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Richard Dawkins: The Greatest Show on Earth

Science|27 Sep, 2012|321 Comments |
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When you have that fire in your belly, Richard Dawkins is arguably the greatest popularizer of evolution of life.

His seminal work, The Selfish Gene, inspired a generation of students in evolutionary biology, while The God Delusion was a powerful and effective self-esteem booster for atheists in the closet.

With his new book, entitled The Greatest Show on Earth splendid, Dawkins joins other purveyors of what has become almost a rite of passage – for the case of evolution to the general public.

It’s like the bell ring game in the county fair where all able young men, feels compelled to step up and turn the giant mallet.

Richard Dawkins: The Greatest Show on Earth, 3.2 out of 5 based on 11 ratings
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  1. INCOND1TE says:

    the creationist “game” is better described as the mob boss analogy-do what god tells you or suffer for all of eternity. which differs from the american dream. (which is a dated, and often misconstrued term)it generally refers to the idea that ones own prosperity depends on ones own abilities, and hard work.also not just playing the game right will get you into heaven, you also have to be baptized, confirmed, follow the bible, etc.and the american dream refers to only Americans.

  2. WeWontEscape says:

    And I never intended to get so may likes and be top comment. I’ve debated this with many friends. Muslims, Jews, Catholics, Born Again Baptists. Someimes they are fun, back and forth debates. Mostly, I find most plug their ears and say, “lalalala,” as soon as they start to question their faith.

  3. WeWontEscape says:

    @ INCOND1TE. I compare the two in the sense of controlling mass groupd of people. Enstilling a set of rules and guidelines for people to follow so they stay im line. Play the game right and you go to heaven. Is that not the “American Dream?” Play the game right and no matter who you are you can be and have whatever you want.

  4. TDKR012 says:

    dawkins has been exposed recently as keeping from the public eye his bloody history of slavery, his estate is built on the blood & sweat of black slaves! He denied this for a long , long time. This filthy wretch, sleeps at night knowing that he lives off the blood of black slaves who were tortured, subjugated and murdered. He claims to be civilised? He’s sanctimonious and a hypocrite of the highest degree. A worm, a slimey lying dishonest and manipulative little worm who squirms and wriggles!

  5. Ordeal1000 says:

    With Basic observation of Mr Darwin I continue to observe the Nature of Everything without Prejudice, finally We made a discovery that why are all the Apes not evolving anymore? the answer: Because Nobody teaches them something “Technically Advance Knowledge in Genetic, which our common ancestor has been taught started with Painful Warning.that’s the only way in the beginning to make our ancestor to follow instruction.until Evolution of Languages and Religions started Naturally.godsurety . org

  6. sicakes says:

    @WeWontEscape we have to also say that applys to many groups and belief systems. science is about evaluating others ideas and testing these to discover truths, a theoretical sciencetist must always listen and re evaluate these ideas. lets not blame Cretionists for their naivety, its education they need not arrogance. also Religion wasnt government it was a device for law, feudalism was the governing standard in the past. but i do agree with your point.

  7. Ordeal1000 says:

    I accepted Mr Darwin Theory of Evolution by Means of Natural Selection as Basic Observation of Nature as I accepted the First Design of Graham Bell a reference, with my knowledge in Electronics I make it better. With Basic observation of Mr Darwin I continue to observe, finally We made a discovery that why are all the Apes not evolving anymore ? the answer: Because Nobody teaches them something “Technically Advance Knowledge in Genetic”, which our common ancestor has been taught..

  8. Ordeal1000 says:

    @COEXISTential , Update yourself just for the sake of being a human, i used to be one of you, It is because of i am a human not an animal, therefore i continue to search , We are the one who took all the troubles, not you. We created Human from Primate for Real. Read the Experiment in godsurety . org It i s repeatable at any moment of time and you will still get Human out of giant ape ( Orangutan ).100% confirmed. So then ‘Who’ did it to us in the past that made us all human ?

  9. @azza5101 Darwin did believe his theory, but his theory has been improved over time so it’s no longer quite as it was – it’s better. Christianity is a belief, yes, but you have no proof that it is true, just a feeling which, whilst that may be enough for you, if not enough to be actually real. An intense dream or hallucination can seem real, but it’s not. You are both wrong and insulting to the previous poster, so you’re not a good Christian.Learn about evolution, be amazed at its beauty.

