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Phages: The Virus that Cures

Science|06 Jun, 2012|8 Comments |
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This specific playlist looks at superbugs and the mechanism to combat these using Phages. Resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) threatens to infect a large number of patients who make short trips, even in the hospital, and the gradual increase in the number of bacteria that are resistant to all known antibiotics, scientists are turning to new ways to conquer the bugs murderer.

The emergence of resistant bacterial strains of the bacteria dangerous is more prevalent in the U.S., where antibiotics are available over the counter and handled often.

The answers to these problems may be blocked in the science of the former Soviet Union, and if this potential can be unlocked depends on subtle aspects of intellectual property and patents, drug companies should be able to control the income of a discovery.

There is a very interesting article captured by the UK BBC News and can be read here .. 

You can read more about Phages at the international site for Phages … 

Hundreds of Phages held at specific temperatures and in set conditions have sadly been lost forever due to the war and civil unrest in Russia…the Georgian government cannot sustain the Institute but this could so much affect the whole of the world in the future.

This playlist is fascinating for anyone interested in the demise of our population.

Further scientific medicinal documentaries are housed here on Documentarytube and one of them may be of specific interest to anyone watching this documentary

Phages: The Virus that Cures, 3.4 out of 5 based on 7 ratings
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  1. phuckingkunt says:

    sorry if the video wasnt playing at a faster rate than the sound, wtf did you do to it?

  2. phuckingkunt says:

    would be nice too if it wasnt about 2 mins out of sync

  3. phuckingkunt says:

    the channel 2 thing at the start brings back memories

  4. Jai666666666 says:

    I was sick before I had a cold, now that I have a cold, I’m getting better. A toxic body is the ground for bacterial propagation, but a toxic free body is very capable of taking care of every moment occurring viruses and bacterias. These organisms are in the air you breath with every breath. If one day they become more virulent, it’s due to the acidity of the blood, not something new you just happened to breath in. Viruses also mutate in various blood pHs, from acid to alkaline viruses change

  5. wanshei says:

    I know they are working on various directions of attack as well as the type of bugs they are using. Pearl Island. US AMRIID. Bayer, Loche, Merck, via mosquitos, water, airborne, vaccines and chemtrails. The chemtrails are necessary to fuck up our lungs and gradually weaken our resistance to any infection. This is all planned and funded. H1N1, Avian, Influenza A, B, D, Staphalocaucus, Henta and the flesh eating virus. All reengineered and or invented.

  6. I know it is but, eventually the bacteria will become resistant to that as well. With Phage it’s a whole different ball game, as the bacteria keeps evolving so does the Phage. The beauty of this all is that it’s natures mechanics at it’s best

  7. flanger7777 says:

    Colloidal Silver is also a very good antibiotica!

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