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Inside DEMO Africa 2012

Economics, Technology | 24 May, 2013 | 43 Comments

The inaugural DEMO Africa event took place last October 24-26, 2012 in Nairobi, Kenya. It provided a platform for 40 of the most innovative technology products from companies across the African continent with the opportunity to launch before a global audience of investors, media, strategic buyers, C-level executives and other entrepreneurs. This was the first time ever[...]

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Evacuate Earth – Full National Geographic Documentary

Science | 25 Feb, 2013 | 1 Comment

The Earth is doomed. How do we evacuate the entire population of mankind? What challenges lie ahead? Were can we go to & how long does it take to get there? How will we survive? Who will we trust to keep us alive?   This documentary looks at the technology needed to evacuate earth and how current[...]

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Pornography: The Secret History of Civilisation

History, Sexuality | 05 Dec, 2012 | 1 Comment

The six animated episodes playful take into account what is in the minds of people more easily supported, and has been an important, though often maligned world culture since man could think of these things. This documentary is an elegant and orderly chronological account of erotic images to categorize the episodes from the earliest history[...]

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The Machine That Made Us

Science | 01 Dec, 2012 | 1 Comment

Stephen Fry scrutinizes the story behind the making of the first media entrepreneur, Johann Gutenberg, who is also the inventor of the Printing press, in this documentary titled The Machine That Made Us. Fry undertakes to find out how and why did Gutenberg do it and involves historical as well as practical references. To find out[...]

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The Genius Sperm Bank

Science | 01 Dec, 2012 | No Comments

Robert Klark Graham, an American millionaire optometrist, in order to save the world from the threat that genetic decline poses, tried to create a breed of highly gifted people and the result was ‘The Genius Sperm Bank’, officially named as the Repository for Germinal Choice. He tried to keep his operations covert by using an underground[...]

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Future Life On Earth

Science | 28 Nov, 2012 | 8 Comments

What will our future? Floating cities, with flights to working and traveling in vehicles capable of operating underwater? And how will advance the technology to make use of our natural resources to feed our growing population in areas such as food, water and electricity?

The fog was filled skies will be more, because fewer of us[...]

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Modern Marvels: Carbon

Science | 27 Nov, 2012 | No Comments

Carbon atoms are not only the building blocks of all life forms including human beings, but also serve to be the keystone of modern technology. Properties and specific characteristics of carbon determines how a simple element burns hotter, cuts deeper, dies harder, insulates more thoroughly, and absorbs more fully than any other material. It can be[...]

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Building Gods

Science | 27 Nov, 2012 | No Comments

The issue of an awaiting greater-than-human artificial intelligence and the possible ramifications is being addressed in this film by Ken Gumbs. Different individuals with different backgrounds including a theologian, a philosopher, a brain builder and a cyborg, are interviewed on the subject, in the course of which a wide spectrum of topics are discussed, including[...]

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Science | 18 Nov, 2012 | 5 Comments

This documentary is co-produced by James Bamford, an investigative journalist and the best-selling author of ‘The Puzzle Palace’ and Emmy Award-winning producer Scott Willis. It follows the secret undertakings of The US and The USSR, who were both running parallel space programs so as to launch military astronauts on spying missions prior to the race[...]

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Smartest Machine on Earth

Science | 05 Nov, 2012 | 2 Comments

Smartest Machine on earth is an example of a geeky-brainiac means of cross promotion, providing a background to Jeopardy showdown, which was to happen the next week, between Ken Jennings, Brad Rutter and Watson; KEN Jennings is the one whose face Alex Trebec was completely sick of, Brad rutter was the winner of the most[...]

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Earth Story

Science | 01 Nov, 2012 | 11 Comments

Earth story unties the secrets of our planet and brings a real like experience. Technology overcame the limitation of camera, the latest animation techniques were used which brought a life like experience of the scientific discovery and a comprehensive history of life and of the planet. This documentary series was made in a span of 3[...]

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The Future of Food

Health | 28 Oct, 2012 | 35 Comments

‘The Future of food’ is an eye-opener, critically investigating the impact of the unlabeled, patented, genetically engineered food products that are predominantly being consumed by unsuspecting Americans every single day since the last ten years. Experts consider this trend alarming because of the health implications, unscrupulous government policies and extreme push towards globalization. T his film, shot[...]

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An Inconvenient Truth .. almost

This is a short video which is not quite aligned with the documentary by Al Gore found here.... but it does merit a quick look just to lighten you up!! It is a wry look at the way advancements in technology have dramatically transformed the video gaming revolution. It's light and has been really[...]

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The Virtual Revolution

Science | 11 Oct, 2012 | No Comments

In this documentary Dr Aleks Krotoski looks at how 20 years after the invention of the World Wide Web, every aspect of our lives is being influenced. The web’s biggest names – including the founders of Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Apple and Microsoft, and the web’s inventor have joined her to explore how far the web has[...]

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