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The Day I Died

Science|05 Dec, 2012|197 Comments |
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This documentary offers an in-depth case studies of near-death experiences as a dramatic true (verifiably accurate) out of body experience, more recent studies, and interpretations of NDEs balanced perspective of both skeptical and “believer” – virtually everything an inquiring mind that the need for an introduction to ECM.

One of the best documentaries made about Near Death Experiences of the BBC. With many senior scientists who have studied near-death experiences and other related incidents.

The BBC has refused to play this documentary, and it is no longer sold as a DVD. I will not be accused of supporting a ‘fringe’ theories.

The Day I Died, 3.7 out of 5 based on 14 ratings
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  1. Teralek says:

    @HigherThanTrump well, I’ve read all that. They didn’t PROVE anything, they assume that her recollections are from periods of brain function. Proof no one has it! And they actually didn’t convincingly explained how could she describe surgical equipment with eyes taped shut… oh well… each one of us just takes things according to out belief system…

  2. @cosmosspring That is what I want to know.. I just read somewhere that what she remembered of the surgery was before unconsciousness and afterwards. I read some skeptic “doctor” debunked the sugery timeline and what she remember would have been before unconsciousness and just afterwards but to her it seemed like during it. My first comment was in hopes people had also read this before on sites and could provide a discussion towards it. I want to believe in this, but I also know the brains tricks

  3. The body is not the container for consciousness, consciousness CREATES the body, and everything else we perceive as physical. The fundamental building block of the universe is not little tiny bits of matter, it is consciousness. The “matter” is a result of consciousness. This is just my OPINION from my observations and experiences.

  4. @lbawop Thx for answering, I also believe this is the only thing believer have left as empirical evidence for an afterlife and that’s why it has drawn so much attention. But I don’t think Arthur C. Clarke was the right person to quote, he believed in a finite existence and eventually was almost entirely skeptical of magic and that quote was in the defense of sciences eventual prevail over everything. Have you ever looked in to Edgar Kayce? Providing he wasn’t lying for attention it’s interesting

  5. Wonderful goods from you, man. I have understand your stuff previous to and you are just extremely excellent. I actually like what you’ve acquired here, really like what you are saying and the way in which you say it. You make it entertaining and you still take care of to keep it smart. I can not wait to read much more from you. This is actually a terrific website.

  6. lbawop says:

    @HigherThanTrump Yes i still do try to answer questions to these videos.. As far as i know no scientists has or can work out what causes NDE.. There are more questions about this sort of thing than answers.. and that is why its on my channel but im not expert on this subject.. This subject is the only thing i know that backs up the claims of people who believe that there is a heaven.. But i like Arthur C. Clarke quote “Magic is only something that science doesn’t understand yet” peace LBA

  7. Hey LBA.. I have a question for you (if you even answer questions any more for this video) to try and help me find some info I may have missed.. In the case of Pam Reynolds interested “debunkers” have shown that her experience wasn’t during flatline EEG but before and after, and she just simply doesn’t remember anything while she was unconscious and she just thought(brain tricked) that it was during unconsciousness.

  8. @ShantifulAngel God doesn’t burn. You have free will. God doesn’t own us, He is like a friend guiding us through this wild jungle. God is a projection of our own godliness, Satan is a projection of our own devilness. We actually create our own hell. God has nothing to do with ignorant people. You CHOOOOOOOOSSSEEE YOURSELF!!

  9. @2007reborn “God does NOT demand anyone to worship him it is our choice” “I am in the most sweetest relationship with God. He never demands anything all” “please seek him before you give your final decision hells real”.. Do you realize how insane that is? God loves me unconditionally but if I don’t love him he will have me burn in hellfire in sheer torture for eternity. Choice? Get real with yourself. What you believe in is a false god. That is NOT a loving God.

    • Adam The Atheist says:

      Why would anyone make such a definite claim about something they cannot possibly be CERTAIN of and attempt to persuade others that it is true. if you ever read this comment i beg you to critically analyze what you believe and WHY you believe it and the reasons you believe your reasons are supportive or even valid to your argument.

  10. your be with god. those stuck in the void which are those still roaming the earth that are called “fallin angles” are just lost soul. they may feel like its an eternity in the void but everyone eventually makes it back to the light.

  11. @2007reborn believing EVERYTHING you read in the bible isnt very safe.. to believe that if somebody that doesnt verbally asset JESUS as there savior is going to hell is so far from the truth. hell isnt a place of fire that is ran by satan. Its called the “void”. when our spirits come out of our body we have to go through the void to reach god. you dont get through the void with the mental knowledge of having jesus as your savior. if you have love and you treated others with love

  12. we all die. and we will all find out the truth when we do. but until then i would stay aware of the energy you put on to the universe. your silly little comments could cause someone sadness that could have been stopped… love to you all

  13. aeternusero says:

    An uncaring and random universe evolves a dying process to comfort animals with consciousness. Why can’t the scientists who think it’s just the firing of cells explain that? Why would nature program this into a brain? Especially if it’s non-intelligent? Must be random, lol.I’m not religious, just pointing out the paradox.

  14. lbawop says:

    @benthejrporter Thank you my friend.. I just want people to open their minds a bit.. There is more out there than we are being told about.. Everything we can see and we know about this universe makes up only 5%, that leaves 95% of the universe that we haven’t got a clue about.. That means to me that everything is possible..Thanks for your commentpeace LBA

  15. autosmash says:

    I’d love to believe this as it fills you with wonder and hope and the theory is incredibly interesting but I can’t help but look at these people and relate them to UFO hunters. When the brain is either starved of oxygen or is preparing to shut down in the anticipation of death, certain chemicals are released within the brain to keep the body in a relaxed state free from the stress of trauma in order to maximize survival chances. I’ve experienced similar delusions inhaling nitrous oxide balloons.

  16. i had done salvia and actually had the exact same experience that a man named Dannion Brinkley had, he was struck by lightning, that was before i even knew who he was, my mom showed me the book he wrote and i read a couple pages then noticed everything he was saying i to had experienced, i am only 7 minutes into the video i don’ t know if it mentions him.

  17. Geense1963 says:

    Pim van Lommel published a book here in the Netherlands about near death experiences. In his book he stated that Pamela Reynolds case was such a convincing experience that later, dr Susan Blackmore had to admit that her doubts about the near death experience were wrong…. We as believers in life after death rest our case….

  18. Severe777 says:

    @flyinv1967 yea, it’s sad really… because people should WANT to believe in the truth and question things. but they don’t (people like you). If it wasn’t for people like you, the Illuminati wouldn’t have a strong grip on humanity like they do now. RELIGIOUS PEOPLE = DUMB.

  19. milami2011ty says:

    My Mom passed away 3 weeks ago, she was truly the most imporant person in my life. I hope she saw my brother and me when she passed, because we were sitting next to her bed in the hospital. She had cancer. She was not alone when she fell “asleep”:(

  20. detached says:

    It seems that life and existence in general are tools the universe uses to experience itself. Consciousness is all that ever was, is, and ever will be. All possibility. At the fundamental level we are made of vibrating energy. Quantum physics has proven this. Our senses give us the illusion of time, space, light and solidity. Outside the constraints of the physical realm you return to all possibility which is why these people report what they encounter at that moment of transition. Cool stuff.

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