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The End of Poverty

Social|05 Mar, 2012|335 Comments |
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Global poverty does not just happen. It started with slavery, military conquest and colonization resulted in the confiscation of land, minerals and forced labor.

Today, the problem persists because of the unjust policies of debt, trade and taxes – in other words, the rich exploit the poor, developing countries.

Renowned actor and activist Martin Sheen narrates the end of poverty, a feature documentary directed by award winning director, Philippe Diaz, explaining how the current financial crisis is a direct consequence of these policies have unanswered lasted for centuries.

Note that 20% of the world’s population uses 80% of its resources and consumes 30% more than the planet can regenerate.

At this rate, to maintain our way of life means more and more people are sinking below the poverty line. Shot in the slums of Africa and the barrios of Latin America, The End of Poverty has views of experts: Nobel Prize in Economics, Amartya Sen and Joseph Stiglitz; acclaimed authors Susan George, Eric Toussaint, John Perkins, Chalmers Johnson, university professors William Easterly and Michael Watts, government ministers and vice president of Bolivia, Álvaro García Linera and leaders of social movements in Brazil, Venezuela, Kenya and Tanzania.

It is produced by Cinema Libre Studio, in collaboration with the Robert Schalkenbach. Can you really end poverty within our current economic system? Think again.

The End of Poverty, 2.8 out of 5 based on 12 ratings
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  1. 4444Werty says:

    @handyandyradio The group I was referring to that has had more power than any group in history is the Jesuits. And they have being subtly taking over this country since the Civil War. I do think this film is put together well and worded very eloquently to appeal to motivate ppl emotionally, but it is being shown to the same ppl who didn’t wake up after 9/11, then ultimately what good will it do.

  2. @kfijatass So FOX, CNN or no other news media or movie uses audio manipulation? If every quote on this movie was taken with the context it would be 18 hours long. Dont you just love all those info bytes on FOX and CNN. yeha noha! The monster will die a slow death , it may take centuries…

  3. kfijatass says:

    This really reminds me of the communist propaganda movies. Really leftist feeling, here. Saying that the free market is corrupt, while posing as the ultimate solution(which is even worse in my opinion) – excellent image and audio manipulation, quotes of great people, often taken out of context, that grant the illusion of legitimacy… ideology of the supreme control over resources…Yep. Feels familiar.

  4. SourRevenge says:

    @Antonia2435 Even if you don’t count multiple views per user, 15 million is nothing compared to 6.9 BILLION. Most people today don’t even realize something is wrong with our current system; from childhood we are reinforced by the media and culture to just accept things the way they are. Hardly anyone today questions the system itself. Unfortunately we won’t begin to see true change until the system collapses, and people are so rudely awakened to the truth they lose faith in the current model. :)

  5. I dont know if anyone was moved as much as i was, if you dont get it i feel pitty for you, every human being should should watch this documentary and we all should stand up to the corporations and the government. they are nothing without us. This documentary has confirmed my belifs and now i can die in peace. After watching this i wonder if i want to have kids in this hellish world. Dont think about just ur self think about everything you will see. This is it people we need to unite and stand up

  6. @R2BCH2It’s not an ad hom. You haven’t actually READ my comments and I called you out on it. You said to point out one inaccuracy; I named four off the top of my head. You said people don’t want more than they need; I blew this up with basic biology. You said RBE isn’t communism; I demolished that with nothing more than a dictionary. Your only defense of TZM has been made of strawmen, false dichotomies, and pretending my points don’t exist.Unplug your ears and pay attention for once.

  7. I consider myself a creative human, i want to do more gardening and maybe start a beehive, live close to the earth. Im not to popular with the ladies though, because i dont play the game, hopefully i could find a like minded woman along my path.

  8. there will always be an economy, so things im doing now, ive boycotted the big banks, i dont owe anyone money, so no debt, i dont support the mainstream media, im not supporting any religious group, i barely watch Teev. Ive boycotted professional sports, the political system is a joke. Im not living a materialistic life. I support organic food asmuch as possible, i support fair trade products, and Non GMO verified foods as much as possible, I support local business as much as possible.

