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AA Flight 587 – SFD Documentary

Aviation, Disaster|08 Nov, 2012|83 Comments |
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Only weeks following the 9/11 terrorist attacks on New York, AA Flight 587 plummets straight into a a quiet residential area in Queens —home to many already deeply affected by the terrorist attacks. At first, they thought another terrorist attack had taken place… but this was not the case. The real reason changed the aviation industry forever.

AA Flight 587 - SFD Documentary, 4.1 out of 5 based on 8 ratings
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  1. RadBrittany says:

    “Gee, we made a boo boo? Oops.. sorry about that guys. Sorry your mom, dad, brother, sister, son, daughter, cousin, friend was burnt to a crisp, dead, and gone forever…. our bad! Heh. We’ll clear it up for the next people we overcharge for airfare!”

  2. I don’t know. I could be wrong. But do you remember that Al Qaeda did not take responsibility for 911 after it happened either? It was only much later that they did, or reportedly did, take responsibility for it. So perhaps there were some things they didn’t want to take credit for. Or perhaps the people reporting the info to us are distorting what Al Qaeda does and doesn’t say.

  3. sLdGlD says:

    I think you are right…now what about TWA flight 800 off New York coast…military training exercise accident? Missile? I do not trust the people in charge, they always lie and kill to get what they want. Just like the FBI complicit in the WTC tower bombing in 1993. If the FBI didn’t build that bomb for them, it never would have happened. Read about it in the New York Times…1993 WTC Bombing.

  4. I still think it was an Al Qaeda bomb. The guy said he saw the plane coming apart, saw smoke and fire coming out of a hole in the plane behind the left wing. It was too devastating for Americans to find out they were hit again only soon after the WTC attacks, so the authorities found a way to change the story.

  5. The composite gave way? What a joke. There were eyewitnesses that said they saw the rudder fly off and take out the tail. The rudder flew off due to the explosion seen by MANY eyewitnesses. What kind of bs propaganda is this joke of a show?

  6. Not all pilots are good ones, there has to be a top of the class guy as well as the one who just passed or took multiple tries to pass his final check ride, the same goes for engineers, mechanics, ATC’s, and every other person involved in flight. Planes will always crash and fingers will always be pointed but in the end it is the all mighty money that is most important, not safety.

  7. I love reading the responses on these videos. I just don’t understand why so many genius aviation engineers are sitting here watching videos and posting all their expert knowledge when they could be designing the perfect aircraft. The pilots posting here blame the manufacturer, the mechs here blame the pilots, guess what it had to be someones fault. I was an aviation electrician in the Navy working on 737-700 (C40) and P3′s for 10 years, I wish I had just a little of all your knowledge. LOL

  8. patzeeng says:

    A very wrong statement. Using a rudder in this manner and situation has never done before as stated in the investigation report. Furthermore the strength of the tail exceeded the certification demands by roughly 33% so it was actually to strong in terms of leight weight design principles.Cardboards behave exactly in the opposite way as CFRP in such a way that they exhibit a very slow crack growth and being very weak in tensile strength.

  9. duncan7599 says:

    Well I am glad someone is asking difficult questions around here. The history of FAA investigations is based on made up lies. They judge most accidents if the pilots died or survived. If they died it was pilot error, if they lived it was mechanical error. It’s much easier that way, especially when the pilots are dead so they are not around to defend themselves. I can guarantee you that if first officer Sten Molin survived this crash the FAA would of made up a story about his heroism that day.

  10. ct92404 says:

    And the real reason is because of using that composite crap for the tail instead of metal. How often have pilots used the rudder the exact same way to recover from turbulence, and the rudder was able to withstand it perfectly fine because it was made of metal alloy, not that carbon fiber crap. I remember when that stuff was the next big thing in the 90′s..they were going to make cars out of it, planes, everything. Well, it’s weak and snaps like cardboard. It should be OUTLAWED on planes.

  11. CarbonCronus says:

    thats an interesting question if you search the mystery of flight 447, an independent investigation lead by a team of professionals concluded that the plane was brought down by super cool liquid water disrupting the airflow into the pitot tubes disabling the fly-bywire system although the plane was nearly saved. WATCH THE EPISODE ON YOUTUBE IT WAS BROADCASTED ON BBC

  12. kaizersolze says:

    I’m not a pilot, but it doesn’t matter if it’s a Boeing or an Airbus (or a Cessna or a Brasilia), you can’t stomp and slam on the rudder pedals; its an airplane not a set of double bass pedals. Sometimes an airplane is like a woman: you have to be gentle.

  13. @RickMakesGoodVideos This is true. For many years after these two accidents I refused to fly AA. But one day I ended up on the airline because it was the only one that fit into my schedule. I enjoyed the flight so much that it’s one of the few airlines I fly. And i’m terrified of flying.

  14. Pvjinflight says:

    @The4LA2Baker0 And yeah I had no time to watch it, having test week now. Will probably watch it in few days. Anyway my point is that no matter whose fault it was at least there is still no fault with design of A300 rudder system. On modern Airbus planes I think that there is system which prevents rudder from being used too aggressively. And although A380 cracks are not on vital parts, of course that design too is still being fixed as ofc cracks are still not good thing.

  15. Pvjinflight says:

    @The4LA2Baker0 They grounded whole fleet to check if all planes have those cracks, an´d applied temporary fix, and in future whole fix.Also no its not hazardous if is in non supporting parts. Airbus engineers surely do know what they are doing.

  16. @Pvjinflight You didn’t watch it…. (watch?v=uvL433I2bl4). It IS airbus’ fault. They never bothered to tell anyone about previous problems with the ultimate load being breached, and the control variance from taxi and flight. If the wings aren’t important, why did they ground the whole fleet? Clearly having cracks in the wings is hazardous. Also, I’m not picking on Airbus, I’m well aware of Boing flaws as well, but currently Airbus is the subject of scrutiny.

  17. Pvjinflight says:

    @The4LA2Baker0 And lets not forget problems of Boeing. Cargo door problem with 747 which blew big hole to 747, killed many pax and almost crashed the plane. 737 rudder design failure which was found and fixed after two Boeing 737s crashed. 777 fuel system problem with brought down BA 777.

  18. Pvjinflight says:

    @The4LA2Baker0 Those cracks are not on important parts and they are applying fix to them. Most of new aircrafts have had some kind of minor problem after releasing which was fixed. Any planes rudder will break if you keep constantly putting it to fully left and right, it creates lots of G forces. Its not Airbus fault that AA trained their pilots wrongly.Are you actually aircraft engineer

  19. @Neno8403 Airbus says American Airlines’ training programme contributed to the crash by teaching pilots to use the rudder. Airbus demonstrated in a simulator how wing controls alone can handle wake turbulence, and says that in these circumstances the rudder should never be used.The airline counters that their pilots were safely trained and that there is evidence Airbus failed to inform them about potential dangers with the rudder design, evidence available from earlier incidents.

  20. Neno8403 says:

    I find it extremely ironic that not only does American hold the dubious distinction of being the center of the two deadliest aviation disasters in the U.S. (AA 191 & AA 597), but BOTH crashes were also the result of grossly improper training, given by AA. The 1977 DC-10 disaster at Chicago-O’Hare was because AA trained their maintenance workers to change engines using construction lifts, and this crash was due to AA directing their pilots to incorrectly use rudder inputs during wake turbulence.

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