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The Empire in Africa

Military/War|01 May, 2013|3 Comments |
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The rebels who started the civil war in Sierra Leone 15 years ago wanted only one thing: to reclaim the richness of the country from foreign corporations in order to end the exploitation of its people. In response, the international community decided to wage a war on this country, with bombs, executions, torture, rigged elections and manipulation of the international media. This created one of the worst humanitarian disasters of the 20th century.

The Empire in Africa, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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  1. don dubray says:

    WTF these poor people getting killed and those bastard soldiers killing kids,i cant believe the killing i saw on here i hope all those soldiers die for what they have don how does the states or canada just sit buy while this happens mankind makes me sick i hope they all pay for hurting and killing people and shame on all countries for not helping omg those poor people

  2. mike byhoff says:

    Love your stuff.

  3. tabrez says:

    only to know

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