, misogynist, stultified and stultifying, backward, retarded, dark-ages mess of a Muslim country? Or groovy, gorgeous, fun, brilliant Israel?You decide.

  3. MrSicarii says:

    You can NOT be an accupier of your own land. West Bank has always been Jewish, you can’t walk a mile and not come accross a Jewish ancient site. Also, the land is not claimed by Jordan who lost it to Israel. At best West Bank is a disputed trritory. Jews have a claim and nomadic arabs who have no long term connection are also making a claim. The only solution is the transfer of arabs to Jordan.

  4. @ 3:45 palestinian refugees, why are these still refugees ? and live in refugee camps? the last refugee camp in israel was dismantled in 1959, but their neighbour countries keep these prisoners (it’s an arab resolution) they won’t give them full citizenship like Israel did. there are still refugee camps in palestinian controled areas. BTW this movie doesn’t deal with the entire context…why is that?

  5. ZeKritik says:

    I just watched this video on dutch public tv. Frankly, it’s nothing new. Everybody living outside Israel and USA (where media and demographics are affiliated one way or another), including majority of Jews, condemn Israel’s human rights violations (policy, not exception), and warm crimes.As for suicide bombing, it’s a means (for lack of more effective conventional weapons that Israel has), not a goal. Cluster bombs used by Israel, kill more innocent people, so don’t be distracted by symbolism.

  6. kayakergod says:

    5:41 – looks like terrorists to me

  7. Prunesqualer says:

    There are truthful statements in this film but I don’t like the excessive, crude, and inappropriate emotive music. It would have been better to let the facts speak for themselves

  8. boskinator says:

    @maatiuk The pals have the keys to their own destiny. They can stop the daily rocket and mortar attacks on Israel, recognize its right to exist and stop FUCKING WHINING ALREADY. It was not Israel who chose the corrupt Arafat to lead (and rob) them, now was it?How dare you compare Gaza with the Holocaust…apples and oranges, you mental midget.

  9. boskinator says:

    @5x5s LOL – please direct me to evidence of Pals in death camps, with people piled upon people. You are intellectually dishonest, and blantantly biased. Shame on YOU.

  10. boskinator says:

    What, they’re FACTS because a douche like you says so? Don’t make me laugh.I love how you compare Israel with nazi Germany. It’s propagandic, and intellectually dishonest.Nazi Germany: Millions rounded up, put in trains, robbed, put in work camps, worked to death, burned in ovens, gassed,etc.Gaza: A territory ruled by terrorist, Islamist, fanatical orgs. , bent on ridding the world of the Jew. Suicide bombing, mortar attacks, etc.The wall is a success – it keeps the scum out of Israel.

  11. boskinator says:

    First of all – there is no ‘Palestine’.Second – I don’t give a shit about your family – Pals made their bed, now let them sleep in it.Third – I’m not a nazi (love how you capitalize the word nazi lol). Fourth – Maybe the pals would have better living conditions if Hamas used the billions in foreign aid they recieve each year for infrastructure instead of weapons.Finally, Arabs who actually live in Israel have more rights and a better standard of living than any other arab shithole.

  12. boskinator says:

    The UN is a farce.They are currently trying to pass a law to make illegal to criticize religion (Islam, that is…).Bomb the UN.

  13. boskinator says:

    @mjlodina Psychopathic? You make me laugh. Have you even been to Israel? It’s the only sane, productive, and free country in the entire middle east.Israelis do not want to exterminate anyone, so please stop using the buzz words “Nazi” and “ethnic cleansing” for shock value. If the Israelis wanted Arabs dead, why would they allow them to live in Israel, with more rights and freedoms than they would get in any of the surrounding arab countries? You don’t make any sense – lol!

  14. boskinator says:

    @mjlodinaKeep believing the propagandic filth you are being fed by your imam.There never was a “Palestine”, as far as indigenous arabs go. Jews existed in the area, on and off, for over 5 milennia! Look it up, habibi.In 1948, equal land was given to both Arabs and Jews…but who decided to attack? Oh yeah, it was the indigenous arabs, with the help of the surrounding arabic nations.Palestinians don’t want peace…they want dead Jews. They want an all-arab, all-muslim middle east.

  15. boskinator says:

    I do know why the conflict started.Jews and arabs lived side by side relatively peacefully before 1948.Once Israel was given statehood (and equal land was alotted to the arabs, the surrounding arab countries rallyed together in a show of unity to rid the middle east of the jew. Only, the Jews defended themselves and built a modern, thriving country in the meantime.Up to now, history has repeated itself, over and over, with arabs/muslims attacking and Israel repelling them. Check ur facts

  16. boskinator says:

    You do not make any sense – I guess you’re being brainwashed by your so-called “professors”.Answer this question for me: is Israel systematically rounding up all pals, putting them on trains to concentration camps, working them to death or executing them in ovens and gas chambers, carrying out horrific experiments on children, women and the elderly and stealing all of their money and putting it in swiss bank accounts (this includes the dead’s gold teeth fillings)?That is what the Nazis did.

  17. boskinator says:

    Yes you have, by comparing a wall that keeps out SUICIDE BOMBERS to the horrors perpetrated by the Nazis.Your professors are either biased or ignorant (they usually go hand in hand).So what – you think the Jews control the media? Try watching BBC, CBC, al-Jazeera, CTV and tell me that they are not slanted towards the palestinian agenda. There’s propaganda on both sides,no doubt.Bottom line: the people of Israel want to live in peace amid a sea of arab/muslim zealots who want them DEAD.

  18. murtajay says:

    gosh u’re so out of it and have no idea what this is really about. it is NOT jew hatred, it is about the land. clearly, u do not even know why this conflict even started, u clearly do not know Palestinians know their history. If you think it is about Jew hatred, u are clearly mislead. It is not the main reason for conflict, Jew hatred is obviously a principle you have been brought up to think is what is happening. Palestinians do not hate jews, they hate zionists, and there is a difference there

  19. boskinator says:

    Funny – you haven’t addressed the topic of Hamas’ terror. Why is that? Are you blind? Is your head in the sand? Do you have blinkers on?I, on the other hand, can see the big picture with regards to the Pals. Generations have been brainwashed into thinking that it’s Israel’s fault that they live in destitution, when in reality, it is the fault of their zealoutrous leaders who teach them to hate and kill and commit suicide for the “cause”. Sadly, they are puppets of Iran and Syria.

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