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The American Dream

Social|17 Aug, 2012|377 Comments |
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The American Dream is a film of 30 minutes of animation that shows how you have been scammed by the most basic elements of governance.

From the author: All Americans are fighting for the American dream, and this film shows why the dream is getting further and further away. Do you know how their money is created? Or how the bank? Why housing prices soar and then step? Do you really know what the Federal Reserve System is and how it affects you every day?

The American Dream is a fun, but hard to hit how the problems we have today are nothing new, and why leaders throughout our history have warned us and fought against the current rate of financial system we have in America today.

You will be challenged to investigate some institutions entrenched and powerful in this nation, and hopefully to help our country back on track.

The American Dream, 2.7 out of 5 based on 10 ratings
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  1. EV1LDC4Teggy says:

    @nekezajebancije Not everyone thought that about Obama. The “awake” ones, who happen to be the same people who supported Ron Paul before 2008, knew right from the get-go that Obama was another puppet. That is an undeniable fact. Now, some who supported Obama have woken up and left the dark side. Which candidate do you think they support now that they too are awake?Ron Paul

  2. aemm56 says:

    @nekezajebancije I see your point.. But I wouldn’t dare compare Ron Paul to Obama.Ron Paul sticks with his views and ideas, and I highly doubt he’d turn out like Obama. He has kept almost all the same ideas since the 80′s. Plus, Ron is the ONLY candidate who has good views and he’s someone we can all count on. I say he’s our only hope right now. If not him, then who?

  3. @aemm56 How about the whole change of the system? We now KNOW that the banks are to blame. Why are we waiting for a president to make it all better? Let’s all demand our money back, etc…Also, JFK was shot… and that brought us more bad presidents. Never mind that he is constantly being depicted as the good guy he was and quoted. He was shot 50 years ago, and things only went to worse.Don’t get me wrong – I actually hope Ron Paul is ‘change’, but that’s what all of us thought about Obama…

  4. puser254 says:

    @79teuton What do you mean calm down? If you know what’s happening, HELP STOP THE MADNESS. Have you emailed the Senators and Representatives and let them know how you feel? Have you spray painted your car in protest? We are in a war. Our liberties are slowly being stripped from us. This is not the time to sit or relax. This is the time to STAND AND TAKE COURAGE. I HATE INJUSTICE WITH A PASSION. SORRY ABOUT THE “FEDERAL RESERVE LOVER DIRTBAG/SCUM BAG. ” I HATE EVIL.

  5. Zecamala1234 says:

    People don’t realize a very important fact…The money never leaves the bank…IT JUST CHANGES HANDS…That’s why the “cartel’ needs a crisis from time to time so they can take the competition out of the picture…THAT’S WHAT THEY NEED, THAT’S WHY THEY HAVE ALWAYS DONE…

  6. This mainly make me thought about the whole money thing as made up, as well as the capitlist redistribution system. It’s sustained by nothing bu fear and trust in it’s effectiveness and safety. And it isn’t even effective and safe alone. We can just work for ourselves, make decision about what we need, apply democracy to decide what the community need.

  7. @babylasjp My point was that it wasn’t a government created bubble as much as it was a goldman sachs created bubble with AIG running smokescreen by insuring these toxic assets. The reality is the banks create these types of inflated numbers by selling futures.

  8. babylasjp says:

    @ctmexperiment When the amount of money in the economy is increased consumption/demand shoots up and therefore prices as well, which makes the currency less valuable (TVM). Banks like any other business respond to incentives.The subprime bubble was created by the government through the creation of fanny mae and freddie mac that made the market look more attractive by flooding it with money (guaranties on loans;…). There was no inflation or bubbles before nixon closed the gold window in 1971.

  9. @babylasjp I’m going to have to disagree with you. If you think this has anything to do with supply and demand, then you’ve already lost. Check out the article called “The Great American Bubble Machine” by Matt Taibbi. Google it. You might enjoy it.

  10. beavis408 says:

    @babylasjp Any economics textbook will refute you. Look up “expected inflation”. In a world without inflation, you might be right, but in the world as it exists, expected inflation causes price increases. i.e., expected Federal Reserve monetary expansion/QE has caused commodity prices to rise. The actual printing of money has nothing to do with it, it’s central banking and fractional reserve banking which in practice operates by electronic credits to a bank’s ledger when the Fed buys bonds.

  11. magusn27 says:

    @Itsthemusic819 We start when we get rid of those useless dushbags in Congress! America is the key to changing the paradigm. America has to break of ties with Israel, Israel has nothing to do with the Judaic Jews. Israel is the rogue nation that uses America to do all of its dirty work! Not all zionists in Israel are evil. there is a strong contingency of peaceful Israelis who are trying to turn the tide! I never thought I would see the day that this would happen.

