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Religion|29 Sep, 2012|176 Comments |
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At the beginning of Religulous, Bill Maher shows a bar graph illustrating the number of people in America who are not religious. That figure is 16% more than blacks, more than Jews, more numerous other minority groups who seem to have no problem making themselves heard and getting Congress to do his bidding. Maher wonders aloud why non-religious people are so underground, and why they are having an impact on the national debate. His film is aimed directly at that 16% of the country, and almost anyone else. His goal, and it clearly has one, is to give people the motivation they need to come out and do something … before it is too late.

Religulous begins with Bill Maher, alone in Israel at a place called Megiddo, a useless pile of rubble that many of the world’s religions believe the end of the world will begin. From there, Maher pushes us to an intense discussion, sincere, funny and brutal of blind belief, presenting the possibility that maybe we should all consider doubt instead. Next in the world, as it travels from place to talk with people of different faiths on different continents. What is surprising is that even though Maher definitely has an agenda, does not distort his film in the field of propaganda.

It is not propaganda, because Maher is not exhausted and the search for rare birds for use in smear tactics against the devout. Usually anyone who tries to make a case against God goes right to the pedophile priests and the suicide bombers, but Maher makes it a focal point in normal people, religious reasonably correct. Not stack the deck in your favor, do not need it. He talks to truckers in a chapel of the road, talking with random, middle class tourists in an amusement park of Christian themes.

He talks to religious shop owners, small town preachers, televangelists, Jews for Jesus, fundamentalist U.S. Senators, Vatican priests, religious scientists, secular Muslims, Muslims, gays, people in United States, Utah (c’mon, we all know that is not really America), Europe and even in Jerusalem. Despite a clumsy excuse to discredit him may claim otherwise, it is not extremists or lunatics. These are mostly healthy, rational people, even intelligent to believe something which Maher believes is insane.

Religulous, 4.5 out of 5 based on 11 ratings
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  1. fatparrot66 says:

    “Are the stars pin holes in the blanket of night?”Highlander.If you already have the explanation (from your fancy books and certificate of special ed) why ask me?If you’d even bothered to read any other of my comments, even just one more, you would understand.

  2. Well, I guess good parents will teach their kids certain values, but also critical thinking, and allow them to question those things. As opposed to religious education, where you teach them to “believe” in things without any evidence (which is exactly the opposite of critical thinking). As soon as you question religion, you’re not unconditionally believing in it any more, hence most very religious people seem to be quite afraid of even considering logical problems in their belief system.

  3. MCweylin says:

    If you think about it, this isn’t always a bad choice, it’s either that or forcing your own morals and values on them. Everyone with a brain tries to discipline their child, either using a religion or their own version of being a good person. So, it comes down to how you do it. If you force your kid to literally follow the bible or your own teachings, he will grow up to be a sheep either way.What I’m trying to say is, religion isn’t bad, but people who take it too seriously are.not a christian:P

  4. fatparrot66 says:

    You guys, with your fancy books and your high school diploma’s, think you got all the answers cos of some scientist’s provoking evil and pushing lies to forward their hidden agenda’s.But, without the faith to believe, you got nothing!Without Christ in your heart, you’re not truly alive.Some of lifes most sublime beauty has no explanation, evidence or proof. Just look at the night mystery!Now if you accept evil atheism…I got a bridge to sell you.Wise upGet God in your life!

  5. SiaWinsi says:

    Wiping off religion would bring peace. Throughout history, religion has been the fuel for countless wars. Its disgusting how many millions, if not billions, of people throughout time have been killed in the name of their god.

  6. SiaWinsi says:

    Actually there is no credible record of Jesus Christ. And the thing is, what the bible said about Jesus’ teachings is just basic morals: Don’t kill, respect your neighbor, etc. Do we really need religion to teach us these things? And while religion does teach us basic morals, it counters it by telling men to believe solely in their diety(ies) and that everyone else is going to hell. Christianity basically tells us that 6 billion people on this earth right now are going to hell

  7. It isn’t religion that is inherently violent or stupid, it’s the people.Lets face it, humans are animals. If we take a look at something like Islam and it’s increasing relation to Terrorism, we find that it isn’t due to the actual religion of Islam, but the fact that its Islam combined with people living in horrible conditions, being constantly bombarded with propaganda from birth. The only way to fix this is education, something that seems to be heavily neglected nowadays.

