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Montana Meth

Crime, Drugs, Health, Social|16 Oct, 2012|128 Comments |
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Montana Meth takes an unflinching look at the debilitating impact of methamphetamine use. Delving deeper into the subject then ever before, it chronicles the stories of users and communities suffering from the tragic consequences of methamphetamine use.

This documentary film gives a really clear image of the shocking demise suffered by the users and the victims of these users…the methamphetamine epidemic just seems to be growing and there is a need to do something dramatic about it.
The Meth Project continue to work hard with the film company to make this film possible and describe the dangers and issues surrounding the use of methamphetamine. Meth has been cited by law enforcement officials as one the leading crime problems in America and has reached epidemic proportions in many states.

It is now becoming very evident in other parts of the world and we need to work to recognise the affects in the users to provide some early intervention.

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Montana Meth is a personal look at the devastating physical and
psychological damage caused by methamphetamine, one of the most highly
addictive substances known. The effects of METH are far reaching and diverse and anyone suspecting that a loved one is becoming a user they need to become aware of the many signs:

  • Lesions of the skin
  • brain damage
  • paranoia
  • tooth decay
  • psycological change
  • Finally death

To bring up the profile of this issue the documentary has been shown as part of HBO’s Addiction series.

Montana Meth, 3.0 out of 5 based on 21 ratings
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  1. 000x7 says:

    @atvrider99 amen to that!! I have a jeep wrangler tj. Going to cummins 4bt swap it soon

  2. 786ArsenalFC says:

    We don’t do this shitty Meth in London, we do strictly Crack, Cocaine and Heroin

  3. baseball bat…damn.

  4. TokenDeadGuy says:

    meth is big in texaswhite settlement has a shit ton of meth labs

  5. lnteIIectuaI says:

    no one does that shit in texas. its all MJ. prescription pills and the occasional shrooms

  6. its like jerking off you, cant stop

  7. gh0stmc says:

    watched documentaries on meth before but this one is really good!

  8. gh0stmc says:

    weed is addictive, maybe not phyiscally but definitely mentally. i used to slang n burn daily and i kno a buncha friends who admit they are addicted to smokin bud everyday. but yea theres really no negative physical effects of marijuana, its a great stress reliever and relaxer

  9. atvrider99 says:

    im addicted to horsepower. which explains why i spend more on truck and quad parts than clothes

  10. Trevor Baker says:

    Weasel gets his shit from the Heisenberg.

  11. thumbs up if you’re on MJ

  12. CRAZYJ10ify says:

    32:15 Does the dad ever take responsibility for himself or just blame his son all the time?

  13. Rhapbus1 says:

    It is a choice to start. You’re right. But it’s not a choice to become addicted. If you judge these people, you should also believe that diabetics who caused their own diabetes shouldn’t get treatment, people who smoke cigarettes and get cancer shouldnt get treatment, or anything prevantable you should just die for. If this is how you feel, cool, don’t bring it around people who are actually right in the head and are good for other people. If you don’t feel like that, my bad on the long rant.

  14. meth took someone very close to me. first went the mind. then the body. her son discovered the silouette on the floor left by a decomposed body left alone because her addiction forced everyone away. meth is NOT a joke.and it actually does affect those other than the user.

  15. QCBEC says:

    I can understand there stupidity to a certain point, starting it is the mistake, as i did with a lot of things, i would never have expected to get addicted, luckly i never touched highly addictive drugs, exept coke which is way too expensive to be addicted to unless you are charlie sheen.

  16. kizzielu1 says:

    Graham looked as though he was still using. I hope his family get him into some kind of long term treatment. I’m glad Crystal got off drugs..this video is sad..Weasel and his dad using together! Damn you know you got it bad when your smoking dope with your father.

  17. Eddie Ebborn says:

    no i NEVER took any drugs or drink any grog nor do i smoke, there was plenty of warning for the drug fucked idiots, not to do is NOT a new thing out now is it. they, like the scum bag pieces of shit that make the stuff and sell it should be shot be hind the ears and a mango tree planted on top of them so at least they could be of some use to society as fertilizer i do not feel sorry for them i hate them there a scum and a drain on society and the people LIKE me who WORK for a living.

  18. it has different properties, you fucking retard. If you can’t type a 5 letter word like “you’re” and use “ur” , everything you say becomes invalid because i can imply that you are a lazy shit that can’t communicate effectively

  19. I bet I’ve experienced a feeling greater then they could imagine. I meditated after smoking some weed and fell into the state known as samahdi by the hindu. I sank into myself and was nothing, but was everything. It seemed like a 1 minute but I was there for hours.

  20. shgibby61981 says:

    Keep producing this crap called meth. Its culling the herd and killing those useless eaters we call tweakers. I think while we are at it we should force sterilization on these pathetic excuses of human beings so that they don’t do something worse, which is breeding. I’m glad this shit is killing the bottom rung of society. I can’t stand these “people” and hope they all die.

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