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Stoned in Suburbia

Drugs|05 Aug, 2012|38 Comments |
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‘Stoned in Suburbia’ is a social history film taking a humorous look at the change in people’s opinions to cannabis over the past 50 years.

It interviews various cannabis users and also includes discussions on the impact of the 60′s sexual revolution, the Hippie movement and the emergence of the Punks right up until the modern day.

It shows how it is increasingly growing popular having around 2 million new users every month!

Stoned in Suburbia, 3.2 out of 5 based on 9 ratings
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  1. odessyrcr589 says:

    just ripped one last night! great high!

  2. TheOMGSauce says:

    An eighth lasts me fuckin two days :LL

  3. seriously… that’s an 1/8th… and what the fuck is a quid?and Ontario is fucking GAY ! British Columbia, Nova Scotia, or Quebec will legalize dope first before fuck-face snobs from Toronto do !

  4. odessyrcr589 says:

    I would love to blaze with Cat and Howard!

  5. RabbiLegg says:

    Howard Marks is one person I would love to blaze with

  6. odessyrcr589 says:

    I love all the people in this doc. Gotta rock out until old age baby! Smoke weed and maintain everyday!!!

  7. BelphOwl says:

    Buckets!!!Bloody hell that takes me back!! Does anybody smoke buckets anymore?

  8. hott85 says:

    2:31 I only use pure bud

  9. @lambofgod661 lucky you :-)

  10. 13scars says:

    Amen! ♥A Criminal Record Is More Harmful Than Cannabis. – Legalize ♥

  11. 13scars says:

    A Criminal Record Is More Harmful Than Cannabis. – Legalize ♥

  12. AndrewKH85 says:

    Weed makes people angry? Who does this woman work for? Maybe her son was also doing meth..

  13. 00hurdf says:

    Anybody who watches this documentary and still believes weed shouldn’t be legalized has no soul, just look at Amsterdam a.k.a. Heaven on earth. It is a wondrous gift from mother nature which has been unfairly demonized by politicians and propagandists for their own personal gain, ignoring all scientific findings, who probably think Reefer Madness is a documentary.Free the weed! Peace, one love.

  14. A Skunk is only dangerous because britts smoke the whole skunk alive .they should just smoke the fur of the dead skunk in a bucket.and only a little at a time.and tobacco mixing to it is not good for the taste

  15. MrRowrow22 says:

    so i had a brownie, well i didnt really i just ate a great hunk of dope. lol thats so good :)

  16. y0ukn0b says:

    yes im sparking up to this documentary!

  17. 13scars says:

    I know right!Best mum ever xD

  18. dannywazzel says:

    the woman from my town manchester (Y) i wish she was my mum have a smoke with him see how he is please i wont her

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