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The Four Horsemen

Religion|06 Oct, 2012|331 Comments |
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On September 30, 2007, Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennett, Sam Harris and Christopher Hitchens sat down first of its kind, unmoderated 2 hour discussion, convened by and filmed by Josh RDFRS Timonen.

The four authors have recently received a lot of media attention for their writings against religion – some positive, some negative.

In conversation, the operations group stories of public reaction to his recent books, their unexpected successes, criticisms and common misrepresentations.

They discuss the tough questions about religion that the world faces today, and propose new strategies for the future.

The Four Horsemen , 4.1 out of 5 based on 9 ratings
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  1. @seranox1 Well if you are blind enough not to see the idiocies in religion then you won’t see that these people are trying to lift the fog off eyes of people and make them realize that you can live a better life without believing in something as vile and sadistic as religion

  2. EGMAG says:

    @laiholapso he drinks <,Of course not. Hitch was a good talker, interesting, like-able and all. It is another case of artistic Van Goghism run amok. Hitch always left open the possibility of God; he just doubted it. He wasn’t completely stupid!

  3. photopicker says:

    It should be said here for clarity that Buddhists do not acknowledge the existence in god and the practice of following the Buddha is highly symbolic to a life well lived. Born a catholic I align with Buddhists since they take practice with what is here now and have no apparent dogmatic ideology. There are no sinners in Buddhist philosophy.

  4. photopicker says:

    Addendum: This is not to say that these symbols no longer hold the same kind of value they might have in more primitive times however we cannot castigate the church in its entirety as that of providing no value for humanity.

  5. photopicker says:

    Oddly enough no one in this quorum started an orphanage for unwanted children, opened their doors to the downtrodden and homeless, gave the people a symbol of hope in the middle of destitution. While it’s refreshing to witness a truly admirable discussion the middle ages were not quite as pleasant in many circles and the church became an establishment of direction for many lives. It is to this day. Intellectual merit aside many a human have shared a warm cup of soup and found solace in church.

  6. @EGMAG “No one truly takes unatural events as the truth.” You’ve clearly never listened to the rantings of Answers In Genesis, Westboro Baptist Church leader Fred Phelps, Ted Haggard, Bill O’ Reilly or Ray Comfort. They all believe in the unnatural events laid out in the bible. And Atheism isn’t belief in disbelief; it’s a lack of belief, in the same way I don’t believe in fairies at the bottom of the garden.

  7. EGMAG says:

    @laiholapso understand what he says <,Of course I understand what he says. However you must “respectfully” admit an alcoholic does ramble on with conjecturing and mixed statements. Would you get brain surgery from an inebriate doctor who brags about inebriation? Huh?

  8. EGMAG says:

    These guys need to look at the allegorical metaphores of theism stories. No one truly takes unatural events as the truth. Moreso they represent teaching and learning tools to keep peace and harmony ONLY when followed without malice and hate or dishonest trickery. That is why beliefs exists. Atheism is a belief also; ie, a belief in disbelief!

  9. Hitchens: “To distinguish the numinous from the supernatural.” Maslow’s peak experience is one way of saying it — being in a small boat on a lake in the Himalayas, looking up and marveling at the mountains, then suddenly the mist and clouds lift, and you were only seeing the foothills, and there are the unspeakable high peaks finally revealed. How dare anyone say that only the religiously dutiful can process that wonder. I don’t want an immediate association to Jesus in my way when I see that.

  10. To have been there — I would happily have just sat on the floor in the corner and refreshed their drinks periodically. It’s so much more immediate than the usual panel discussion on a stage with the mikes. An afternoon for the ages.

  11. AryaNFirE says:

    @socialex Because airplanes have been proven to work. It’s not BLIND faith, it’s earned faith. Atheists are not faithless, of course we believe in people and the abilities of people to do great things. But the blind leap of faith that a god is a necessity in the universe – that’s the one kind of faith we will never have, that faith was never earned and the way religious people talk – it probably never will be.

  12. trs24june says:

    Why is it that an atheist invariably has to descend from one of the 38000+ variants of that disoriented pagan Christ Cult.Didn’t that atheist Greek Jew Paul originated this cult to create a slave system to safeguard Israelite? Didn’t he write a sticky balderdash ‘GOO’ as a cult manual incorporating heavily corrupted old Jewish Books,Hindu ideology and Buddhist scriptures.Over time the GOO began to reek through scientific discovery and your ‘clever mind ‘ forsook God !Search everywhere for Him !

  13. sp69ky88 says:

    Note the contrast:Ive seen students of different religious backgrounds work TOGETHER in a group project to help solve a complex math problem. There is only one right answer, no room for bias or disagreement. Working with impersonal, “non-god related” equations and numbersIve seen student of different religious backgrounds in the same room zealously argue and raise their voice to each other in a world religion class when approaching a topic, unable to come to an agreement.

  14. sp69ky88 says:

    at 13:53. Ohhh how i love this part. The beauty of the scientific method is that it enforces humility so rigorously like he said. If you read any scientific article/journal/report, you will note a passive tone in the wording of it, using words like “relates, suggests, indicates..etc” it leaves open the possibility of error and thus correctiona PROGRESSIVE approach

  15. FuzzzyX says:

    The underlying premise is that experience and observation are two different mindsets. It’s like trying to see the back of your head in a mirror. No matter how fast you spin, you cannot catch it for the moment you look, in that moment it is gone.

  16. FuzzzyX says:

    17:05 Is a measure of all religion, but the essence is of the Tao, but more specifically how we opperate. It doesn’t matter who likes what, that’s aside the fact. All that matters is “what is” and this is a philosophical argument, Parmenides 500BCE, and Platos parabol of the cave. If these people were so wise, then they would not be so upset over how other people live their lives. It’s as if their purpose in life, is to be right, in that they will always be wrong.

  17. @socialex It isn’t faith. It’s fact. Simple physics was used to show how an object could fly, and over the past 100 years it has demonstably been show to work. Faith in God is based purely on ancient texts, of which there are several for each religions, and has never been able to prove anything in the 4000 years or so that they have existed as to their truth. The only thing that I think you could argue an atheist has ‘faith’ in would be humanity.

  18. socialex says:

    It’s amazing to me that people who say they cannot have faith in God because they cannot see Him will still fly in airplanes. Flying requires that you trust your life to two pilots you’ve never met, who are flying over 500 miles an hour in a tin can with wings, built by people you don’t know, and inspected by people you’ve never seen. Even an atheist has enough “faith” to fly in an airplane and trust in the things he wants to trust in

  19. MindfieIds says:

    Belief without evidence and non-contradictory reasoning it`s the way fools and fearing of unknown people make a show off and a way of making themselves feel superior when they really have no reason for that. I think that`s the best point in this discussion. It`s the “science” of the

  20. ASexyChef says:

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  21. Graziella says:

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