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How to Kill a Human Being

Strange | 16 Jan, 2013 | 3 Comments

Former Conservative MP, Michael Portillo pushes his body to the brink of death in an investigation into the science of execution. As the American Supreme Court examines whether the lethal injection is causing prisoners to die in unnecessary pain Michael sets out to find a solution which is fundamentally humane. To do this, he examines the[...]

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The Day I Died

Science | 05 Dec, 2012 | 197 Comments

This documentary offers an in-depth case studies of near-death experiences as a dramatic true (verifiably accurate) out of body experience, more recent studies, and interpretations of NDEs balanced perspective of both skeptical and "believer" - virtually everything an inquiring mind that the need for an introduction to ECM. One of the best documentaries made about Near[...]

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