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Solar Power Revolution – Here Comes the Sun

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Sloar PV systems have now made a massive leap in the energy generation field. We have always been hunter gatherers but now it is more hunting for energy and fuel to produce this energy…fossil fuels are so depleted now and we explore the challenge from the alternative. SOLAR ENERGY … and this is Solar energy on a massive scale!!

This is a Gigawatt industry in the next few years.

Germany is leading the way in the production of this clean quiet energy and the model for this should be adopted by other countries. The growth in this energy sector is expanding at a phenomenal rate and is probably aligned with the subsidies afforded by the German government.

This has moved from simple “Idealism” to the much different model of “Money making”… feed in tariffs now make investment in this technology an absolute “No Brainer” for investors.

Countries all over the world are now being forced to work towards utilising a renewable green energy.

ALL OF THE WORLDS ENERGY CAN BE PROVIDED BY THE USE OF SOLAR — and this can be easily proven. An area the size of France placed in the Sahara could provide ALL of the energy required by ALL of mankind!! Staggering but true.

The feed in tariffs in many countries including UK now allow domestic use of solar energy but it is the mass production of massive systems which will go a long way to erradicate the current fossil fuel disaster around the world.

Sadly lobbying by petrochemical and nuclear industries are still making this transition possible. Now with the cost of fuel rising frequently and the cost of electricity in your area, solar technology will have to be adopted rather than traditional energy.

The technical advances are staggering and the production of the solar cells are becoming much cheaper and more efficient. Add to this the use of specially designed mirrors mean that this is simply a huge potential to make fantastic changes to how the planet is being denuded. This documentary is not a “touchy feely” prediction…this focuses on massive industrial implications with the ultimate that energy costs can only come down due tot he passive nature of the technology….this is a first ever in the history of the world…but possible and probable.

There are now solutions which have been studied and developed over 25-30 years and put into large scale manufacture will drive the cost of energy down…this is a revolution. This is being dubbed the ET (Energy Technology) Revolution much bigger than the IT Revolution.

The documentary has the feel of the excitement which is being felt and developed in this industry. Conventional power industry is only going to lose out in the future.

India is taking up the gauntlet to get a foothold in the provision of energy…they have te capability and the drive to do so.

Solar energy

Solar integration

Solar use

Solar was in the past too expensive but it has now dropped in cost by a factor of 10 so is 10 times cheaper and now extremely competitive and clean and limitless.

Spain has produced a system producing a massive 300 megawatts solar field based upon solar reflection rather than PV (Photo Voltaic) cells and with the oil prices spiralling they are benefiting every time this happens.

A plant in USA has been doing this for over 20 years in Mojava Desert CSPs (Concentrated Solar Plants) have been operating in a private self sustaining setup so this is absolute PROOF that solar is the way ahead and the only reason it has not been undertaken in greater scale because of the petro chemical lobby!!

The deserts are destined to become the new generators…and they can also be used to convert salt water into fresh water.

The major difficulty is down to the politics surrounding this massive change…the conflict between Petro chemical companies with their lobbying power in worldwide parliaments… and the affordable energy and water distributors.

Politics!!!!!!  Or do we want a caring compassionate world….we can save the planet….

Huge off shore islands are being planned…fantastic ideas shown here…prototypes are actually under construction.

We do not wish to become dependent upon monopolies again and the best approach is to have many self producing decentralised power plants. Solar panel on a roll are being produced so they can be rolled out on factory roofs for example.

Energy payback is now less than a year making this another no brainer. The documentary debates whethher the energy yield is competitive with bio mass for example…the difference is that solar is 50 times more effective…staggering…and clean.

If you wish to read more on this subject please visit

There is another fascinating article relating to eco power and sustained living



Solar Power Revolution - Here Comes the Sun, 4.1 out of 5 based on 17 ratings
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  1. said, “Now with less subsidies”Subsidies decline ever since they´ve been implemented. Wind and solar will both reach grid parity within the next 2 years…

  2. Lintflas says:

    The Germans idea is that all power production should be owned by the people.Why should anyone pay for energy when he can actually earn money from selling his own energy surplus from the rooftop of his house right into the electricity grid? This happens right now in Germany, and it works.

  3. Now with less subsidies

  4. Free energy is finaly here!But the big oil corporations don’t want that technology revealed,Get a motor that needs no gas or electric input at LT-MAGNET-MOTORdotCOM ,The revolution begins!

  5. These People in Jühnde must be in twenty or thirty years all together to be very rich. Because they produce their own energy costs, cheaper, and the value is retained as an investment or savings in the region !

  6. CDU politicians: Talk about subsidies to fossil fuel, Scheer is the only one that brought that out. Fossils are subsidiesd with billions. Billions that could do a lot better things

  7. All power productions should be owned by the government… no businesses should be involved.

  8. The big Oil corporations are trying their best to stop free energy ideas from spreading to common ppl.We need to put an end to this corruption ,start generating your own electricity now.Visit LT-MAGNET-MOTORdotCOM and get the blueprints . Join the Revolution!!

  9. ednuttah says:

    I wonder how long it will be before this great idea of hope and a renewable future is destroyed by a republican USA? 5,10,15 years?

  10. Great vid, narrator sux.

  11. interiapl1 says:

    There are actually 17 constitutions in Germany

  12. silentgurl23 says:

    lol dude that was harsh!

  13. punchinon says:

    Das ist Gut!!! Well done Germany.

  14. VKatsoulas89 says:

    does someone know the source of the video?thx for posting, very interesting!

  15. Kosmo Prolet says:

    theres still a lot of work to do!

  16. depronlover says:

    Käse, ist noch älter, wie fast aller Öko-Gesetzgebung: Schwarz-Gelb. Helmut Kohl lässt grüssen. Siehe “Stromeinspeisungsgesetz” von 1991.

  17. keijuhl says:

    Props to germany for the work on green energy, if everyone would also begin to take their part *a-hem USA* then maybe things will start to make some great green progress.

  18. These sort of self-sustainable communities should be implemented throughout the world.Now that is progress.

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