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The Hemp Revolution

Drugs|27 Oct, 2012|26 Comments |
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‘The Hemp Revolution’ covers with every historical and contemporary facet of hemp usage and cultivation mainly in the U.S.

It describes how the production of hemp is much more durable and economic than wood and has multilateral uses as e.g. food products, as a non-polluting fuel and as a pharmaceutical product with much less grievous side-effects than chemical pharmaceutical products.

The film also investigates why America went from producing vast quantities of the non-narcotic industrial hemp to the complete ban on hemp production in 1938. It unravels the fact that the large oil-based industries actually had a key role in the ban.

The documentary concludes that hemp may prove to be a valid substitute to both oil and wood in the future.

The Hemp Revolution, 4.1 out of 5 based on 9 ratings
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  1. Ok..Brother Obama….Knowing what we now know about marijuana dont you think ..with another term you could please legalize this plant and finally end this silly so called war on drugs.

  2. So nice when you make things yourself by hand like that hemp paper :)

  3. WalelaComics says:

    lol. “That’s really funny.”

  4. WalelaComics says:

    “LMAO! I see your comments everywhere bro. I feel like I should know you by now.”:D

  5. FreeHempNow says:

    looks like 3 people have no weed. :(

  6. Hemptastic47 says:

    To each his own. Peace and Love brother.

  7. waywardeuSE says:

    He wants to be annoying… it’s a way of getting attention, he might even be smokin’ some thinkin’ he’s funny and since your both laughing… enjoint! ;)

  8. Hemptastic47 says:

    I hear you there lmao — I find it funny how people can’t accept knowledge about natural cannabis. They will try and bend and manipulate every fact, lie, say random nonsense just to try and convince themselves they are right. This guy is a prime example. I doubt Mrs. Fluoridebrain will even reply — He’s already accepted that compounds found in cannabis can cure cancer..I’m just bored and reading his messages give me a chuckle… but then again it’s really sad people are this brainwashed.

  9. waywardeuSE says:

    Don’t take this guy serious, bro. He abuses animals! Just take a look at his profile!

  10. His ass, can’t you smell? ;)

  11. DjayLivv says:

    @JailPotheadsForLife where are you getting your information from?

  12. 1989eob says:

    and no one is forcing you to smoke pot so fuck off and leave mine and everybody else’s liberty and freedom of choice alone.

  13. waywardeuSE says:

    The government fails and more people wake up to their true nature; Fascism… hemp is gaining more ground, it is superior, the US constitution is written on it and it’s well preserved, just not followed by your beloved government. Only braindead citizens deny it like yourself. It’s obvious you need a lot of violence to keep things the way that suits big business and it’s just a matter of time. Power to the real people and not to the 1% and braindead sheeple like yourself, illusions won’t last!

  14. waywardeuSE says:

    Nothing has failed other then your brain and what will fail is fake government, it’s just a matter of time…

  15. DjayLivv says:

    @JailPotheadsForLife you are soo fucking retarded

  16. waywardeuSE says:

    Yes, your braindead…

  17. Thanks Bush (family owns oil) for more prisons and taxes and the best part…lawyers.

  18. When was this made? Sad the fed gov is still in control of your rights.. what is freedom?

  19. leyoleiner says:


  20. 1989eob says:

    ok so lets just keep eating gmo corn and soybeans that are sprayed with round up

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