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Skinheads USA: Soldiers of the Race War

Social|03 Dec, 2012|24 Comments |
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This documentary takes you inside a real skinhead neo-Nazi organization for a broad look at the methods and mentality that fuel the White Power youth movement in the United States. Focusing on the front with Alabama-based Aryan National and its leader, Bill Riccio, this special features behind the scenes images of group members in their rural community, in a series of manifestations of white power in a burning Skinhead crossings / Ku Klux Klan “Unification Rally,” and on the edge of extinction following the arrest of Riccio.

Skinheads USA: Soldiers of the Race War, 2.3 out of 5 based on 11 ratings
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  1. TakedaEmiko says:

    The belief that any race or group is superior to others is complete ludicrousness. The hatred is miss placed blame for the frustration one feels with one’s own condition. It is sad that there are such sick people as Bill Riccio and Hitler who exploit desperate people. However, it is important to protect such forms of speech, for the first amendment was not created to protect popular speech, but rather to protect that that is unpopular.

  2. fiufau says:

    i heard there are still few blacks in alabama? i guess your plans didnt work huh?

  3. One of the boys said that white people created this country for white people…please, the Indians were here first..the WHITE people came and took over.

  4. Indians were here first…

  5. Bill Riccio isn’t former anything……..

  6. Just google – Bill riccio Aryan national front and Click on the link titled “Former Followers Expose Neo-Nazi Skinhead, Former Klan Leader……………………….”

  7. This skinheads are losers, They show faces of ignorance, stupidity and cowardice. Stop embarrassing yourself With this Nonsense.

  8. Anyone who lives their life along race lines is not living a life.

  9. There’s only about 20 million Jews in the world and 7 billion others, I don’t think they will win.

  10. KeCo77495 says:

    Skinheads, look, you have shit in your head.

  11. kidrockism says:

    this group are so fucking stupid. they should kill themselves. this is america and we dont need them racist idiots so kill the nazi annd the kkk and we will be better off.

  12. TrueNihilism says:

    Bill Riccio is a peadophile!!!

  13. The guy at 1:00 cracks me up.Fucking pussy.

  14. Noxshus says:

    I want to tell the guys at the start that the guitar is an African instrument.

  15. Reign Kaida says:

    did these fools know the fore fathers slept with black slaves who had kids especially Thomas Jefferson

  16. HCKINGAMES says:

    fucky you black monkey

  17. I am a sharp skin. Racists OUT!!!! Nazis are scum!!!! Love for all, all for love.

  18. fucking white faggots!!!

  19. Ha Ha I hate white people. Their so fucking stupid and worthless. They’ll believe anything!!! They actually go so far as to believe in God!!! Damn white people are so damn stupid!!! I still remember when I killed and raped these litle white girls. Then I raped their dead bodies. Fucking stupid ass redneck cracker devils sitting on their couch in the front yard. THE FRONT YARD PEOPLE!!!!!!! We should just exterminate white people right now. Who’s with me!!!

  20. MrCoke1991 says:

    I already have I go to loads of black areas.

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