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Women Cage Fighting

Sport | 30 Jul, 2013 | 1 Comment

Cage Fighting, or Mixed Marshal Arts (MMA), is a sport that is skyrocketing in its popularity, gaining millions of fans around the world each year. When people thing of MMA, they think of two men fighting in a 'cage', but the female fighters are growing in numbers and popularity. This documentary follows two British women, both[...]

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Half Past Autumn: The Life and Work of Gordon Parks

Art | 07 Mar, 2013 | 2 Comments

Gordon Parks is seen as one of the most prolific & diverse artists in America. A well known photographer, poet, writer, composer and filmmaker, Parks's artistic vision knows is endless. This candid portrait of the artist is a journey through the turning points in America's social history, punctuated by Parks' seminal works and his unique ability to[...]

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All Wars are Banker Wars

Conspiracy | 15 Feb, 2013 | 2 Comments

All Wars Are Bankers’ Wars: This documentary film explores the central banking's connection behind America’s wars. Direct quotes from the founders, presidents, and other world leaders are cited regarding each of the major wars America was involved in, beginning with the American Revolution, King George III and Benjamin Franklin, and culminating with a warning and[...]

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The Global Food Crisis & Bernanke’s Recipe for Disaster

Economics | 16 Dec, 2012 | 2 Comments

What happens when America's 'just-in-time' food distribution system collides with drought, followed in turn by massive price inflation as the dollar is printed into oblivion? Very hard times, dead ahead. You've been[...]

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America: Freedom to Fascism

Conspiracy | 30 Nov, 2012 | No Comments

‘America: Freedom to Fascism’ is an eye opening documentary film by former rock & roll promoter and manager – turned – political activist, Aaron Russo.

He attempts to find out the existence of any law that mandates Americans to pay an Income Tax.

The film uncovers the truth behind the Internal Revenue Service and claims that the[...]

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The Century Of The Self

Political | 14 Nov, 2012 | 86 Comments

The century of the self is a ground breaking look into corporate America and how the government used the media to mass manipulate the[...]

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Stephen Fry in America: Mississippi

Social | 12 Nov, 2012 | No Comments

Stephen starts his epic journey of 2000 miles up the Mississippi on the streets of voodoo sensual, steeped in New Orleans in its busiest day of the year - Mardi Gras. It is a voodoo priestess Jew, a war veteran experiencing flashbacks of Iraq abandoned neighborhoods destroyed by Hurricane Katrina, down-and-outs not living the American dream,[...]

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Marijuana: A Chronic History

Drugs | 12 Nov, 2012 | 74 Comments

‘Marijuana: A Chronic History’ is a documentary film by History channel, that charts the turbulent and strange history of Marijuana in America. It is a pro-Cannabis film attempting to educate people who still think that prohibition on Cannabis is reasonable and have no idea that widespread cannabis use is relatively harmless compared to alcohol, tobacco, and[...]

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The Hemp Revolution

Drugs | 27 Oct, 2012 | 26 Comments

‘The Hemp Revolution’ covers with every historical and contemporary facet of hemp usage and cultivation mainly in the U.S. It describes how the production of hemp is much more durable and economic than wood and has multilateral uses as e.g. food products, as a non-polluting fuel and as a pharmaceutical product with much less grievous side-effects[...]

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Complete Second Presidential Town Hall Debate 2012: Barack Obama vs. Mitt Romney – Oct 16, 2012

Political, Social | 23 Oct, 2012 | 244 Comments

This is not strictly a documentary but it is of great interest to the many discerning Documentarytube users. We show here the second presidential town hall debate between Governor Mitt Romney and the US President Barack Obama. This has been staged in a lead up to the US General Elections in November 2012. Much is discussed about the[...]

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Alistair Cooke’s America

History | 22 Oct, 2012 | No Comments

A classic from what now seems that the golden age of TV documentaries, Alistair Cooke's America (United States: A Personal History of the United States) was first broadcast in 1972-3 and is, along with The current world war, an example of how documentaries should be. There's nothing flashy editing, shaky camera work, more intrusive music or[...]

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The Most Hated Family in America

Religion, Social | 04 Oct, 2012 | 119 Comments

Louis Theroux the acclaimed British reporter follows the "Westboro Baptist Church" or The Most Hated Family in America. This church takes evangelicalism to a new extreme. Known for the infamous "God Hates Fags" signs and protests. The family is also known for going to US soldiers funerals and celebrating. This documentary is a disturbing look[...]

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Hell in the Pacific

History | 29 Sep, 2012 | No Comments

‘Hell in the Pacific’ recounts one of the most bitter battle arenas of the Second World War, Pearl Harbor, that represented the trigger that led America into the greatest conflict ever recorded and the eventual liberation of the people of Asia and the Pacific. After being at war with China for a decade, and shocking[...]

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Louis Theroux: Law and Disorder in Philadelphia

Crime, Drugs, Social | 22 Sep, 2012 | 195 Comments

Louis Theroux, our favoritereporter goes into Philadelphia to document the horrors the residents and officers see daily. This intriguing documentary shows the public what life is like in a very real and non-glamorized way, something we rarely see in American news[...]

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