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Is Alcohol Worse Than Ecstasy?
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‘Is Alcohol Worse Than Ecstasy?’ takes a scientific look towards the current ranking system of drugs.In a surprising outcome, alcohol, solvents and tobacco (all unclassified drugs) are rated more ...

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10 Things You Need to Know About Losing Weight
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This documentary is concerned with obesity, the health issuesthat accompany it and several methods of weight loss. The purpose of thisdocumentary is to give you an insight into this widespread iss...

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The Sacred Science
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From producer Nick Polizzi, this incredible documentary follows 8 people with life-threatening disease into the Amazon for a month-long ‘healing’ from local tribes people who claim to know of spec...

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At the beginning of Religulous, Bill Maher shows a bar graph illustrating the number of people in America who are not religious. That figure is 16% more than blacks, more than Jews, more numerous othe...

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Is Everything We Know About The Universe Wrong?
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There is something very strange happens in space – something that should not be possible. It’s as if large parts of the world are being ravaged by a huge and invisible celestial vacuum. Sasha Kasl...

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Bill Gates - How a geek changed the world
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The Money Programme's Fiona Bruce gains exclusive access to Bill Gates as he prepares to step down from full-time involvement with Microsoft, the company he helped found. Gates's company has changed t...

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There are many psychopaths in society, in fact, practically know nothing. These are not necessarily psychopaths who commit murder, commit acts of serious violence, or even come to ...

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01 Nov 2012 – Update: this documentary is currently for preview only (sorry). Full version can be bought here. Narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio, this captivating documentary explore...

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How Does Your Memory Work?
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One of the most interesting aspects to the human brain is the ability to remember, and more specifically beyond remembering language or shopping lists, to ‘travel’ back in time...

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Future of the Earth
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The biological and geological future of the Earth can be extrapolated based upon the estimated effects of several long-term influences. These include the chemistry at the Earth's...

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