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Stone Age Apocalypse

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Human evolution is believed to have begun about six million years ago. Despite the passage of much time, the amount of diversity between the DNA of all humans is minimal.

Some 75,000 years ago that left something apocalyptic humans occurred in relation to life for a few to continue the species.

The cause of this bottleneck is now believed to have been a massive volcanic eruption on the Indonesian island of Sumatra.

The eruption of a super site of Lake Toba in Sumatra attacked more than two hundred cubic kilometers of ash over an area of ‚Äč‚Äčover one million square kilometers.

This program explores the devastating consequences of the most powerful volcano in the last twenty-five million years – including the theory that led to a human genetic bottleneck, leaving a small group, as low as a few thousand survivors to preserve the human race – and sees the threat of super-volcanoes in the 21st century.

Stone Age Apocalypse, 4.5 out of 5 based on 10 ratings
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  1. So if we bottlenecked, then why didn’t the chimps? Or many other species? Be cautious when you listen to this script. There are a lot of “could”s and “may be”s. There are very few “this undeniably proves.” Yes, there are fewer projected ancestors than there should be, by certain mathematical constructs. But our diversity is far greater than other very bottlenecked species like the cheetah, which is so genetically tight that cheetahs can share skin grafts without rejection. We can’t.

  2. pauloeretz says:

    The documentary is good, but the damned background music is simply irritating.

  3. That was actually the Disco Era and the tribes were scattered across many of England’s larger cities. There was another tribe of males who also sported sideburns. They went extinct even faster than the mohawk and moustache group. Their artifacts are now found in old record stores, plus a few head shops.I love your dry sense of humor! :)

  4. apoc6400 says:

    so why haven’t anyone said that human fossils are found with a diff dna then whats here today

  5. agonyflips says:

    I like to get all my science from guys with Mohawks.Maybe NYU Prof. Todd Disotell has a side gig in punk band. I wonder what it’s called?

  6. My theory is that 70,000 years ago 99% of the world’s men grew mohawks with moustaches, thereby preventing any possibility of reproduction.

  7. One million years it was.

  8. THe siberian traps were made by a huge eruption that lasted millions of years(one or two million yrs) That led to a mass extinction some 250 million years ago. Also very bad:(

  9. “the great flood” took place along the ocean coasts and rivers etc. It happened because of the end of the ice age. Your bible fairy tale is a story of a localized event that happened to the sumerians, that’s where the story came from. Your story of noah’s arc is just that, a story. Please read a book or something. There isn’t even enough water on earth to flood the entire planet. How will mankind ever evolve if people like you insist your primitive fairy tales are fact?

  10. shinigami891 says:

    wasn’t that dna docter on monster quest?

  11. Fransik89 says:

    This is reality, we are not interested in those kind of tales. You disrespect Mother Nature, our true creator, everytime you put a fictional character named god or jesus over her.

  12. The reason for this genetic bottleneck was the Great Flood of Noah, in which the Bible says only 8 human beings survived. Though Super volcanoes certainly may have erupted before, during and after this event, they would not have been destructive enough to wipe out almost all life on Earth.

  13. SkyyCaptainn says:

    And the fun part is that one day there will be another eruption of similar scale.

  14. pgm98387 says:

    Another amazing missing puzzle piece added to the better understanding of the “Big Picture” to all sincere seekers after the TRUTH!.5*******

  15. Yeah, that’s right.2.1 mya the explosion at what is now Island Park Caldera in Idaho, USA was close to, but still somewhat smaller than, the Toba event.An explosive eruption in what is now Colorado 27.8 mya qualifies as the largest known super-eruption, & was probably the most energetic event in Earth’s history since the terminal Cretaceous Chicxulub Impact.I mentioned this months ago in a comment; then promptly forgot to correct my copy & paste vid descriptions;-)Thanks for the correction.

  16. Gforcebond says:

    it says on wiki that this volacnic eruption was the most powerful in the last 25 million years not just 2.

  17. narezul says:

    lol i like that the mohawk snuck into some amount of acceptability,or maybe the kids in the 80s just grew up and kept up, i enjoy a good break from the “norm” and as always nat geo makes a very interesting program and ive heard after our split from chimps we went back and then split again and for good

  18. managarm1349 says:

    good video, good theory

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