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Solar Power Revolution – Here Comes the Sun
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Solar PV systems have now made a massive leap in the energy generation field. We have always been hunter gatherers but now it is more hunting for energy and fuel to produce this energy…fossil fuels ...

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Derek Tastes of Ear Wax
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This documentary examines the fact that perhaps one in every hundred people suffer from a mixture of the senses. Imagine if every time you saw someone called Derek you got a strong taste of wax in you...

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The Murder of Fred Hampton
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The Murder of Fred Hamptonbegan as a film portrait of Hampton and the Illinois Black Panther Party, but half way through the shoot, Hampton was murdered by Chicago policeman.‘The Murder of Fred Hamp...

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David Bowie - Sound and Vision
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A documentary, which takes you on a journey of Bowie's revolutionary career, struggle with his personal life and his achievements and successes. Features interviews with Bowie, Iman his wife, his musi...

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Einstein’s Equation Of Life and Death
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In the summer of 1939, Albert Einstein was on holiday in a small tourist town on the tip of Long Island. His quiet summer, however, was about to be destroyed by a visit from an old friend and colleagu...

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The Protestant Revolution
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The historian Tristram Hunt explores how Protestantism has affected the lives of people in the Protestant revolution. This is a story of a revolution that has affected all people in the West, and almo...

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[Anonymous] “We Are Legion – The Story of the Hacktivists” [2012]
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"Hackers take on the big boys… Anonymous nameless faces have a major impact on how the internet is used and wish to show that they wish the freedom of speech, specifically on the...

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The Story of Science: Power, Proof and Passion
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For thousands of years we struggled with the great questions of existence. Who are we? What is the world made of? How did we get here? The quest to answer these is the history of s...

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The Chemical Generation
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This documentary covers the acid house, rave and club culture revolution in the UK and of course the chemical Methylenedioxymethamphetamine or ecstasy. This era inspired the film ...

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Seven Ages of Britain
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Seven Ages of Britain is a BBC television documentary series written and presented by David Dimbleby.The series covers the history of the largest art and artifacts Britain over the...

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