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History of Christianity in Abkhazia

Religion | 14 Jun, 2013 | 1 Comment

The History of Christianity in Abkhazia is the story of churches, monuments, monasteries and ancient biographies of saints that shaped the Christian religion in Abkhazia. The film combines stories of the past, and stunning videography to tell a short, but interesting story. Directed by: Sergei[...]

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Demons and Gods From the Ancient World

Religion | 09 Apr, 2013 | 4 Comments

The story of a number of Ancient Demons and Gods including beezlebub, djinn, lamia, baal, satan, witchcraft, and more ancient mythology from around the world Though slightly bias, from a Christian view, this film alludes that ancient gods were real, but may have been demons and not the true God. This documentary also looks at the history[...]

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A Lion Called Christian

Nature, Strange | 12 Feb, 2013 | 3 Comments

A heartbreaking story about a lion who was raised by humans, by the friends John Rendall and Ace Bourke. This lion got too big for them, so they put him in the wilderness. One year later they decided to visit him in Africa where he was put. Scientists said that lions would never remember their[...]

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A History of God

Religion | 02 Dec, 2012 | No Comments

Based on the acclaimed book by Karen Armstrong, this feature-film guides viewers along one of the most difficult tasks of mankind. More than 4,000 years, followers of the monotheistic religions of the world have struggled with the question of God. This extraordinary feature film, based on Karen Armstrong's acclaimed book of the same name, traces that[...]

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Why I Am No Longer a Christian

Religion | 30 Nov, 2012 | No Comments

In an ongoing series of short films, YouTube video publisher Evid3nc3 tells of his life as a born again Christian, why he decided to deconvert, and why he is now an atheist. He talks about his growing up in the church, the mental struggle of wanting to leave his family's faith, what he believes in the[...]

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Secret Files of the Inquisition

Religion | 21 Nov, 2012 | 1 Comment

Episode one of  a series; Based on previously secret documents unpublished European Archives including the Vatican secret archives of the Inquisition unveils the incredible true story of 500 years of struggle of the Catholic Church to remain the world's only true Christian religion. Shot in high definition, this series of runs 4 hours of medieval[...]

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Mapping Stem Cell Research: Terra Incognita

Science | 15 Nov, 2012 | 32 Comments

Mother cell research mapping: Terra Incognita puts a human face on this controversial subject. When the daughter of Dr. Jack

Kessler neurologist injured his spine in a skiing accident, who directed their energies toward finding a method to repair damaged spinal cords, re-focusing his research on the development of cell therapy embryonic stem cells to regenerate[...]

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The Big Silence

Religion | 14 Nov, 2012 | No Comments

Abbot Christopher Jamison, a Benedictine monk, believes he can teach five normal people the value of silent meditation, as practiced by monks in monasteries, so you can make part of their daily lives.

Establishing a three-month experiment to test whether the ancient Christian tradition of silence can become part of modern life.

Christopher brings the five volunteers[...]

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For the Bible Tells Me So

Religion | 18 Oct, 2012 | No Comments

We meet five Christian families, each with a gay son or lesbian. Parents talk about their marriages and go to church, the childhood of their children and go out, their reactions and changes over time. The stories told by these nine parents and four adult children alternate with talking heads - Protestant and Jewish theologians -[...]

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The Most Hated Family in America

Religion, Social | 04 Oct, 2012 | 119 Comments

Louis Theroux the acclaimed British reporter follows the "Westboro Baptist Church" or The Most Hated Family in America. This church takes evangelicalism to a new extreme. Known for the infamous "God Hates Fags" signs and protests. The family is also known for going to US soldiers funerals and celebrating. This documentary is a disturbing look[...]

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Religion | 29 Sep, 2012 | 176 Comments

At the beginning of Religulous, Bill Maher shows a bar graph illustrating the number of people in America who are not religious. That figure is 16% more than blacks, more than Jews, more numerous other minority groups who seem to have no problem making themselves heard and getting Congress to do his bidding. Maher wonders[...]

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Protestant Reformation

History, Religion | 22 Sep, 2012 | 7 Comments

This BBC documentary summarizes and explains one of the most pivotal points in western history; The Reformation. After creating a sect of the Christian church Martin Luther created years and years of violence and bloodshed, in fact most European wars after The Reformation where brought in part if not solely due to the different sects[...]

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All God’s Children

Religion | 21 Sep, 2012 | No Comments

Through the eyes of three families, the children of God tells the personal story of the first boarding school for children of missionaries to be investigated for abuses at the hands of the colleagues of missionary parents. The survivors and parents share their journey of seeking justice, redemption and healing.

Families Beardslee, Darr and left Shellrude[...]

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Return to Africa’s Witch Children

Religion | 24 Aug, 2012 | 1 Comment

A history of an estimated 15,000 children in Niger Delta Africa being denounced by Christian pastors, like witches and wizards and killed, tortured or abandoned by their families. Two and a half years, Ellin is a child like this. It is located on the side of the road, his body having been severely burned by boiling[...]

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