  10. Ordeal1000 says:

    We are multi disciplinary Scientists. Means, Science survived based on “Repeatable Proven System” = Evidence, Experiment of gravity is repeatable ..right ? H2O = water is repeatable and so on, at any point of time and place on Earth it is repeatable. that’s Logical FLESH and BLOOD. Conclusion is made based on the compulsory point of Repeatable Proven you know what Science is all about ? to create “Human” from Primate is repeatable as well, read the website in flesh: godsurety . org

  11. dopplerduck says:

    @HonGyakku..(contd)Also, a theory is accepted as an accurate (not true of false) description of reality ‘iff’ it is able to predict a new phenomenon that was so far unknown! Example, The Laws of Gravity speak *nothing* about time dilation, length contraction or frame-dragging. In fact it was a break-down of the laws of gravity at Mercury’s orbit that emphasised that a theory was needed. So, the laws of gravity are only a weak-field approximation in the theory of gravity.

  12. dopplerduck says:

    @HonGyakku A “law” is vastly inferior to a “theory”. A law is simply a representation of a phenomenon that appears to hold true every time. It does not *explain* why it holds true. A theory supersedes a law by explaining why the law holds true and at the same time not only derives the law from its (the theory’s) basic components but also derives other laws which seemed unrelated to the law in question. (contd..)

  13. MrPerezCosta says:

    @AzazelZaphorOmega You are absolutely right, maybe our generation won’t see a dramatic change in favor of science and reason, but one can only hope future ones do. I just wish one day we as human beings can live without faith and religion, and work with the things that we have and we know for sure, for a better future. Difficult, but there’s no such thing as “impossible” in this world.

  14. @MrPerezCosta The problem is that not everyone is approached by “kind and respectful” people> some are just downright stupid and don’t listen to reason. meanwhile they sweep in and out of people’s lives and do irreparable damage based on the ‘sanctity” of their beliefs while never once listening to a voice of reason. these people, have so much ‘faith”, yet never once give any credibility to anyone with a differing view that is, undoubtedly, correct in the face their irrationality.

  15. Casshyr says:

    @HonGyakku simplistically speaking, a scientific theory is the best explanation we have based on current evidence without simply just saying “God did it”. So when you claim “evolution is just a theory”, that’s equivalent to saying “evolution is just the best explanation we have based on current evidence”. So yes, it is indeed ‘just a scientific theory’, thank you for agreeing it is so!

  16. avalsonline2 says:

    @HonGyakku there are laws of gravity.BUT THERE IS ALSO SUCH A THING AS A THEORY OF GRAVITY. GOOGLE IT IF YOU MUST. there is also cellular theory. to say that evolution is JUST a theory is to assume that somehow theories graduate into being facts or laws. this is not the case. there are TONS of evidedence to support evolution. and even if we get TONS more, to the point where there is almost no room for doubt, it will still remain a theory.

  17. HonGyakku says:

    @avalsonline2 is a theory not a hypothesis supported by facts? if so, then you are wrong about what i know and dont know. and if you do a slight amount of research you will find “the gravity” is a “law” not a “theory”. define theory any way you like, is evolution not a theory? i will not be replying to you again. im here to learn other points of view, not repeat myself over and over. i cant believe you think gravity is a theory! its a LAW! proven beyond theory. Thanx

  18. avalsonline2 says:

    @HonGyakku you have no idea what a scientific theory is. to say that evolution is JUST a theory is like saying gravity and cellular science are JUST theories. all three have TONS evidence. a scientific theory is not a mere guess.

  19. HonGyakku says:

    @Pheonix2022 i just tried to say the same thing a couple posts above yours. i can not agree more! when did WE evolutionists forget this is a THEORY? a damn good theory but a theory none the less. show some professionalism and some humility. if science has taught us one lesson the most, it is how often we are wrong and humbled!

  20. HonGyakku says:

    @WeWontEscape im not a creationist…but have to point out how “open minded” you just sounded. like oyu would be willing to hear out a hardcore creationist and respect his right to his beliefs and agree to disagree. you do us evolutionists nooo favors when we have to defend the THEORY of evolution from other evolutionists extremism. You ARE aware it is merely a theory?

  21. Fanny says:

    from a srictly scinetific point of view , calling any discovery a theory makes perfect sense !It is of course a different meaning then most common folks would like to admit , it is in other words the notion that fine tuning needs to be done !Wich by the way also happend to Darwins theory wich does NOT disproove the bacis elements , in other words a lame attempt to discredit any scinetific findings !!!BrgdsGSO

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