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The Century Of The Self

Political|14 Nov, 2012|86 Comments |
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The century of the self is a ground breaking look into corporate America and how the government used the media to mass manipulate the population.

The Century Of The Self, 3.5 out of 5 based on 11 ratings
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  1. M0SSUP says:

    @CaledoniaProductions Gives you an insight and of course it is the sanitised or official version if you like. Still quite telling though.

  2. M0SSUP says:

    This explains so much, good intentions and all that, wrong hands etc. I think deconditioning is the only way.

  3. MrSvartal says:

    I dont see the irony, in a doc about propaganda its very likely one will see some forms of ‘propaganda’, making a doc about propaganda without showing/exposing any propaganda woundt really work ^^

  4. Daniel Keis says:

    Thanks for putting the whole thing in one single video!

  5. Wow, how ironic! A film about propaganda that’s filled with……PROPAGANDA!

  6. This film focuses on how the work of Sigmund Freud (known as the founding father of psychoanalysis), Anna Freud, and Edward Bernays (known as “the father of public relations” and propaganda) on how they influenced the way corporations and governments have controlled people through TV programming, mass manipulation, propaganda, and consumerism.

  7. Oh give it up. People like you are used to telling those you disagree with that they don’t know anything, but the truth is that you don’t know the half of it.

  8. CitizenBeta2 says:

    I’m with StormClouds the Right & the left are just two side of the same coin. Two groups who feel they know best and have the right to tell everyone else how to live. When they don’t. We need to become members of a community again not subjects of a state, look after each other not depend on the power hungry.States are people farms, just as a farmer provides a vet and food for his cattle doesn’t mean he has their best interest at heart and is not exploiting them for every penny he can get…

  9. MyGnology says:

    lol…you would have just been ignorant if you said this two weeks ago but now you’re just a damned bubble fool without access to reality

  10. Justin Darcy says:

    Totally engrossing documentary. This is a very well researched and balanced look at the incredibly complex relationship between business, politics, and people in the USA and UK. It would seem the next step is to divorce business and politics and re-foster a rational public debate. This has always seemed so obvious to me,and yet this documentary has shown that our leaders have struggled with a very complex problem of how to represent and yet govern the people… “Heavy lies the crown”.

  11. Clausewitzz says:

    Raymond Scott – Portofino 2

  12. The real end of the stupidity will be when people drop this bullshit left / right paradigm. People who think the answer is having one side of this two ring circus dominate agenda are delusional.

  13. Xez2y says:

    wow… I would’ve never ever find it if I was looking for it o.0 Seriously, I was just genuinely interested in the documentary, but the very first song is the song that Teengirl Fantasy sampled on track `now that’s what I call music Vol. 2′ (which I absolutely love). What is it?

  14. RandyBful1 says:

    I know how difficult it is to convince them that they’re eating toxic food. Ask any of the naysayers why corporations spend billions each year, to sociologists and psychologists, who work with the advertising agencies. Never mind – they’ll just deny it.

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  16. tamara says:

    my mother studies psicology and she is going to love this documentary, i watched witth the eyes of someone who studies economics and enjoys politics, and is quite disturbing how right they are, and giving a timeline of americas XX century history and the world situation at those times makes those theories and ideas very much aplicable in the present

  17. Shane says:

    We need to use the same methods described in this movie to promote self sufficiency. Make it sexy to be off the power grid, off the oil, etc. If we had a foundation that had the cash flow to place windmills and solar panels in hollywood blockbuster movie scenes, say, on the house of a successful and powerful man’s house. Start leaching these images into the minds of the public. Thought control or manipulation may be at it’s heart immoral but, also, too powerful to overcome. So, we need to use it for the positive advancement of mankind rather than the advancement of profit vehicles.

  18. Caroline says:

    This was a very amazing doc… its overwhelming how corrupt we truly are and how blind we have always been… I watched zeitgeist just recently and was quite disturbed… but found peace in the knowledge that no… we can not change the goverment or the people who run it… but we do all have power over ourselves… we control what we do and how we feel…

  19. Sean Allen says:

    What a fantastic documentary. Amazing how well this was put together and very eye opening how much like sheep we are, even those aware of the situation. Thanks a million for sourcing the documentary. Would love to have a chat about the content at some stage.

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