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The Cell

Science|14 Oct, 2012|3 Comments |
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In this three-part series of the BBC, Dr. Adam Rutherford tells the extraordinary story of the scientific quest to discover the secrets of the living cell. The first part, The Hidden Kingdom, explores how centuries of scientific and religious dogmas were annulled by the first discoveries of the existence of cells, and how scientists realized that there was, literally, over the life of it seems.

The second part, the chemistry of life, the episode explores how scientists delved deeper into the world of the cell, trying to reveal the magic ingredient that can trigger a set of chemicals in life. Their findings have led us to the brink of being able to create life for ourselves.

The third and final part, The Spark of Life, reveals how knowledge of cells has led us to the brink of one of the most important moments in history. Scientists are close to repeating what has happened only once in four billion years – the creation of a new way of life. Episodes include: The Hidden Kingdom, The chemistry of life, and the spark of life.

The Cell, 4.2 out of 5 based on 9 ratings
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  1. @makemarker Yeah thanks for every thing you done with the military industrial complex, how IG Farben killed so well with its Science Auschwitz was owned by I G Farben, who founded by BASF Bayer and other company’s who people think work for their health lol, scientists are slaves to some of the darkest agendas on this planet right now for the Elite Big Pharmacy supported by the oil companies which produce the allopathic medicines which cure symptoms and not illness

  2. Fun, but tiny inaccuracies (artistic licence?) spoil it a little. The Royal Society wasn’t in that building when the letters arrived from von Leuwenhoeck. (Granted, the building no longer exists, but even so).And …. stuff old scientists? In 1674 the word “scientist” did not exist, and they were hardly stuffy. They were a club of crazy revolutionaries, obsessives, rich nutcases, and so on. Anything but stuffy: they were wildly enthusiastic about all the new information coming in.

  3. RJL738 says:

    This is an eccelant documentary. I think it has been said that the human body broken down into it’s constituent elements the value of all of them seperatly would be at best maybe a dollar or two. But those combinations and then organised into a whole body or part of a body would be infinitely valuable.

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