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The Sacred Science

Health, Indie|19 Oct, 2013|4 Comments |
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From producer Nick Polizzi, this incredible documentary follows 8 people with life-threatening disease into the Amazon for a month-long ‘healing’ from local tribes people who claim to know of special herbs and treatments that science hasn’t yet discovered.  As the last hope for most of these people, they leave their lives behind and hope that this sacred healing works. Out of the 8 people on this journey, 5 come back with real results, 2 come back disappointed and 1 doesn’t come back.

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The Sacred Science, 4.8 out of 5 based on 9 ratings
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  1. Maria C says:

    Awesome knowledge of the ancient traditions. We must learn to preserve it because it is as magical as it is a blessing gift from Mother Earth, to us humans and living beings. Thank you, for recording, investigating and sharing with all of us this knowledge.

  2. Barbra Clark says:

    This is very important information for all of us consumers. This is information we need to stay healthy. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You to all who made this important documentary.

  3. Terry chambers says:

    Science has become so politicized that many scientists are fearfull of losing theit livilihood, their staus, and associations. This is what happened in Nazi Germany,(eugenics, human experimentation) The Soviet Union, (Economics, Lysenko’s crackpot reforms).

    Please speak out against this poison.

  4. Richard von May says:

    Who decides when a documenttary is… “too long…”?
    This documentary was suppossed to be very good..How can you be trusted? The Sacred Science was eliminated… by whom?

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