  9. geox555 says:

    @ixiiii watch this movie. it is only 58 sec long watch?v=tUqOxDoCwowthe reason why your expectations are so hight in the others is that you haven’t understanded the crowd way of thinking yet. watch “TZM Global Radio Show Feb 1st ’12 | Host: Neil Kiernan(VTV)” or even better read the book “the crowd – gustave le bon”

  10. R2BCH2 says:

    @ixiiii It’s a symptom of the dumbing down of society. Those who refuse to make an effort to understand factual evidence and educate themselves are the quickest to point fingers at those who do make an effort. Then again when push comes to shove, the ignorant become like the schoolyard bullies that extort their peer’s homework.

  11. Sidionian says:

    Dear PJ: I am very sorry, that every day you have to continue to address these numbskulls, who obtain most of their ‘information’ from the ruling authority’s propaganda machine (TV, Newspapers, Magazines, etc.).I cannot imagine how many times you’ve considering hanging yourself over the pathetic comments & questions you’ve had to repeatedly respond to over the years. All I can say is, please don’t ever give up, because this Planet of the Apes really needs you!

  12. R2BCH2 says:

    @9312699286 Keep working on it. Btw, you can actually find pioneers who have understood what a realistic outlook for the future is. For ex. Elon Musk, Matthias Willenbacher, Maria Skyllas-Kazacos, researchers at MIT etc…. They are out there already today. Underrated still, due to wide unawareness and deliberate ignorance, but they make perfect sense.Another highly recommended documentary: The 4th Revolution – Energy Autonomy

  13. FuManBoobs says:

    @evilpellu Why would you steal something if you could go get it for free? When you want an instrument you want to use it. Not to simply keep it. I have a piano and it’s a pain in the ass taking up so much room and I rarely use it. I can’t sell it as I want to use it every so often. That means I stop others who don’t have a piano from using it. In an RBE I could simply go somewhere to play a piano. No need to keep it. If everyone wanted to use something then lots would be made.

  14. FuManBoobs says:

    @TeunisD Neocon or not, you still butt hurt. Capital letters. Insults. I’d say you won’t be forgetting this movie for a while.Job done. Lucky only about 5% of people react this way. The vast majority seem to be very interested in the ideas presented. The ideas that can and probably will be changed as more people get involved and provide better ideas.

  15. blica1 says:

    @ixiiii also, a little spelling mistake, his name is Alex Jones, with an S not apologies..also, do NOT , and i can’t stress that enough, do NOT believe any of the mainstream media or news coverage..they’re monitored and run by those and in the interest of those who are part of the establishment..CIA,NSA, etc..this is, as i mentioned before, another important tool for the fear mongering, ignorance fueling of society so that stories work in their the research& see for yourself !

  16. blica1 says:

    @ixiiii as the end quote credits state in this film,the revolution is a part of it anyway you can,even if it means alienation or ridicule..not necessarily by family, but by those who are an unwilling part of it,whi i’d like to call “sheeple”..look up Alex Jone and his youtube channel..he’s another important figure and activist in all of this tyranny,& corruption..he’s one of few people the world needs to know about, and when you watch his documentaries you’ll see what i mean..!

  17. blica1 says:

    @ixiiii this is all to keep the establishment machine running at full force..with military invasion of countries with valuable natural resources, set up a false corrupt dictatorship so that there will be a reason to invade that country, get the public behind it under false pretense & propaganda by stating you& your country’s security is at risk of a terrorist attack,..fear mongering, ignorance fueling, the dumbing down of the mass populace,etc..and so on..are all significant tools of the trade.

  18. blica1 says:

    @ixiiii at least you can say, “I TOLD YOU SO” !..i’ve encountered the same problem with family, friends,colleagues,& strangers, some intelligent, some not,some open minded, some not, won’t change the fact that it’s not going to happen, but is already happening..most people in this world are taught,”groomed” if you will, to do as they’re told at work, by any authority or political figure,by law,government policy, etc,..get a job, make money,get a home mortgage,pay taxes,etc.and so on..

  19. blica1 says:

    @ixiiii there’s nothing wrong with what you’re doing..keep showing it and distributing it to people whether they want to listen or watch or’s people like you, me and millions of others that will help perpetuate the message out to our fellow men and women, to at least take it into consideration, because whether they’re ignorant or oblivious,stubborn,or blinded by the crap that the establishment has strewn across this planet like a virus,they’ll find out soon enough..

  20. Old Git Tom says:

    Now we see what rats Ron Reagan & Margaret Thatcher were. Their neocon strategy has been an utter disaster for the world – both objectively, empricially, & judged by the claims they made. They were mouthpieces, propagandists, for the global banks, the bloodsuckers of Wall Street & the City of London. OGT

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