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Did Aliens Build the Pyramids?
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All across the planet there are huge stone memorials. Nearly everybody knows they were made thousands of years ago by prehistoric man.Nonetheless could virtually everyone be mistaken about the pyramid...

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Bizarre Breeding – Weird Nature Documentary
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An unusual and intriguing look into strange breeding behaviors in the world around us. This thirty minute long documentary goes through some of the most unbelievable breeding acts on both land and in ...

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National Geographic: Down to the Earth’s Core
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"Learn about what is going on under your feet as National Geographic plunges into Earth’s depths to reveal the history of our world and what is below us.This documentary includes info on how the ear...

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Alien Beings Visiting Earth and Living in Society
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Ever thought about aliens amongst us? What would aliens do if they visited our planet? Many of us can admit that this kind of questions popped into our heads. Usually these questions come answerless b...

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UFO Europe : National Geographic
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Are we finally a step closer to understanding the great unknown and what it may – or may not – hold? You've heard tales of little green men from other planets but none of us know the truth since t...

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The Life of Birds
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Another series of the causes of Blue Planet: Seas of Life. This is the definitive series on the creatures most colorful, popular and perfectly adapted to the Earth. The Life of Birds traverses the gl...

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The Moon, the Tides and Neil DeGrasse Tyson
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The moon, the tides and Neil deGrasse Tyson why Colbert is God is the real title of this interview.Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson is director of the Hayden Planetarium in New Y...

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Earth Story
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Proclaiming the new period of advanced TV, this unbelievable BBC narrative was one of the first significant projects to introduce the newtime, in 1998. Aubrey Manning takes viewe...

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The Living Edens
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The planet Earth is still home to places so pure that have become precious memories of how everyone – the ancient Earth, with no time – once seemed.From the icy mountains of De...

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Cocaine Submarines
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Colombian traffickers are using a new secret weapon smuggling cocaine north – drug submarines.Up to 30 meters long and almost impossible to detect, are capable of delivering seve...

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