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The Future of Food

Health|28 Oct, 2012|35 Comments |
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‘The Future of food’ is an eye-opener, critically investigating the impact of the unlabeled, patented, genetically engineered food products that are predominantly being consumed by unsuspecting Americans every single day since the last ten years.

Experts consider this trend alarming because of the health implications, unscrupulous government policies and extreme push towards globalization. T

his film, shot on locations in the U.S. and Mexico, enables the viewers to closely evaluate the negative impact this new technology is having on the lives and livelihood of farmers from the prairies of Saskatchewan, Canada to the fields of Oaxaca, Mexico.

The film also provides alternative solutions to this problem in the form of large-scale industrial, organic and sustainable agriculture as the only means of combating the food crisis and saving people from the clutches of market and political forces that seek to control the world’s food system.

The Future of Food , 3.5 out of 5 based on 8 ratings
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  1. MrWorshipMe says:

    I’m not an expert on US’s justice system procedures.But I always thought the jury is randomly selected, and they are the ones to reach a verdict, the judge just decides to accept or overrule objections from the lawyer…At least that’s how it is portrayed in movies :) I don’t see how the judge can be corrupt.The politicians who make the rules on the other hand…

  2. MrWorshipMe says:

    “development of high-yielding varieties of cereal grains” – back in the 60′s this was not yet done in labs, and thus was less efficient than what we do today with our knowledge of genetics. I agree that the patent system in the US turned into the tycoon’s weapon against small business, but that’s the case in every aspect of US’s economy.Don’t blame the technology on US’s stupid system (which get shoved into other state’s laws in fear of sanctions).

  3. DonMega187 says:

    1:07:00 this company that patented the gene that has to do with finding cure for breast cancer did it so that no one would find the cure. because it is in their best interest that cancer patients has to keep buying their drugs that won’t cure, but keep patient barely alive for little longer to fill up the drug corporation’s wallets!this is a huge humanrights violation. there is a right to protect urself, and to find cures is just part of protecting urself.

  4. DonMega187 says:

    by the time we reach 20 billion we should already master space travel and have the ability to get resources from elsewhere. anyway everyone can have like 2 children with good conscience without causing overpopulation. actually some have no children at all, so if u have 3 children it’s still alright. the only problem are those damn religious nutjobs who think woman’s role on this earth is to be a birthing machine and they have 10+ kids who will all be turned into religious nutjobs too. ridiculous

  5. DonMega187 says:

    yep we won’t die for starvation, atleast not right at this moment. but millions of africans and asians still do. instead we die for cancer more in this century than ever before, and the statistics are generally on the rise. thanks to this genemanipulated food and pesticides. i guess cancer is better than instant death though, but neither is really that good imo. those scientists are noobs for not been able to create safer solutions! they just want to HURRY the production of whatever kinda works

  6. MrWorshipMe says:

    Oh really? Have you heard about the Green Revolution?People were dying of hunger before they got modernized about it on Wikipedia:”…credited with saving over a billion people from starvation, involved the development of high-yielding varieties of cereal grains, expansion of irrigation infrastructure, modernization of management techniques, distribution of hybridized seeds, synthetic fertilizers, and pesticides to farmers.”

  7. i agree with u that over-population is a major concern, but do not allow it to distract you from the ultimate goal of these giant corporations; which is to control the food supply, the implications of which can never be overstated. the common misconception that gmo foods grow more efficiently is a gmo industry perpetuated lie, a total and complete scam.

  8. runfromgaga says:

    lately i have been buying from the local small farms that do not spray. the food taste better and it is cheaper. everyone should have a goal of not giving one penny to these corporate giants. the wealth and power will go back to the people. they are poisoning you and your family , so why are you giving them money?

  9. MrWorshipMe says:

    That would only be the case if you hold the right to have as many children as you can above all.If people keep on multiplying, then at the end ecology would collapse, plague and famine will consume most of the human population if wars will not.But if people would realize that it is in the best interest of their offspring that they stop multiplying like there’s no tomorrow (say by taxing heavily after the second baby, and campaigning), then maybe we could return to a sustainable situation.

  10. The overpopulation message gets more true every day, though denial runs rampant. A lot of people still see themselves as above the laws of nature. Everything’s always about increasing supply – no humility about limits.But Peak Oil is already making food more costly since transportation, farm machinery and oil-based fertilizer costs can no longer be marginalized.

  11. MrWorshipMe says:

    The real problem is the number of humans who need to eat… we can’t all eat “organic food” because it’s not efficient enough to feed the whole world population.People continue to multiply like the world is infinite, wait until there’s no more wild life, no more oil, natural gas, every last piece of land is either urban or a cultivated farm… within 200 years, this would likely be the case.And no, it is not likely that we would go to colonize the stars.

  12. ColdDeck45 says:

    Not trolling… I was generally interested in finding a similar video from the gmo perspective. In the research i’ve done so far i’ve found a few ok ones but they don’t go into much detail. On the organic side, all i generally find are video’s bashing the evil corporate patents and not being very specific about the gmo’s themselves.

  13. Wow every time i watch a video like this i just wanna sue monsano more and more and more. There jerks really. I mean monsano says they have good intentions but in realty they dont. They just wanna suck thoes farmers dry of money and domonate the food indestry.

  14. cpepe223 says:

    now I see its definetely a dishonest upload, its advertising for lawyers, portraying them as respectable human beings, anything that portrays lawyers, or judges or law firms, as respectable in any way is bad, just so everyone knows

  15. Isn’t organic farming, just, farming? only in the last 50-100 years has farming become chemically and genetically oriented. we invented the word organic. organic=original These big companies selling variations of reality are the ones who should have to label their foods. watch out for this that ect, or MADE IN A LAB ect, terrible system someone who grows tomatoes normally should be able to sell it as that, a tomato.

  16. wasahi30 says:

    Pat Mooney,executive diretor of Canadian advocacy organization,says that poor farmers will have to climb on the terminator-seed platform or stay on the sidelines with old technology and hope they survive with outdated,inferior quality seeds.And even if the purchase of terminator seeds was subsidized by developed countries,Mooney says,farmers would then also be dependent on this aid.If the aid ever dried up,terminator companies could back out,leaving farmers wiyh no grain.

  17. ThaigerDon says:

    probably contrary to popular belief, the fascist corporatism that ron paul talks about is monsanto. the free market is the reaction opposing GMO patents and the shift towards organic food markets. as the saying goes, “the customer is always right”. there should always be choices, especially when selecting food products, and not just in regards to flavor. if you can choose what clothes to buy and what games to play, you should be able to choose what foods you want to eat.

  18. wwe3466 says:

    We live in a capitalist country pals, and Monsanto has a right to conduct its business in peace, you are all hypocrites, the medicine you take when sick is Genetically modified, but it cures you, most of your clothes come from genetically engineered cotton, but you wear it, all of the food you eat is Genetically modified, despite that rip off thats called “Organic” food, please what do they charge you for an orange? $10? Please how stupid are you. I love patenting of genes, Im doing it ;)

  19. @wwe3466 monsanto has been genetically cornering the market on nature and destroying it in the process, that is why people are getting cancer more often , hungary has kicked them out and the uk is working on it, go back to being a traitor to mankind,

  20. DonMega187 says:

    1:07:20 this company that patented the gene used for breast cancer cure research wouldn’t happen to be involved with company that sells cancer drugs? if so it’s for their benefit to stop the research for any cure being developed as that would ruin their business. all they want to do is keep selling those drugs that the patient has to use for years for relief but which never totally cures the patient. it was a very smart thing for them to do to protect their business! patent laws are messed up!

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