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Sport|08 Nov, 2012|24 Comments |
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Murderball is a film documenting the fierce competition between United States and Canada in the 2004 Paralympics that was hosted by Greece.

Filmmaker Henry Alex Rubin and journalist Dana Adam Shapiro offer an up-close look at the 2004 Wheelchair Rugby tournament, as they traced the moves of these teams.

Murderball, better known as Wheelchair Rugby, and an official event in the Paralympics, is a very aggressive game created by quadriplegics who were not limited or restriced by their shortcoming.

It is played with fervent intensity and involves very rough collisions and the occasional bodily fights as the regular Rugby goes.

It shows how Joe Soares, when dropped from the top-seated American team, angrily retaliated by signing on as coach for the Canadian team, and led them to victory amidst upsets and thrills!

The film gives a sneak peek into the personal lives of the athletes who are passionate, motivated, and determined to win — as one of them says, “I’m not here for a hug, I’m here for a medal.”

Murderball, 3.9 out of 5 based on 11 ratings
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  1. Christ, how do they not kill each other?! I can see why they called it Murderball.

  2. baihbalm says:

    Makes me happy I’m studying prosthetics/robotics

  3. engnca says:

    you fukin dumbass, internet troll

  4. TheBiber40 says:

    HELP i’m french and i find this movie! but is not distrub in France do you now where i can download or watch the full movi?

  5. janegael says:

    These men define badass.

  6. this make anything in NFL, NHL, AFL, every rugby league and union all over the world look tame in comparison, still wish i can buy tickets to see it in the Paralympics

  7. johive says:

    wheelchair rugby is quad not para

  8. thefuzz97 says:

    obvious troll is obvious, but at least you tried

  9. Zooroonies says:

    some of my dad’s friends where in this. my dad played wheelchair rugby back in the 90s.

  10. RichoRosai says:

    Cripples should just be fucking euthanized.

  11. oh god 9gag is coming

  12. TheRilesMan says:

    not basketball……… it’s rugby

  13. Ben John says:

    Great film! Great rivalry between USA and Canada!

  14. A very unfortunate name for rough parabasketball

  15. grail68 says:

    People love to watch violent sports. This is more violent than either American or Australian football, so why is it not on ESPN on a regular basis?

  16. KLIFF55 says:

    looks like a good movie, i need to see it !

  17. 10 people are fully able-bodied, but are just total pussies.

  18. BPIWorks says:

    This is an amazing documentary! We highly recommend it and in case you didn’t know it was released 6 years ago today! July 8th, 2005! Its our movie of the day on facebook!

  19. Cripples, also known as “wheeltards” and “chairfags”LULZ!LULZ!LULZ!

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