  12. babylasjp says:

    @79teuton Hilarious, but unfortunately you seem poorly educated just as the ones who created such a ridiculous movie, which is covered in hundreds of major mistakes. The major one being that in the movie prices increase before money is printed which simply defies the very basic law of supply and demand. This already makes the rest of this so-called movie fundamentally wrong. I cannot begin to explain the actual problem if you do not know such basic economic law.

  13. puser254 says:

    This is so good. Finger licking good man. Applause Applause to the creators and the Artist. Two thumbs up plus two big toes up. Evil is constantly trying to rise up. We must be vigilant. Wow. This just opened my eyes even more. FEDERAL RESERVE BANK SCUM DIRT BAGS. YOU WILL REAP WHAT YOU SOW.

  14. puser254 says:


  15. 79teuton says:

    Yes, the central banks are controlled by very few individuals. But you give them too much credit, they have willfully ignorantly succumbed to their own greed. We have a complex system, the economic and financial.. no one really understands how the whole derivative market is fully put together, not even the bankster architects. And this complex system requires exponential growth which is impossible in the finite world. We’ll see some sort of change for better or worse in our lifetimes.

  16. 79teuton says:

    @Kollnadar Because many of us grew up learning instant gratification from our boomer parents is one reason we willingly become debt slaves. It’s been crammed down our throats to consume on credit, enjoy now pay later. Maybe Asians are more suited to staying out of debt because of greater self discipline which allows one to save for the wants in life instead of using plastic.

  17. @delyparker777 Yes, and serious judgment is soon to come upon our nation for abandoning God and going our own way. To learn what will happen, watch the videos by one of God’s prophets, Chuck Youngbrandt:Chuck Youngbrandt – God’s Warning to America (Part 1 of 4)

  18. @79teuton, the banking cartel. That means the Rockefellers, Rothschilds, Astors, Bundy’s and the other Illuminati Bloodlines. They control and own almost ALL of the central banks on this planet and they ON PURPOSE are destroying the world economy. Money is only a means of exchange; nothing more or less. WE can go back to gold, silver, print up our own money debt free and interest free and kick the central banksters out just like Jesus did to the money changers in the temple. (Con’t)

  19. 79teuton says:

    @79teuton in an interview with Zarlenga in his book “The Magic of Money”. Schacht was the currency commissioner of the Weimar Republic during that time. This is not in your textbook, you must find it yourself. The Nazis came to power after this total economic collapse in 1933 and rose like a phoenix through the ashes because it decided to issue it’s own money, without gold and without debt, and it took the whole Capitalist and Communist world to destroy Germany and bring Europe back under

  20. 79teuton says:

    @delyparker777 The short selling of the mark financed by lavish loans from the private Reichsbank (like the U.S. Federal Reserve) ultimately resulted in the Weimar hyperinflation. However the Germans did make themselves vulnerable to the external attack by trying to inflate away the crushing reparations payments imposed on them at the Treaty of Versailles. The mark’s dramatic devaluation began soon after the Reichsbank was “privatized”. This is the account given by Hjalmar Schacht

  21. NurwahidaMakmur says:

    Hi Mike,I’ve learned to take Fox as selrousiy as Judge Judy and Jerry Springer. Did you know that at one point there was a dodad being sold that was specifically designed to filter out Fox News from cable feeds? Funny, but true. :-) Namaste,

  22. Chipo says:

    Posted on Its just wonderful to see how three best frnides wind up in a storythats just so complicated and poetic. I was amazed by the outcome ofevery situation and I think there should be more movies like this one.Even the music was perfect for the movie. I also really like it whenthe makers put something useful to know in the movie and in this one,they certainly did, but what I liked most is that the piece that themouse (or rat) played in the story, without it, the movie would havebeen less meaningful and I think its really great that people can comeup with these things to put in their movie which completes it without it, the film wouldnt have been the same. great piece ofwork

  23. Tino says:

    koselig bilde! fellesioneffekten har jeg hatt om ff8r, har me5ttet ha en del kjemi i mitt sidute. :) jeg gleder meg ogse5 veeldig til jul. da kommer kje6resten hjem fra kina, jeg kommer hjem fra norge, og fe5r nytte5rsaften med ham! da er det over fem me5neder siden vi har sett hverandre, se5 jeg skjf8nner det med avstandsforhold og savn godt, kan du si. jul feires hjemme! :)

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