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Cryonics: Death in the Deep Freeze
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The documentary Cryonics: Death in the Deep Freeze, takes on a controversial theme of Cryonics. The film presents cryonics as an insurance policy for people who die before any significant development ...

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Solar Power Revolution – Here Comes the Sun
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Solar PV systems have now made a massive leap in the energy generation field. We have always been hunter gatherers but now it is more hunting for energy and fuel to produce this energy…fossil fuels ...

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Great Planes: Boeing 747 and 777
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"GREAT PLANES appraises The Boeing 747 – an aviation marvel that stirred the uprising in the passenger air transport segment.This documentary provides us with never before seen footage of the evolut...

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TimeLine – A Brief Introduction To The History Of Timekeeping Devices
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A short, animated documentary on how time has been measured in the past, and how we measure it now. The film walks you through the timeline of people and inventions that kept track of time.

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The Story of English
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An English Speaking World is said to explore the development of modern English, and it illustrates English as the language of choice for technology, diplomacy, business and popular culture for many na...

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Aaron Swartz: Shape the Internet
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Aaron Hillel Swartz was born on November 8, 1986 and died onJanuary 11, 2013.He was an American computer programmer, entrepreneur,writer, a political organizer and Internet ‘hacktivist’ who wa...

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The Universe: Beyond The Big Bang
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A documentary that explores how humanity came to understand the universe and its origins in the Big Bang.Since the first people who looked at the sky and wondered about the nature ...

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The Light Bulb Conspiracy
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The Light Bulb Conspiracy is a documentary that examines how companies undertake Planned Obsolescence, which is the deliberate shortening of product life spans. This as the movie a...

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Time Travel Documentary
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This documentary challenges all scientific theories to explore the possibility of time travel. The figures, numbers, timescales, speeds, quantities and sizes are simply staggering ...

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Download: The True Story of the Internet
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This documentary is about the technological, cultural, commercial and social revolution that has drastically and fundamentally changed our lives forever; this is a story in which ...

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