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Oklahoma City Bombing Conspiracy

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A disgruntled citizen angered at the US state department (Tim McVeigh), sets off a bomb at the Alfred Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma. The bomb destroys his van and due to the volume of explosives, ruptures the support columns of the building causing it to collapse in on top of itself. Or was it the Government? This 2007 documentary explores the idea that the case was not as clearcut as it once seemed

Oklahoma City Bombing Conspiracy, 3.5 out of 5 based on 16 ratings
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One Comment

  1. Buffalo Lee Moffet says:

    This film brought out information I was not aware of but it does not touch on the question I have had all along what happened to the undetonated explosive devices that were recovered from the murrah building following the initial explosion. There were at least two possibly three other bombs removed from the building and hauled off by the O.K. city bomb squad. we saw the bomb squad on all local stations. They all reported the same thing and claimed they were recieving their info from the federal authorities. Also there was no mention of USAF ret. General Partons Testimony following his investigation.

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