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The Chernobyl Disaster – SFD Documentary

Disaster|29 Oct, 2012|26 Comments |
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While running a non routine test on Reactor No. 4 at the Chernobyl Nuclear Plant in Ukraine, a chain reaction (no pun in tended) of serious mistakes cause the core to ultimately meltdown, explode and spill radioactive debris into the surrounding area. Watch this documentary to find out how exactly the core reached it’s critical point, who is to blame and the aftermath of the worst nuclear disaster in human history.

The Chernobyl Disaster - SFD Documentary, 3.0 out of 5 based on 20 ratings
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  1. nothing like keeping the public in dark…!

  2. jfkfutf says:

    Fukushima SFP #4 has started to meltdown water pums went out on the 8th still down containment is falling apart we are all dead this will be a fast killer….enjoy the little time you have left.

  3. alya120993 says:

    my mom died of cancer from the radiation after 20 years when the Chernobyl blow up..and we lived 56 miles from the Chernobyl :/

  4. STORMDAME says:

    Winscale Three Mile Island, Chernobl, Fukushima – All ‘unlikely’ unforeseen accidents. All of them happened. – There will always be unforeseen circumstances and human error. Nuclear power is not safe and I don’t think it ever can be.

  5. TheInkler says:

    there are still more imminent disasters awaiting that are never addressed.such as the unavoidable waste products generated by these plants,they are not saving us any money,it is silly,ridiculous to even be considering keeping these plants in operation,forgotten about 3 mile island already?trust me you are not hearing the whole story about any of these occurrences,in another 10 to 20 years the full impact of this one will start showing up all across europe.

  6. TheInkler says:

    ya,i am sure we are not being told about the future impact this will have on the world either.

  7. TheInkler says:

    until they can 100% deal with any conceivable disaster/accident,and the waste products they generate it is pure folly to be allowing them to be built and operated.< that’s a period

  8. TheInkler says:

    sadly it won’t be the people responsible for these plants that have gotten filthy rich running them that pay for it.

  9. Actually, Japan did account for the possibility of a tsunami hitting Fukushima… just not one as big as the one that hit it.

  10. So did god make the operators fuck up? Sounds like god’s a dick just like you. I hope you both rot.

  11. KennyQuattro says:

    Really? So solar power is not a natural resource and is also finite? Should specify between renewable and non- renewable resources…

  12. floaterHD says:

    solar and wind power are no were near as efficient or powerful as nuclear, today nuclear power is incredibly safe, chernobyl happened because all security systems were shut off, your the fucking brain dead idiot here.

  13. zach craig says:

    do your home work dumb ass we already have solar and wind power so we dont need nuclear. are you fucking brain dead

  14. hankmanGTA says:

    Thank you for your response already got the documentary film :)

  15. jhchouston says:

    “Inside Chernobyl Sarcophagus”

  16. jhchouston says:

    01:02:29 Are those really the 2 largest shovels they could find??

  17. UnitSe7en says:

    1. Breeder reactors are not what’s being discussed in this video. 2. What is so different about a breeder reactor that makes the towers used for anything other than cooling? Stop being a pretentious know-nothing.

  18. mageboi97 says:

    Do you know what a breeder reactor is?… “Do your homework”.

  19. UnitSe7en says:

    Uh, what? How does a reply of “Breeder reactors? lol” at all have anything to do anything?

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