  8. Seveleniumus says:

    World would be a much better place without a religion. At least without one bible and other “big” religions preach about.It’s one thing to believe in something bigger or something after death, I f.e. have some thoughts about that too, though I don’t practice any of the known religions, and it’s a completely different thing to believe in talking snakes and good god, who somehow is all forgiving but at the same time is ready to grant anyone eternal suffering if he/she disobeys him.

  9. 18Unity48 says:

    There is one point, in which bill is wrong. There was a person called Jesus Christ. Tacitus and others wrote about him. Of course that dosn’t mean he really performed miracles. But I don’t think it’s wrong to follow Christ for what he said, espacially about how people should treat each other.

  10. Bastro3000 says:

    41:45 I so agree with what Ken Ham is saying there. The only difference is that I believe in the scenario scientists have uncovered. This is why I reject the entire bible (no need for a capital letter). I don’t have the time and energy to start reinterpreting that book in light of what we now know about the universe. Let’s just hope that in 1000 years, people will talk about christianity the same way we talk about Greek mythology.

  11. sXeSociety says:

    Uh, I thought this documentary was pretty dumb. All Bill does is spend the whole film arguing with believers about whether or not a man can live inside of a fish. Like that just proves that all religions are worthless. And why interview all these obvious crooks? Where are all the “normal” religious people? Also some extremists kill people because of what they believe in, lets wipe all the religions off the face of the Earth.

  12. masterbum82 says:

    20:49 Must be one of the funniest. (On the story of Sodom and Gomorrah) “Now Lot, not wanting his town to get the reputation as the kind of place that would… Rape angels, offered up to the mob his daughters to rape (?!). And he was the good guy in town.”

  13. Ben says:

    hossam, you are freaking retarded. First, you start by making several highly improbable claims without providing any evidence for them. Furthermore, your mention of Muhammed only shows that you are muslim… what about christianity? Judiaism? Buddhism? Hinduism? What if Zeus exists? or Posiedon? How do you know that worshiping your “god” is the so called “perfect system” that will magically fix all of the world’s problems?

    “and who ever denies this fact needs some serious re-thinking..” First, NOT a fact. No evidence of any sort has been provided. Second, the definition of deny is: “Refuse to admit the truth or existence of.” This only shows your own bias. Beyond the obvious flaws with your statment, what makes you assume we have not already thought about the issue previously? .. that we haven’t investigated both sides of the argument and came to a rational conclusion?

    Darwin’s theory of evolution is still around, stronger than ever, and supported by more empirical evidence than any other theory currently in science. In about 150 yrs it has stood the test of time… merely one SHRED of empirical evidence that could show evolution to be false is all that is needed to either force the theory to be adapted or scrapped all together… and NO ONE has been able to do so yet.

    Your comment that evolution has been “disproven” is simply a LIE! A bold faced, intellectually dishonest lie. I don’t know who you think you are fooling besides yourself, but reality disagrees with you.

    Next, you make a claim that all people when faced with death will resort to “calling out to god.” That would be like if I said that at christmas time you secretly believe santa will put gifts underneath your tree… that it is somehow inherently wired into your human nature. Do you see just how stupid your argument sounds?

    I mean, honestly, educate yourself before you spout off nonsense next time… go read a book besides the bible/koran/random holy book, try to listen to and actually UNDERSTAND the opposing view before blindly dismissing it.

    The sheer stupidity of some people always amazes me…

  14. phil says:

    note: we see what we want to see….

    Fact: “The truth is out there”

    Hopefully, we all can be humble enough to except the FACT that everything we hold to be TRUE
    Could be Dead WRONG……and be at peace with ourselves and those around us on this little planet.

