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That’s Greece

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This short documentary is really good attempt by the British Hellenic Chamber of Commerce (BHCC) when they presented this at their Annual Conference in London on 28 June 2011 to dispel many of the myths and common misconceptions surrounding Greece and it people.

It is really pertinent in 2012 because the economic situation in Greece has deteriorated…but the underlying principles and messages outlined in this short documentary/presentation hold true to this day (bar the statement on peaceful protesting perhaps).

Greece is a timeless country and the beauty of the country and it’s people will remain as it has done over the previous centuries of torrid times.

The documentary goes a long way to dispel many of the commonly held myths and beliefs and it does so in a very creative and simplistic way..which again is aligned to the Greek people themselves.

The Greeks work more average hours than many of the leading European countries.

They have invested heavily in new and modern technology and infrastructure.

Greek exports have increased by approaching one third and they ave a wealth of natural resources which can be developed to bring them out of the difficulties they currently face through the fault…not of their people but the people in power at the head of government.

They have almost infinite sunshine giving immense potential for solar power generation. They have the constant Aegean winds for wind power and the potential with such a massive coastline for further power production… Green sustainable energy is required not just in Greece but around the world.. Greece also has a wealth of Natural Gas resource which is not fully exploited yet.

Even though tourism was predicted to RISE by 20% in 2011 it probably fell somewhat due to the general economic world recession and in some small way due to the unrest in Greece in general. The fact remains that Greece is such a beautiful place, with beautiful people and beautiful weather that despite what politics dictate Greece as a whole will continue to be a dream destination for any tourist.

great holiday destinations and a plethora of things to do see and visit again dispel many of the common myths. I myself have just returned from spending 4 months researching for a travel site and was simply enthralled by the country and will certainly be back there within the year.

The music in the documentary is nicely in keeping with the flavour of the message being presented…views of magnificent blue flag beaches and wonderful museums and ancient ruins complement the key message at the end of the documentary.

the Greeks are resilient and WILL come through this latest bout of dis-rest and economic uncertainty.

If you wish to understand more about the work of the British Hellenic Chamber of Commerce (BHCC) go to their site here

Another relevent documentary covered here on Documentarytube is to be found here




That's Greece, 2.4 out of 5 based on 18 ratings
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  1. .Oι γερμανοί λένε ότι εμείς οι έλληνες είμαστε τεμπέληδες!!!Πάνε καλά οι άνθρωποι?? Και θά’πρερε να ντρέποντε για εκείνο που καναν με την Αφροδιτη της μύλου (που βάλαν το κολοδαχτιλο)τον εαυτό τουσ ξεφτιλιζουν ετσι .Δεν κοιτανε τα δικα τους τα χαλια.Εμας κοροί’δέβαν όταν χρεωκοπησαμε ομως αυτοι συνεχίζουν να μας χρωστάνε τα λεφτα που δανίστηκαν απο εμάς τους Ελληνες στην κατοχή..Και συνεχώς βρύσκουν γελίες δικιολογίες για να μην τα επιστρέψουν πίσω.

  2. greek love all the world.politics is the problems brothers….italy we are brothers!:)))

  3. Amazing beautiful countryGreetings from Ottoman Empire

  4. Anima Spei says:

    Greeks fathers of Europe. Europe father of occident. You are just having temporal failiures, I know your importance for the existance of my way of life, laws and culture =)

  5. Xarris louk says:


  6. how can you known what ancient Greeks could see what Greece is now?you cant..dont do rediculus comments plz

  7. TravGreece says:

    Greeks kneel only to rest…it greek rest run and hide…

  8. TravGreece says:

    Α ρε πατρίδα…

  9. kompikos says:

    Why that hate against Greece? German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, has already answered in his book “The Birth of Tragedy”:”Almost every era and cultural stage has at some point sought in an profoundly ill-tempered frame of mind to free itself of the Greeks, because in comparison with the Greeks, all their own achievements, apparently fully original and admired in all sincerity, suddenly appeared to lose their color and life and shriveled to unsuccessful copies, in fact, to caricatures.”

  10. antigoni401 says:

    Love you Italy i come 2 times beautful country and people!!!!!!

  11. Gretanor says:

    Thank you!!Good luck against England today!!I hope you win the cup :)

  12. te amo ! : ) Greeting from Greece!

  13. AngelosBoug says:

    ειμαι σιγουρος πως δεν εισαι ελληνας

  14. emilysfa16 says:

    Proud to be greekGo Greece

  15. we are , say hi to Ezio from me !

  16. lol u are so smart !!! keep on believing what the media tell u ….. its gonna be ur time soon enough

  17. goldman sucks and banks ruin the civilized world my friend….. its not your fault that u dont know things the way they are ….. your country the media and the goverment of ur country through ur “education ” system taught u that….. its normal to believe u are right but before u go around showing of do ur own personal research and dont believe what anyone tells u…

  18. elia sne says:

    Hope proud Greece will go throu this bs as fast as possible…was in Greece once – felt in love with it forever. And European countries who say Greece needs to step out of EU union etc…arent you a fking union that supposed to help each other out or rats leaving ship before it is even sinking? . …esp countries like Czech Republic and Poland…who the fuck needs their oppinions on anything -_-Much love from Russia.

  19. bougpan88 says:

    We are not your enemies….people are not enemies…Only some rich people who have lost their love and their values see us as enemies and they try to make you see us like that.These people only care about their money and their influences in the goverments…They care only about power and dominance…You will gain nothing by listening to them.Just close your televisions and dont believe a shit of what they talk about because all of them are influenced by these rich people…

  20. PCEliT1ST says:

    That’s for sure… Una Faccia Una Razza, brah!

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