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Monitor Me

Health, Media | 19 Aug, 2013 | 2 Comments

Touting this theory as the way we're going to live longer, Monitor Me looks into the new world of health and lifestyle monitoring apps and gadgets. With smartphones, we now have apps that monitor what we eat, when we sleep, how we exercise and even how we sit. Doctors are now telling people to use[...]

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Full Signal

Activism, Technology | 20 Mar, 2013 | 1 Comment

Since 1997 & the onset of mobile phones, more and more cellular antennas have been popping up in neighborhoods all around the world to support an ever-growing number of mobile phone users. In fact they have become so normal in some parts of the world that they disappear into the landscape with the same subtlety as[...]

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Prescription for Disaster

Health | 21 Nov, 2012 | 1 Comment

‘Prescription for Disaster’ is a documentary film investigating the symbiotic relationships between the pharmaceutical industry, the FDA, lobbyists, lawmakers, medical schools, and researchers, and the impact this has on consumers and their health care. It explores the consequences we, as a society face because of the way business and health treatment works today. The film highlights[...]

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Blood and Guts: A History of Surgery

Health | 03 Nov, 2012 | No Comments

This documentary series by Michael Mosley takes a closer look at the brutal, bloody and precarious history of surgery. This five-part series maps out the history of surgery through its catastrophes and successes. 1. Into the Brain. This part reveals how the art and science of brain surgery making it a life-saving discipline today, has evolved[...]

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Making A Killing: The Untold Story of Psychotropic Drugging

‘Making A Killing: The Untold Story of Psychotropic Drugging’ is the story of big money-drugs that fuel a $330 billion psychiatric industry, without a single cure. This documentary film contains more than 175 interviews with lawyers, mental health experts, the families of victims and the survivors themselves, exposing the way in which the disease as[...]

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The Marketing of Madness: Are We All Insane?

Health | 10 Oct, 2012 | No Comments

The Marketing of Madness, is a three part documentary that brings to the fore the nexus between psychiatry and drug companies which are hand in glove in exploiting the patients suffering from mental disorders.

The documentary presents a real story about the $80 billion profit earned by the psychiatry and drug companies which go on building[...]

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The Business of Being Born

Health | 27 Sep, 2012 | No Comments

The documentary film, the Business of Being Born produced by Ricki Lake discusses the different experiences faced by women during child birth in US. The documentary talks about the various methods of childbirth. The film depicts the life of a midwife Cara and the risk and responsibilities that her work entails. The film offers a serious[...]

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Big Bucks, Big Pharma: Marketing Disease and Pushing Drugs

Health | 22 Sep, 2012 | No Comments

‘Big Bucks, Big Pharma’ is a shocking documentary exposing the sinister ways in which the the multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical industry uses, manipulates and sometimes even creates illnesses for making profits. They work with the close cooperation of doctors and media to market these seemingly normal harmless prescribed drugs to insusceptible audiences. This investigative documentary challenges the[...]

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What in the World are they Spraying?

A documentary investigating chem-trails; the bio-engineering method adopted by governments to 'apparently' help with the issue of global warming.

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The Truth About Vitamins

Health | 18 Sep, 2012 | 1 Comment

Everyday millions of people take vitamin supplements. But the question is are they any good. Sure our bodies need vitamins but is supersaturating ourselves with these vitamins really good for us? This documentary proposes that vitamin supplements are not all that they are reported to[...]

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Consuming Kids

Social | 14 Sep, 2012 | No Comments

Children who eat sheds light on practices in desperate need of a relentless marketing machine of billions of dollars now sells for children and their parents everything from junk food and violent video games and educational products fake family car. Based on the ideas of health professionals, child advocates, and industry, the film focuses on the[...]

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Food Matters

Health | 10 Sep, 2012 | 2 Comments

‘Food Matters’ is a controversial documentary made by the Producer-Directors James Colquhoun and Laurentine ten Bosch, which focuses on how the modern society is getting sicker by the day as a consequence of treating already malnourished bodies with nutritionally-depleted foods, chemical additives and our pharmaceutical drugs. The film highlights and challenges our existing thought-processes that we[...]

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10 Things You Need to Know About Losing Weight

Health | 31 Aug, 2012 | 9 Comments

"This documentary discusses the issue of weight loss. Every year millions of people in Britain try to lose weight, and most fail. The film talks about how we continue to hear advices on the need to reduce weight and the dieting and the latest slimming fads doing the rounds. But what really works? In this[...]

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Health: Body Builders

Science | 27 Aug, 2012 | 21 Comments

Bodies can be built in a lab? This research is not something that could happen in the distant future. It is being used today to growfresh organs, opening new avenues for studying the disease and the immune system and reduce the need for organ transplants.

Organ culture, the labs are popping up all over the planet,[...]

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