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Mike Tyson: Beyond the Glory

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Mike Tyson – Beyond the Glory is a documentary feature on Mike Tyson. Mike Tyson was the most famous and successful boxer in the world. He was the youngest man ever to win a world heavyweight title at just 20 years old. The filmmaker shows that despite the talent and fame his life was not always easy.

The documentary traces the life of the fighting machine Mike Tyson while at the peak of his career and the subsequent downfall and troubles in his professional and personal life.

Tyson was convicted of raping Desiree Washington in 1991. The charge saw him in prison for three years. He went bankrupt in 2003 and his career ended after he retired from competitive boxing in 2005. The retirement was announced after two consecutive knockout losses to Danny Williams and Kevin McBride.

Mike Tyson: Beyond the Glory, 4.0 out of 5 based on 9 ratings
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  1. abes aham says:

    what ta gun but Mo Ali is the best

  2. 58:52 Tyson says, “I didn’t train for that fight. I didn’t take that fight serious. I was fucking those Japanese girls like it was, like it was like eating grapes.” And this was the case! Tyson wouldn’t train and he was always fucking pussy, which of course takes a man’s endurance away, meanwhile Buster Douglas is training his ass off and watching video of Mike Tyson fights-Douglas was ready and Tyson was not!

  3. So he amitts he bones before the fights-this weakens a fighter!

  4. mike tyson is still my idol forever.

  5. invisaman75 says:

    0:36:39 Mike Tyson: ” .. but the Beauty couldn’t train the Beast so he ate her …” LOL

  6. phat989 says:

    Bolivian is a good country to fade in.

  7. does ice t narrate this

  8. i know!fucking muppets

  9. invisaman75 says:

    Mike Tyson: 0:22:44 I”m feelin’ real white and happy! LOL

  10. In his eyes you can see that he isa really good person!!!!!


  12. them comments are everywhere! i don’t understand why people get paid to do it, when nobody even believes anymore!

  13. TheNyCsound says:

    yo carlos, you listening? GO FUCK URSELF!

  14. stonedrful says:

    Fuck you desiree washinton The liar aswell.

  15. kirokyukan says:

    Oblivion is what he meant. Bolivian is what he says. As threepiece just told us it has now become a legitimate phrase according to the Urban Dictionary.Bolivian – Where Mike Tyson went after getting his clock cleaned by Lennox Lewis in 2002.

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  17. Uncle is sounding verry smart behind his desktop.. Lol big grammar mistakes and calling himself American, by the way you have 3 cars and yet your hanging on youtube, what do you have of those cars then mait. Id be banging girls everywere, he”ll probably say summet like well ive nailer more then you, well boy my abs get more attention than your cars, remember! U can buy cars but you cant buy looks/genetics, pale duck.

  18. Jimmy Ruiz says:

    Mike Tyson had allot of pain behind his eyes. His hole life he was just trying to be accepted, loved and the more distant he felt from it the more anger that arose in him. He will always be legend when it comes to boxing, always .

  19. I met Mike a few times,and he is everything you think he is,thug,bully,champion,rapist,millionaire,gentleman,athlete,drug addict,purse snatcher,…he is only human,and had more (life) happen to him than he could MANAGE.The happiest I saw him was passing out free turkeys,nike shoes,and winter jackets,that he paid for,3 semi trailers full for a coats for kids campaign…walk a mile in his shoes least ye judge

  20. 220467NZ says:

    A lot of these comments detract from the fact that Tyson was a great athlete. To be a great athlete it is hard work, requires dedication and focus. He had to have that to be the youngest heavyweight ever. That is a great achievement. Never mind all the other bullshit that happened. Don King is scum. He fucked up every boxer – only in Amercia baby

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