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The Incredible Human Journey

History|08 Nov, 2012|66 Comments |
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This documentary goes into the very early history of our species. We all came from a relatively close region in Africa yet we soon spread all across the globe. This documentary goes into the reasons why we moved and how we did it.

The Incredible Human Journey, 3.3 out of 5 based on 17 ratings
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  1. Someone’s been watching/reading George Carlin. ;) Logically you’re correct, but human beings have a tendency to mythologise group identity to the point where where we believe our familiers/tribes/nations are imbued with special qualities and talents other groups don’t have. The achievements of the group allow people to feel ‘part’ of something, no matter how tenuously related they are to it.


  3. MrDoremouse says:

    Yeah, I see. To add to this, there’s good and bad pride. Good pride is what you’ve just said. ”Bad pride” would be the feeling arrogant. That’s why ”pride” was one of the ”7 deadly sins”, it’s a kind of arrogance. A word can have 2 or more uses. Then there’s that song, ”Pride, a deeper love” which is of course more about self respect than arrogance. And what of ”gay pride” ? I guess that means gay self respect, rather than arrogance, and it’s not referring to achievement either, yeah ?


  5. Ellie D says:

    I know lots of people take pride in the achievements of other people who share their citizenship, race, gender or other things. But lol just because someone else does it isn’t a good enough reason for you to do it. I get being proud “for/of” the BBC for putting this stuff out there for free. It’s like being happy when you see someone do something good, no matter if they are or aren’t connected to you by some vague criteria that’s used to group people.

  6. MrDoremouse says:

    :) I know, I know. I was gonna get into some long protracted rant about how the Iranians are proud of their poet Hafiz, and the Afghans of their’s, Rumi, so why can’t the Brits; but the whole ”proud to be British thing” has never actually been my kinda bag, I must be getting national chauvanistic in my old age. I’m proud of, or for, the BBC, that makes more sense doesn’t it ? Oh, but that’s still not something I’ve achieved myself. I guess it depends which way you look or squint at it ;-)

  7. Ellie D says:

    Wait… someone just admitted I was right in an argument on THE INTERNET? Let me just call my local news station! lol

  8. tony knight says:

    @ Ellie D, to answer your question, Yes, you see the BBC is funded by the British public. All money the BBC gets is from the licence fees levied on British house holders, so yes, being British does contribute to the programming .

  9. MrDoremouse says:

    Well when you put it like that, i guess you’re right.

  10. Ellie D says:

    Oh… ok. Taking pride in things you had nothing to do with FTW! Hey, can I take pride in it too? I know I’m not British at all.. but… well I had as much to do with the people who made this documentary possible as you did!

  11. MrDoremouse says:

    Er, no, but we take pride in British achievements, whether in sport (our Olympics was brilliant), or the arts, or brilliant broadcasting like this, and 15 people think the same :)

  12. Ellie D says:

    Why? Did you being British somehow contribute to what the BBC does?

  13. permatical says:

    dont know why but i find it almost comforting to know that we all probably come from the same place, same people. makes me think there’s no real reason we’d all stay so divided

  14. krisidious says:

    I guess some of this has been proven wrong with the mapping of the Neanderthal genome and the matching of Neanderthal genes in Modern Humans. Although I suppose that does not change the likelihood of the out of Africa theory being the correct one…

  15. MCAGCC1 says:

    99.9% of humans are simply memorizes and repeaters. Bird will sing for a cracker, Dogs will sit for a bone and Human will repeat answers for an A+.Virtually everything this little girl believes is a lie, from Plate Tectonics to the Holocaust to Evolution to the Moon Walk to Faggotry is genetic to the 9/11 attacks etc…..She lives in a world of illusion, yet will be paid well by the powers that be for continuing to repeat the lies she is brainwashed to repeat. Intellectually pathetic.

  16. MrBritdog2 says:

    she is shocked to find a river in Yemen 2 miles from the desert, sorry guys to complain so much is she really that fing dumb, or is it the writer making her look that stupid, i knew this stuff when i was 4 years old, how could people move through Arabia, , I cannot take the utter stupidity, and I apologize if i offended anyone, is her audience in kindergarten? or pre school?

  17. MrBritdog2 says:

    um Africa was an island, remember ice age, she has to talk to a specialist to figure that out, she is an idiot. I guess if I was dumb and rich and had boobs I would have made this documentary in the 70s, also in 15k bc Europeans moved south into Africa, Modern humans developed in their own regions, ice lowered and raised the water levels,, they did not go out of Africa. just one theory. the great mystery is how she has a show when she is utterly a moron.

  18. I totally get what you mean, but you have to understand Africa is one continent out of five and that it’s not even the most populated. So the greatest majority of the population in the world descend from that small group of pioneers, which is what is so amazing and is what they’re focusing on. Now, the history of the humans that stayed in Africa, being so different, is just as intriguing and it’s not a tiny bit less interesting than the out-of-Africa one, but is easier…

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