    Phil Bean

  15. Jay says:

    Congrats Hossam, you’ve repeatedly used gods name 100238972 times in your pathetic argument (?). That worth at least 10000 points for you in gods register. Any argument set before you is useless when you’ve shut yourself away in the dark ages.

  16. Micah says:

    He took the most heretical, fanatical, retarded, horrible representatives of anti-cranial, intellectually-handicapped Christianity, and made it appear as though that is the norm.

    I’m a Christian, and I agree with everything Bill says.

    However, this is obviously not how Christians are supposed to act and believe according to the Bible. Agnostic and atheist arguments against the contradicting beliefs and actions of “Christians” today are spot on. Well done. These people need to be told how stupid they are.

    If you’re going to fly the flag of a particular religion, at least be consistent with it’s core teachings and beliefs.


  17. Jesse says:

    This movie isn’t very good. Bill Maher rarely lets anyone complete a sentence and he insults everyone before they express their full idea. The editing is also used to make people look bad too. Good idea but not the right person to make this type of movie.

  18. Anders says:

    Hi hossam.

    The theory of evolution has been “proved to be totally wrong”? I, and the rest of the world, must have missed that somehow. Besides, this “proof” you speak of cannot be scientific, since science doesn’t deal with proof. Science deals with evidence and falsification. Bear in mind that scriptures and creation myths have no bearing what so ever in science, since they are by definition unscientific (or rather, a-scientific).

    That species are evolving is a fact, every living organism is in transition, but the theory of evolution is describing a mechanism explaining how this happens (just like gravity is a fact, and Newton and Einstein’s theories are describing different mechanisms on how gravity works). The massive fossil records, combined with carbon dating, gives support to Darwin’s original idea.

    And the theory of evolution has nothing to do with atheism, which is defined as “the lack of belief in gods” (or the belief that gods don’t exist, which would be gnostic atheism). Nothing more, nothing less.

  19. graham says:

    “because darwin and his theory is a past now and is proved to be totally wrong”
    by whom has evolution been proven wrong, exactly? I do remember seeing some publications in support of the idea, but I’ve never seen anybody stand up and say “hey, you know all this evidence we’ve got that seems to more or less prove the theory of evolution? Yeah, it’s useless” Now, if you can show to me that your statement is true, and that there is a general consensus in the scientific community that evolution is false, I’d be much obliged.
    I’m always looking for the truth in all places where it could be hiding, which is exactly why I don’t accept a collection of fictional and semi-biographical works as solid facts, since it mostly cannot be proven (no third-party evidence that any of the claims ever happened, wildly self-contradictional from the very beginning, large parts border on incoherent nonsense) to have happened. This does not mean that the bible should be scrapped entirely, for the stories it contains spark the imagination and inspire people to achieve great things (sadly, bad things too). I for one wouldn’t want to live in a world that knows no Rembrandt or Michealangelo. If the bible and, more importantly, your faith inspire you to achieve greatness and do naught but good (please don’t condemn people who shave or eat shellfish), well, bless you. Just know that there is more to life and truth than a few thousand pages written over a few thousand years up to a few thousand years ago.

  20. hossam says:

    Gos is all-merciful and all-wise…he created all the creation including human and didn’t leave them just to live,eat,have kids and die…this is not very wise if you have noticed.
    That’s why God sent his messengers to educate people and teach them what God wants from them in this life…God sent with the messengers beginning from Adam passing by Noah,Ibrahim,Moses,Jesus and ending by Mohammed..with the perfect system that human can live by peacefully and properly worshiping God who created the heavens and the earth and gave us every thing we own and made us better than any other creature on earth.
    and who ever denies this fact needs some serious re-thinking…because darwin and his theory is a past now and is proved to be totally wrong…so there is no reason to be an atheist…Nobody can deny that when disasters happen…when the plane is about to crash or the ship sank and every body is swimming in the middle of the ocean…all people no matter what their religion is would look up to the sky and ask God for his help and protection…this cannot be denied…it is installed in our nature that there is a God and he created the heavens and the earth.
    Thank you.

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